Best applications for screenshots

The new best applications for screenshots 2016/2017

There are many reasons why you may need to take a picture on the screen of your smartphone or tablet – to make demonstrations to show someone their applications or to learn others how to use some software.

In such cases, you need a suitable application for creating screenshots. The simplest of these best applications for screenshots record only what is on the screen in AVI format, but more advanced free applications offer additional functionality – editing, adding audio and pictures, picture-in-picture and so on.

The new best applications for screenshots 2016/2017

We offer you the ranking of Tech Radar best applications for screenshots.

1. CamStudio

Most free apps screenshots are very limited in what they do. However, this does not apply to CamStudio, the app is open source and offers flexibility and features that can not help but appreciate. CamStudio recorded in AVI format, you can convert Flash Video. You can adjust the quality and range of video and screenshots that have been on the whole screen or just part of it. The app also offers picture-in-picture video.


Developed specifically for recording games, FRAPS is a free application which can be used each as long as it agrees with the restriction records can not be longer than 30 seconds. The maximum possible resolution that is supported is 7680 x 4800, thanks to which you are able to record even the most modern graphics.

3. Bandicam

This is another application aimed primarily at gamers, offering plenty of useful features. With the free version of the application can only record video up to 10 minutes.

4. ezvid

With ezvid, you can save, announce and upload your entry directly to YouTube, without leaving the application. Moreover, ezvid can be compared to expensive paid packages for video editing. The app allows you to edit your recordings to add slides, change the speed, can draw on the screen and so on.

5. Rylstim Screen Recorder

The application Rylstim not a good choice for gamers, but it is a great opportunity for software manuals. Rylstim Screen Recorder is free, but is funded by advertising, so you’ll have to get used to them. The application does not include any editing tools, but supports a wide range of formats that can record and you can always add audio later with another free application.