5 phones worthy alternatives to Google Pixel

5 smartphones worthy alternatives to Google Pixel phone

They waited for the new Nexus, and received not clear what? Then these smartphones for you. All of them are running sink or close to the version of Android. This article is about the new smartphones alternatives to Google Pixel phone.

Motorola Moto Z

5 smartphones worthy alternatives to Google Pixel phone

Those who have been following the fate of the legendary American corporation, surely knows that its relationship with the United States today remains highly mediated. Now the nominal owner of Motorola Mobility is a group Lenovo, which still manages to infuse the dying brand new life. Modular smartphone Moto Z – the best proof of this.

The gadget alternatives to Google Pixel phone features a futuristic look and amazes thickness (thinness?) And an advanced set of hardware specifications. During the performance meets Moto Z 4-core Snapdragon processor 820, working in conjunction with a graphics accelerator Adreno 530. Resolution main camera is equipped with an optical stabilizer is 13 megapixels and the front – 5 megapixels.

The smartphone supports the activation of individual functions by shaking and is preparing to upgrade to the sink version Android 7.0 Nougat. To launch the camera application, you will need to rotate the smartphone and to call the voice assistant – welcome device.

Moto G4

5 smartphones worthy alternatives to Google Pixel phone

Another representative of the revived brand from the United States, claiming to be the latest version of Android earlier than most flagships.

Despite the low cost, the device is equipped with a great iron and promising photo module. Since the advent of the original version of the 2013 range, Moto G is very popular among the average person making enthusiasts.

The smartphone is available in three versions with different diagonal display and the presence of a fingerprint sensor and applies for as low as $ 150.

ZTE Axon 7

5 smartphones worthy alternatives to Google Pixel phone

Russian consumers are unfamiliar gadget has received, however, the title of the balanced leader. Axon 7 is powered by Snapdragon 820 processor with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM. In addition to the advanced characteristics of the box will be available to the user a complete ecosystem from the ZTE called MiFavor.

In addition, Axon 7 boasts good audio package. Located on the front side of the smartphone stereo speakers give a loud and high-quality sound and Dolby Atmos technology support makes it cleaner and brighter. In short, wanting more of those $ 400 that he asked for a manufacturer, it is practically impossible.

HTC 10

5 smartphones worthy alternatives to Google Pixel phone

This list is distinguished by the fact that is directly related to the Pixel line from Google. In fact, according to rumors, it was taken as the basis for the creation of a flagship smartphone from the “good of the Corporation.” How is the best feedback we can observe on the HTC 10 software?

The smartphone runs on a proprietary shell Sense UI, with each new iteration of more and more reminiscent of the stock Android. For example, recently in Taiwan decided to abandon the “Gallery” of corporate applications to a cloud service “Google Photos.” Does this affect the performance of the device, argued hard, but the path to purity elected HTC, traced perfectly.

OnePlus 3T

5 smartphones worthy alternatives to Google Pixel phone

The newest and most productive smartphone in the list. Worthy alternatives to Google Pixel phone.

OnePlus 3T was presented earlier this week as an improved version of the flagship of the third model. The unit is equipped with 4-core Snapdragon chipset 821, 6 GB of RAM and a capacious, compared to its predecessor, the battery.

A special feature is the OnePlus 3T OS Oxygen, under which he works. The operating system is an improved version of Android, able to boast advanced functionality and high performance.