The laptop Aspire S13: a good set of features

The laptop Aspire S13 Review: a good set of features

Several years ago, marketers have divided all notebooks into three large groups: netbooks, notebooks, and ultrabooks. The first were considered the most low-power devices to the last – the thinnest, lightweight, and helped phones and the balance between them took the usual “workhorses”.

Today about netbooks is quite unheard of, and the term “ultrabook” is used less and less, although thin beauties, as opposed to barely toss and turn devices on the market is not diminished. One such model, which can be attributed to the ultrabook category is the Aspire S13 review S5-371T-5409. It is, of course, the elite of this group is not parishes, yet the mass of 1.4 kg and 14.6 mm thickness that do not contribute, but the class set of parameters it has such.


“Happy” 13th Aspire S13 review series has replaced the S7, endured, of course, a significant transformation of the internal filling. And there has been some design, although continuity yet guessed.

Housing cover in the new reincarnation rid of the glass cover and instead acquired a fine texture caused by Acer Nano-Imprint technology. So fine, that notice her at a distance of one meter can only people with a very sharp vision. But, probably, and developers do not set out to raise at the expense of the “trays of” long range recognition laptop. Firstly, such a surface gloss unlike almost not subject to “sealing the”, and, secondly, a laptop with such a coating is less prone to slip out of hand.

If say the least, the Aspire S13 review S5-371T completely absent any whatsoever glossy surface. Therefore, on this device soiled his owner can absolutely not worry.

Understand what it is made of the laptop case made of plastic or metal – rather difficult. Only one thing is for sure – keypad is uniquely made of aluminum. At its edge blunted that shines and gives elegance to the unit even when the lid is lowered. Additional Force laptop attached to the protruding end of the metal hinge that connects both sides. This element is coated in the tone resembling the color of the inscription «Acer» on the top panel of the case. If you do not carry out chemical analysis, I would call it “anodized copper.”

Aspire S13 review S5-371T available in two colors – white and black. I do not know, in the latter case, but in the first version, it looks quite restrained.

We closed the laptop due to his lack of a magnetic locking mechanism, a part adjacent to each other are not too tight and can be “slightly opened” a small gap in a couple of millimeters in width between them.

But in any case, even if you really want, you will not be able to reveal a laptop on all 180 degrees – probably hinge design, in combination also performs the function on the challenge of heat the body, it does not provide. So lovers to work with the PC in the “newspaper” orientation, have to get used to the fact that the screen and keyboard can not be located in a single plane.

The laptop Aspire S13 Review: a good set of features

In addition, the lid should be tilted at some caution, since the frame encircling screen is not too tight to the substrate and in between there is some spare space, but, of course, not as wide as in the first case. This is especially critical in the upper corners, which are easy to catch what some thin objects or thread.

Incidentally, the frame around the display has a significant width and its decoration is just another anodized emblem «Acer».


This version Aspire S13 review is equipped with the 13-inch touchscreen that can recognize up to 10 simultaneous touches. Sometimes involuntarily want to expand the screen to give the laptop a tablet form, but this “yoga” is not available to him. The only liberty allowed by the owner of the device – it is an opportunity to activate the on-screen keyboard and change the screen orientation from landscape to portrait. But the scenarios using the touch screen laptop to mind somehow does not come. Is that to draw.

Yes, here it is necessary to mention that the Aspire S13 review S5-371T is one of the few Ultrabooks, which uses a screen with a matte finish.

The laptop Aspire S13 Review: a good set of features

This means that it will not affect anything that’s going on behind you, and it will not bright light sources. However, it did not save his fingerprint at the touch input, although, of course, they are much less visible than on glossy beauties.

As for image quality, then for him, there are no comments. The picture on the screen does not fade or change color almost any viewing angle. Brightness with a margin enough and in direct sunlight. And, here, the minimum level it could be done, and even lower, as in the dark screen for some users it may seem too bright.

Keyboard and Touchpad

If that plastic or metal made laptop case Aspire S13 review, we can only guess, some of which made the keyboard panel once it becomes clear by the chamfer shine, taken along its perimeter. It gives the notebook a certain elegance, both in closed and open form.

Compared with the series of the S7, S13 in the added line of function keys that many users probably will like. Do not let us down and the alpha and numeric keypad – they are large, well-spaced and have a smooth ride with a light impact. So when typing information, absolutely no problem. It is that someone may not like the short key “gap” and not particularly uniform blue button illumination.

The laptop Aspire S13 Review: a good set of features

Incidentally, more elegance laptop his “metal” adds chamfering and around the touchpad. The latter has a very respectable size. On the one hand, it is good – there, where carousing “mouse” mechanical buttons. But on the other – it is easy to hurt his hands when entering data from the keyboard. In addition, the touchpad is offset relative to the center of the keyboard to the left because of what the distance to the left edge of the panel is 9.5, while the right – already 13 centimeters. As a result, the user when typing implicitly also shifts slightly to the left hand, that a few knocks on the accuracy of hitting the keys.


Aspire S13 review S5-371T-5409 can not boast of a large set of interfaces, but most necessary, that the owner is most often necessary, it is present.

For the convenience of lefties and righties one USB 3.0 port located on the left and on the right side of the housing. Due to this, if necessary, connect the “mouse” and its wire connections in any embodiment will not get in the hands.

Also on the left, there is a standard headphone jack and a slot for SD cards, closed cap, which I immediately lost. Yes, even the memory card you can not “drown” in the nest completely – it will stick out of it somewhere halfway and if you suddenly decide to take a walk with a laptop under his arm, about this, just in case, we must remember. Although, of course, the card slot is fixed in good enough and the chance of losing it is small. The main thing is not to touch anything.

The laptop Aspire S13 Review: a good set of features

On the right side of the body in addition to USB 3.0 is installed slowly gaining popularity Port Type-C, and HDMI, as well as two, LED indicator lights up when the unit is turned on and setting it on charge.

Aspire S13 review S5-371T-5409 is assembled on the 2.3 GHz Intel i5-6200U processor with integrated video card HD Graphics 520. Set complement 8 GB of RAM and SSD 256 GB.

This is enough for everyday tasks, and, here, for today’s games is clearly not enough.

Aspire S13 review S5-371T-5409 runs on Windows 10 and is not burdened with unnecessary software.


To keep power consumption at the optimum level, the notebook has several modes of operation with different degrees of performance. At the maximum setting, the device notifies you that can work just over 7 hours, and in Eco mode – 12 hours and 45 minutes.

When playing video over Wi-Fi and full screen with maximum brightness the backlight unit lasted 5 hours and 10 minutes. And 50% the battery is dead, according to the indication, 3 hours after the start of the broadcast of the film.


Modern technology is gradually becoming available not only in the high-end solutions but also in the more affordable products. Aspire S13 review S5-371T-5409, refers specifically to the latter. He did not become an athlete in the class of netbooks, but still well built and will certainly fall into this category of portable computers.