Android smartphone Huawei Mate 8 Review

Android smartphone Huawei Mate 8 Review

That would never have thought that I would chase Huawei and this is not a euphemism. Last year, the company showed two phones at once, which may be of interest to each user. First Huawei Mate S with weights. Joking aside, what you there will be weighed – tangerine package – your work, but the balance in the smart phone is something new. The second is Android smartphone Huawei Mate 8 and it attracts its full awesome both appearance and performance. The impression is that you get almost the perfect Android smartphone if you make up your mind to buy it. And I found it and I can say – the first impression a 99% true.

Appearance and ergonomics: Android smartphone Huawei Mate 8

Android smartphone Huawei Mate 8 is the flagship for the boy. Actually, not even for a kid, but for a real man with hands-spades, in a suit and top three on the list, which for some reason has not got or want to get off with iPhone and looking for an option to not have to make excuses to colleagues. That is, he makes sense of right when you only get a box in his hands and even open it has not had time. Because this is black box impressive. You take it in hand and know – right now, will be solid.

Android smartphone Huawei Mate 8 Review

Unlike flagships sorts of importance to this in the kit have invested not only the lace and microUSB adapter socket but also headphones. Nobody those, by itself, will not use, but thank you.

The plastic tie has top and bottom rear. The butts are brushed metal with diamond cut. When such a device lies in a hand, it pleasantly cools the hand and you feel some pride straight. He wanted a child to go to the moon, but it did not work out? But look how gorgeous machine now you can afford!

The front Android smartphone Huawei Mate 8 is completely covered with glass; the upper and lower parts are white. At first, I had thought it 2,5D glass, but this effect was due to the factory of the film. So it flat! The logo is present, this does not take away, the front camera and light sensor in place. By the way about him! Looking ahead to say that here it works right on five. I generally do not like how the sensors expose lighting to your taste, and I do not use the possibility of automatic adjustment, but there is direct most juice. Physical buttons on the front panel are not solely the onscreen virtual.

I like that the logo on the back and moved down at the first sight almost imperceptible. In the top part of the camera unit, two-color flash and a fingerprint scanner circle. What the situation had, on the one hand, is excellent – you take the smartphone in your hands and finger immediately falls on it. And due to the fact that it works quickly and accurately, and then fall in love with him instantly and accurately. On the other hand, if the phone is on the table, you will have to enter a PIN code. But the fact that the silver plating on the back side can be erased, it is necessary to know. See what put her sweetheart.

Android smartphone Huawei Mate 8 Review

On our Android smartphone, Huawei Mate 8 rear are all sorts of inscriptions about what should be in theory. Unfortunately, the smartphone will not be sold in Ukraine, namely, the device was bought on the eBay, and so most likely you too will be if you decide to buy.

The slot for the SIM card is combined, their or two, or one + microSD, all the fashion. The buttons activate and control the volume on one end. Figure there. All the same, it is necessary to make these snide little steps fingers from bottom to top and vice versa. Nets dynamics of the two, but, in fact, it is only one (which is right) and sounds so strange, that I for the first time refused to listen to music through the speaker.

As for me, not a man with the biggest hands, the unit was huge. We had all the time to keep his two hands to accidental drop or something like that. And here is the rightful owner of this device guy with palms, paddles, very pleased and said that it is convenient to use and like the phone and as a portable compact (in this case) the device to work. Note, however, was – the case of the smartphone so much that we had to increase all the pockets of clothing. But the metal is so hard that in the past month sides rubbed jeans. Be careful!

Display: Android smartphone Huawei Mate 8

At the Android smartphone Huawei Mate 8 or rather beautiful large 6-inch IPS display with rich vivid colors and excellent brightness reserve. But, in all fairness, the talk about it is to start with frames – frames. However, there is one inside the black frame, wider than the external physical. To display a very nice touch, it is also one of the first impressions. This is not the glass itself, this film. It glued very carefully, it is not so easy to notice and take meaning I do not see. Even if you are a snob!

The display occupies 80% of the front panel and all these 80%. The FullHD on such a scale gives 368ppi density and this completely than enough.

Android smartphone Huawei Mate 8 Review

The display even at an angle of no inversion of colors, there is a slight discoloration in the normal range. Brightness is excellent, as has already been said, even automatic. You can configure the number of items, including the color temperature.

Camera: Android smartphone Huawei Mate 8

Surprised! I asked the owner of a pier like you said – well, I do not know the camera as a camera, a good, on vacation with her went, the CD did not take, but I’m not a connoisseur. And in fact, when you launch 16-megapixel main cameras with a finish f / 2.0 or 8 MP fronts, I was satisfied. Strongly! Needless to say, I never took pictures of the iPhone or the Samsung flagship, but after OnePlus One Well this kind of grace. Sharp images, fast autofocus are the real transfer of colors. Want to Instagram to publish something, even in Snapseed, you cannot go.

Android smartphone Huawei Mate 8 Review

The camera menu is simple. There are several modes: HDR and panorama shooting, night shooting, refocusing on the finished photos, online translation, and professional mode wheel settings. But at the front camera has a beautiful face mode. A separate item! And she constantly reminded where to look, and gives you a head start for 3 seconds to focus. In general, the interface resembles that of the iPhone, but it is not important.

Examples of photo and video I leave to your judgment, but I really liked the camera. Of course, in the video shooting mode, it is clear that when zooming phone issues image, but it has video stabilization. It may seem that it works as such on YouTube, the type imposes on top. But this train is better than nothing? And if anything, it can be disabled.

Specifications and shell: Android smartphone Huawei Mate 8

We are talking about the flagship of Android smartphone Huawei Mate 8, so self-evident that under the hood is an 8-core HiSilicon Kirin 950 quad-core Cortex-A72 at a frequency of 2.3 GHz and has four Cortex A53 at a frequency of 1.8 GHz, graphics Mali-T880 MP4 3 GB to 32 GB, and 4 GB of RAM to 64 GB. And what can I tell if you yourself understand perfectly well – it flies. That is the heart of Huawei Mate 8 called his greatest strength, although it is obvious that in the apparatus of plenty. Judging by the naked to the “experts and analysts’ productivity grew by 11% and energy costs were down 20%. Moreover, this supports the LTE CAT.6 percent with upload data at 300 Mb / s. Generally class! If you say it looks like in everyday life, it is no lag anywhere. All games are flying (as Batman for some reason decided not installed), desktops without even a hundred tabs in your mobile browser do not give heat. Cool platform.

Android smartphone Huawei Mate 8 Review

The device out is the box with the target Android 6.0 EMAI 4.0. Spotting android under him hard, because the shell of the Chinese, that they are trying to outshine the sun. It’s kind of like all so logical and well thought out, but not without all that many do not like. Here is our market, here you can find the super-duper theme for your gadget. Here is our VIP area, enter your login and password, and fall into the wonderful world of Huawei Services. It does not claim, rather a statement of fact.

I like that there is default ‘ability to record video – a power button and volume up button.

Video Player: Android smartphone Huawei Mate 8

Like the ability to make long a screenshot, at least in this life and do not ever come in handy. To do this, pinch the power button and the volume down for the usual screenshots, but you’ll see a menu at the bottom. It will be to scroll and screen shots as long as you do not where it’s time to finish it. Can the whole twitter feed at the time? The only thing that, due to the elimination of the usual menu screenshot done well so long.

There is still the very best power management. Everything is clear and understandable, easy to follow because the battery consumption.

Autonomy: Android smartphone Huawei Mate 8

This item has struck me on the spot. The 4000 mAh suddenly behave as if it’s 6 or even 7 thousand. I had enough of his almost three days. I do not believe their use Casey, I drove it for the tests and received almost 13 hours of screen activity in 8400 and Gikbench parrots Antutu tester. These results surprised the owner of the smartphone itself, because wow. It is a good thing. No wonder gadget called almost the most self-contained at the time of February 2016.

Android smartphone Huawei Mate 8 Review

If you think too much wow, I have found a few bugs. Shift key works; extreme button swipe, not punctuation; curtain at the top of the screen as much as two and if you want to quickly turn on Bluetooth or power-saving mode, first read the notice; the phone is not a menu of applications, so it can as rat your desktops two labels application, if you tapnite “allows you to create shortcut”; pictures in the gallery displaying the timeline, mixed, and albums – the second screen; If the smartphone is no SIM card, then when you connect to a computer on the lace, microUSB for charging only active, you cannot throw anything. Not God knows what, but suddenly that’s what will make you abandon this almost a perfect machine.

Conclusion: Android smartphone Huawei Mate 8

So, Android smartphone Huawei Mate 8 is suitable only one word – cool. Yes, he found the small gaps in the single paragraph, but it is rather a problem of the shell, plus inarticulate speaker. But this does not negate the fact that coolness is eight on more important things: quality display performance is awesome, even more, awesome autonomy. Complete with the metal body it makes the phone object of making men of all pathos. Because afford to buy a smartphone for 600-700 euros today can afford not everyone. The owner of the test apparatus has paid around $ 900 in total.

Android smartphone Huawei Mate 8 Review

Are worthy Android smartphone Huawei Mate 8 good value for money? Yes, because it’s all good. Yes, it’s Huawei, and it is their 700 euros. In general, if I were asked why I still did not buy it myself, I have only two reasons for my hand is too big, and I rogue for him. If you have hands like shovels, you want the flagship and 600-700 euros for you money, you have no reasons. We must take.