Review of Apple iPhone 7 Plus: really better than usual “Seven”?

Review of Apple iPhone 7 Plus full features really better than usual 7?

At this time, the difference between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus a global, rather than between the 6s and 6s Plus or 6 and 6 Plus. Before, we only talked about the optical image stabilization in the camera, and now iPhone 7 Plus received a second rear camera and will soon get a special portrait mode. So what – Apple iPhone 7 Plus full features  is worth taking for the sake of the camera or is it much of a difference?

Unfortunately, the younger version, iPhone 7, we have not had a chance to test yet. Therefore, the arguments will start from the fact that the company itself has stated – in particular, that the main wide-angle camera is completely identical for both models.


Review of Apple iPhone 7 Plus full features really better than usual 7?

iPhone 7 is different from the iPhone 6 / 6s not as much as the same iPhone 6 / 6s 5 / 5s. Even the dimensions are similar, but the old cases still will not work – at least for the camera. We note immediately that the iPhone Plus is 7, which in this article, has two cameras. A “regular Seven” – only one. For more information about this feature, discussed below in section “Camera”.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus full features

Design changes compared to its predecessors, however, it is still there – and you are sure about them for a long time to date, especially if you read our material on the Apple presentation.

First – there is no 3.5mm jack for connecting headphones or a headset.

The third – the case became waterproof standard IP67.

Perhaps we in the exterior of iPhone 7 Plus all like. Furthermore dimensions. Take a look at these two phones:

I guess what they have in common? Screen size 5.5 inches. At the same time, sorry for the banal phrase, but LG G4 is much more comfortable in the hand, including due to the form of the hull and materials (leather on the back side), and of lower weight.

Indeed, to date, Apple iPhone 7 Plus full features – the largest of the smartphone with 5.5-inch screen. Its dimensions correspond approximately Huawei Google Nexus 6P, whose screen is bigger – 5.7 ”. This Nexus 6P still at 10 grams lighter.

The left-upper corner

But back to the most interested us changes: button Home, lack of a 3.5mm connector and waterproof.

Home button

Review of Apple iPhone 7 Plus full features really better than usual 7?

Yes, the only button on the front surface of the smartphone Apple iPhone 7 Plus full features has become a fully touch. But do not rush to mourn – thanks Taptic Engine technology interaction with it (at least, without gloves) produces the same feeling as in the case of mechanical buttons. It’s really hard to explain and even more difficult to believe, so it’s best just to try (in the shop, for example). Our interaction with the button left a very good impression, it really works like magic. Touch a button that is pressed as a manual! Miracles.

The lack of a 3.5mm connector

We decided to weigh the pros and cons of such a decision and in the preparation of this article understand that argument on “correctly Apple removed the 3.5-mm connector” worthy of a separate article. Therefore, in order not to burden the reader such thoughts in this material offer a few days to look again on our site – just have time to publish an article about the 3.5-mm connector.


At once, the iPhone became officially waterproof. But again, be warned – in contrast to the Apple Watch Series 2, the manufacturer does not recommend swimming or take a shower with your smartphone. But falling into a glass of water, he will survive.


While discontent users dimensions iPhones Series Plus weakly heard, but there is no evidence that Apple is working on the problem. Today, almost every major smartphone manufacturer declares “all the finer display under the” individual members of the mobile world boast virtually no frame, and Plus-version of the iPhone has not changed for the third generation.

Review of Apple iPhone 7 Plus full features really better than usual 7?

However, “normal” all of the above’s seven too concerned. You can not pay attention to the screen resolution – in the end, if you do not use the VR-helmets for smart phones, it does not play a big role. But the dimensions of the smartphone in relation to the diagonal screen Apple today lags behind all except the budget brand. And even compact and handy iPhone SE would have a screen larger. In the end, people do not need a lot of smartphones, they need big screens.

But in the rest of the display iPhone 7 Plus has no complaints. The picture quality is one of the best displays on the market. The manufacturer declares growth brightness by 25% compared to the iPhone 6s Plus. Similar figures we have nothing to check, but the brightness is subjective indeed higher.

Hardware and Performance

According to the manufacturer, the seventh version of the iPhones get 40% faster in terms of CPU than the iPhone 6s. And two times faster than the iPhone 6. Well in general it is confirmed benchmarks.

Note that the processor in the iPhone 7/7 Plus now the quad. More precisely, using the 2 + 2 layout, how many eight-processors in Android-gadgets. That is, there are two productive nucleus (in fact, measurements of benchmarks show it is their performance) and two energy-efficient core. When the load on the smartphone is minimal (in the standby mode, for example) is activated by a second group of the nuclei, resulting in a substantial battery saving.

However, besides a new performance benchmarks “feel” is not on anything. On the Apple presentation itself showed the game Oz: Broken Kingdom, we installed it on Apple iPhone 7 Plus full features and curiosity on the iPhone SE. Differences in quality charts (not including screen resolution, of course) have not noticed.


The iPhone 7/7 Plus review installed 12-megapixel camera with a maximum aperture of f / 1,8. In previous iPhones resolution of the sensor was the same 12 megapixel, but the diaphragm is less than – f / 2,2. In practice this means that the camera gets more light and thus noise in digital images should be less. About more background blur (bokeh) say it is hardly worth – taking into account the wide-angle lens and a small sensor, this effect is due to the optics can be obtained only when shooting very close to the camera lens. And the size and pattern of bokeh are not such as in a large “reflex.”

Dual Camera Apple iPhone 7 Plus full features

Review of Apple iPhone 7 Plus full features really better than usual 7?

However, Apple iPhone 7 Plus full features should be able to do programmatically bokeh – in so doing, it just might help the two chambers. We say “should” because it official this still does not know how – vaunted at the presentation function shooting portraits is only available in the beta version of the next update iOS 10. A draw conclusions on the beta, we do not want.

But before we go on to discuss the fact that the second lens is still able, let’s talk about the main lens. According to the manufacturer, the main camera is identical to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is, and it even has a stabilizer – in both versions.

So, in addition to the articulated differences in the diaphragm there are less obvious differences, of which Apple silent. Namely, the lens focal length has decreased, that is, the shooting angle is wider. This, incidentally, is quite logical for the Apple iPhone 7 Plus full features which has a body and a lens. And in general the trend in mobile photography has long been on the expansion of the angle – from LG G5, for example, also has a second camera – with ultra-wide lens.

Focal length (EGF) iPhone 6s Plus is 29 mm and the iPhone 7 – already 28mm. In this case, the sensor size has increased – before he was a 1/3 ”, is now 1 / 2.6 ”. That is, the sensor has become a little bit more – it also needs to go only a plus.

In practice, however, the improvement of the quality of the camera is not so noticeable. More precisely, at different pictures you can see different results – sometimes, for example, the camera of our iPhone SE (the camera is similar to the iPhone 6s chamber) simply wrong to measure white balance, and in some cases the pictures with the iPhone 7 Plus a lighter, and not in all cases, it is beneficial shot.

As for the second objective the Apple iPhone 7 Plus full features , is not so simple. But first, a little detail: the second lens is twice the focal length – 56 mm EGF. His f-number – f / 2,8 (ie, less than the main lens, and even than the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus / SE). Also, the second camera is not equipped with optical stabilization.

Apparently, for all these reasons, Apple has decided to make use of this lens is not unconditional. Let us explain what we mean. When the camera interface, the user presses the button 2 – the focus frame distance is doubled. Here the idea is to use the second, and the lens – to the increase was an optical rather than digital, because digital zoom results in a loss of information (the desired angle simply cut out of the frame and stretched to a camera resolution) and the quality is reduced.

In practice, the second lens is not always involved. If the light is low, it is still used basic, wide-angle lens, and digital zoom turns. The “little” in this case is true even indoor lighting. In cloudy weather, too, the second lens does not work every time.

In short, the lenses are switched automatically, the camera itself chooses when to use which. Ways to include a second lens to force yet and it is unlikely it will offer Apple itself – rather, it is necessary to wait for third-party applications. Of course, if the company decides that it’s some bad feature that should be banned. However, at this point the difference between the iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus full features  in terms of camera turns not so convincing. Optical Stabilizer wide-angle lens is, and here and there, and optical zoom, which was supposed to be a “chip” 7 Plus is, activated and de-activated without the user’s knowledge.

Last – is important because one thing – to automatically switch to wide-angle lens when you need a zoom, the other – that you about it no one reported. On the picture screen smartphone still looks crisp, but it’s worth it to open on the computer – and all the artifacts digital zoom striking.

Review of Apple iPhone 7 Plus full features really better than usual 7?

We have selected the images in this gallery is a two-fold increase – how active the second lens, and with the disabled. When viewing images in full screen, you probably easily distinguish one from the other.

The last thing I want to say about the photographic capabilities of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus full features  – resolution selfie camera has also increased: from 5 megapixels to 7 megapixels. Moreover, we recall that the iPhone SE front camera resolution was only 1.2 megapixels – like the iPhone 5s. Nevertheless, even comparing selfie-7 shots with the SE Plus, we do not see a really serious difference.

Summing up the camera, we can say: Yes, it was better, but not as we would like.


Apple promised that the iPhone will last longer – and he was. Unload the Apple iPhone 7 Plus full features in one day – a problem, believe me, is not easy. Perhaps it is the Apple iPhone 7 Plus full features  – this is the “long-playing” iPhone, at least with the iPhone 4 release.

In total

A great screen and has the dimensions of the old-fashioned (or more precisely, the ratio of the screen size and body weight as well as a smartphone). At once, appeared watertight, but the lack of a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Dual camera, which works as and when she pleases. Excellent performance and easy to use touch button Home, stereo speakers, but …. I’m sorry, the counter-arguments and disadvantages over.

Objectively Apple iPhone 7 Plus full features  – one of the best smartphones on the market. Not least because it works for the most user-friendly mobile operating system – iOS. This does not mean that there are no problems in iOS – they have as there are drawbacks the Apple iPhone 7 Plus full features . However, this year itself iPhone and iOS have become a little bit better. And the lack of a 3.5mm connector, we will survive – especially, it seems, is the new trend. We will write more text, why the rejection of a 3.5mm connector may be even into the hands of consumers – with arguments, of course.

Is that if you choose between the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus – it is not necessary to choose exactly Apple iPhone 7 Plus full features only for the camera.