ASUS F553SA Review: Stylish15.6-inch Laptop

ASUS F553SA Review: New Stylish15.6-inch Laptop 2017

No qualitative, but at the same time inexpensive laptop for home or office – that’s another quest. Often manufacturers save on everything, as a result the user gets a device with a weak filling, a soft screen, a rattling keyboard and a cheaply cut case. Of course, there are models-exceptions, but to find such ones is not an easy task. Well, maybe you find your hero in the form of ASUS F553SA review? The compact 15.6-inch laptop looks stylish, producing a pleasant first impression. Inside, he has an Intel Celeron N3050 chip and an integrated Intel HD Graphics (Braswell) graphics card.

Design: ASUS F553SA review

The laptop is in a black case, it’s completely plastic. The cover of the device is matte, actively collecting fingerprints and dust, so you will often have to wipe your assistant. The surface of the panel is decorated with a pattern of concentric circles, which slightly resembles the ZENBOOK series. In the middle of the lid is the silver logo of the company, there are no any additional elements or parts.

ASUS F553SA Review: New Stylish15.6-inch Laptop 2017

The top and bottom of the ASUS F553SA are fastened together with one elongated hinge. One hand can not lift the lid, but it’s good because it means that the hinge mechanism reliably keeps the top of the laptop in the specified position. The screen of the device is surrounded by a medium-sized frame. On its upper edge is a web camera on the bottom of the “ASUS”. It is worth noting that the interfaces are distributed on the sides of the device are not evenly distributed – almost all are on the left side.

The bottom of the laptop is also made of plastic, rough and practical in use. On the perimeter are four rubber feet, which prevent the device from slipping. By the way, the laptop turned out to be relatively light – its weight does not exceed 2 kg, and quite compact, considering the dimensions 381x260x25 mm. Build quality – “4” with a stretch: when pressing on the lid, it bends, the same goes for the keyboard unit.

Display, sound, and webcam: ASUS F553SA review

The laptop has a 15.6-inch screen with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. Regrettably, this resolution is still common, this is the specificity of the budget segment. The surface of the display is glossy, so it is better not to work at a window in sunny weather. If you plan to use the device on the street, try to do it in the shade because of the glare, images, and letters will be unreadable.

ASUS F553SA Review: New Stylish15.6-inch Laptop 2017

It so happened that the TN-matrix is a true HD-resolution satellite. And it’s a pity because its quality leaves much to be desired: it is worthwhile tilting the screen forward or backward, and the vertical viewing angles instantly overtake the inversion. With horizontal, not everything is so bad – the inversion, although it is, but it is not so obvious. In general, we have a typical budget segment display with ordinary characteristics.

On the bottom of the ASUS F553SA, you can see two small slots for sound output. In this case, Sonic Master technology is used, and its capabilities are very limited in most cases. Acoustics is not replete with bass, which is partly compensated by a large margin of loudness. In view of the location of the speakers, it is desirable to turn on the laptop when it is on a hard surface.

The device has a webcam, but its resolution is only 0.3 megapixels. This means that it is useful only for video communication. To make high-quality images using this webcam, alas, an impossible mission.

Keyboard and Touchpad: ASUS F553SA review

A glance at the work surface, it may seem that it is aluminum – but no, all the same plastic. The island-style keyboard, the free space between its keys ensures the convenience of pressing and a minimum of errors when accidentally hit the neighboring buttons. The digital unit is present, as befits a 15-inch form factor. But there is no highlighting, but, again, this is a forced sacrifice for the sake of the low cost of the device.

ASUS F553SA Review: New Stylish15.6-inch Laptop 2017

Buttons have a square shape, they are quite large and convenient to use. It is felt good return and average course. However, the good impression is spoiled by the fact that the keyboard sags noticeably during operation, and it’s hardly possible to get used to it at all. Often pressed buttons do not have any obvious features, except that the right one [Shift], shortened, was to “cram” the switch block. By the way, the arrows are exactly between the Nampada and the keyboard block, without any transitions, because of which when blind printing there is a risk of the miss.

The touchpad has large dimensions, it has a smooth surface, on which it is nice to drive with your finger. In the work he showed himself poorly: the manipulator commands perform with a slight delay, and when pressed, the backlashes are felt. The touch pad does not have physical keys, instead, the built-in ones are provided by the manufacturer. In general, for a short work of the touchpad you should be enough, but if you plan to work for a laptop every day and for a long time, it makes sense to think about buying a mouse.

Performance: ASUS F553SA review

ASUS F553SA-XX305T (90NB0AC1-M06000) notebook software uses a 64-bit Windows 10 Home operating system. The processor is a dual-core Intel Celeron N3050 generation Braswell. The chip is built according to the standards of 14-nm process technology, operates in the frequency range 1.6-2.16 GHz (Burst). Cache level 2 is 2 MB, but the power consumption level is very low – only 6 watts.

ASUS F553SA Review: New Stylish15.6-inch Laptop 2017

The graphic component is represented by the integrated Intel HD Graphics (Braswell) graphics card with 320-600 MHz clock speeds (Boost). Graphics supports DirectX 11.2 and Shader 5.0 and is suitable for simple tasks. This includes, for example, web surfing, video viewing, simple photo processing, document management, and the like. You can play too, but only in the old games on the minimum settings. All the hardware components used in this notebook are designed for daily undemanding work.

The amount of RAM is only 2 GB of DDR3-1600 MHz standard, so do not count on simultaneously launching a dozen web pages in a browser, photoshop and, say, tables in Excel. Running processes will either be loaded for a long time or even completely frozen. The information is stored on a 500 GB hard drive (5400 rpm).

Ports and communications: ASUS F553SA review

The interfaces in the laptop do not say that very much, but the basic set for daily work is still typed. So, on the right side is the optical drive DVD-RW and the slot for the Kensington lock.

ASUS F553SA Review: New Stylish15.6-inch Laptop 2017

The left side features USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, HDMI and VGA video outputs, an RJ-45 network connector, a 3-in-1 card reader (SD / SDHC / SDXC), a combined audio jack and a recharging jack.

As wireless communications, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n / ac and Bluetooth 4.0 modules are used.

Battery: ASUS F553SA review

The lithium-ion battery of the laptop has a capacity of 1750 mAh. To date, this figure seems very modest, and even for a smartphone. As you can guess, on one charge the device will not last very long: for example, in the mode of web surfing – about 3 hours, under a high load – not more than an hour. So, taking the ASUS F553SA on a trip is not the best idea, its place is next to the outlet.

We must give credit, the laptop works very quietly. Under the load, it heats, but the body does not turn into boiling water, to do their own things quite comfortably. The only thing is better to refrain from operating the device on your lap.

Conclusion: ASUS F553SA review

So, ASUS F553SA review is a representative of the budget class, designed to work at home or in the office. Just note that this device without any zest, anything outstanding, it can not boast. The device is made of plastic is not the highest quality. Because of this, the quality of the assembly is lame: when pressing, the lid flexes slightly, and the keyboard is palpable. The 15.6-inch display of the device received HD-resolution, as well as a TN-matrix, so you will not be able to get an intense, juicy image on the output.

The filling device is represented by the budget chip Intel Celeron N3050 and built-in video card HD Graphics (Braswell), therefore, work on the laptop is limited to simple tasks: web surfing, Word, Excel, etc. Among the ports, you will not find a USB Type-C, and USB 3.0 is just one copy. The battery of the device also leaves much to be desired, in any case, it will not live for a whole working day on one charge. However, all these shortcomings, which, in fairness, are inherent in almost all inexpensive models, are covered by the price of the ASUS F553SA – about $ 300. Well, the price is equal to quality, and here you can not argue!