8 original ideas for gift wrapping

8 original ideas for gift wrapping

Wrapping gifts can be quite a stressful job. Books and boxes are easy enough to be quickly packed, but there is always at least one gift that is ‘naughty’ form and managed to spoil the festive mood. There are 8 original ideas for gift wrapping.

Well, wrapped gifts seem more special. If you want your gift to stand out, do not pass the advice of make use of gift wrapping.

8 original ideas for gift wrapping:

idea 1

8 original ideas for gift wrapping

If you need to wrap a gift with an irregular shape, such as a vase of wrapping paper can make a bag in which to put it. If you follow the steps shown in the video, packaging will not take you much time and nerves.

idea 2

8 original ideas for gift wrapping

Who said that gifts should be packed only in shiny wrapping paper? Use your imagination and gift wrapping irregular use the scarf, cloth napkin or any other soft fabric find. So the package is a bonus gift!

idea 3

If your problem is efficiency, there are some useful techniques that can help you wrap gifts at superhuman speed. To see an example, watch the video below!

idea 4

Want to surprise your child? The ideal way to do this is by arranging gifts as a snowman. Just wrap three different sized boxes of white paper, then make the necessary decorations for eyes, mouth, buttons, scarf and hat on the snowman. Another easy option is transforming gift in deer.

idea 5

Wrapping gifts with newspapers and large shiny ribbons look very clever. If you opt for this idea, however, be careful not to have come to the news that might upset those for whom you intended gift. Comics pages are quite colorful and fun, but black and white pages in which dominates the text are a good idea.

idea 6

If you follow the advice in the video below, you can quickly and easily create a small pocket in front of your gift. You can put decorations, cards or a second smaller gift!

idea 7

Small gifts are also packed hard, and get lost easily. An easy way to keep them the safe and beautiful place like they do a stylish box of toilet paper roll. Do not worry – no one will ever know how you achieved it!

idea 8

8 original ideas for gift wrapping

With a few simple materials at hand and plain paper, you can easily create the most charming gifts.

Source: Makeuseof