Acer Predator 6 Review

The best gaming android smartphone Acer Predator 6 Review

Perhaps you have not heard, but Acer has decided to gain a foothold in the gaming hardware market and made a spirited start. A few months ago, the component manufacturer has launched a new division – the Predator, who is entrusted with a mission – to create unique best gaming android smartphone Acer for entertainment-oriented games. Of course, it’s quite an interesting move by the Acer, as the market for the gaming industry is expanding steadily. And a new trend promises long-term profit and a great opportunity to make a name for himself in the gaming hardware and sharp visuals.

Probably, it was thought in the Acer, the code created a new gamepad 8 Predator and Predator 6 gaming smartphone review. Both became the new step in the evolution of the Predator family, which, like DELL Alienware and Republic of Gamers by Asus, claim the laurels and desktops laptops. Acer has to jump over your head to position its line of the Predator, as a competitor to complete the game database.

The best gaming experience smartphone 2016 Asus Predator 6

So it’s a mobile game console or the next big best gaming android smartphone Acer?

Now we try to understand.


The first thing you notice when you take the Acer Predator 6 features – it is his appearance. In the gaming industry, there is the most important parameter of success – it is realistic visuals. The best way to attract the attention of gamers – it’s a beautiful wrapper. Therefore Predator smartphone got the red and boldface. Acer is known about the marketing rules of the game industry, so the Predator 6 stands out from the competition.

The best gaming android smartphone Acer Predator 6 Review

One can not help feel the excitement when you see something that is very different from anything that you used to see for a long time. In Predator has its own character, and it is quite pugnacious.

The body has an arched architecture with strong angles. It is difficult to say whether this is necessary, but the edges of the grooves and the Acer logo extensive look very impressive on the back cover of the phone.

Of course, Acer Predator 6 – this is not the phone that adds to your reputation in the business negotiations (they do not shine in any case). However, in a more progressive environment, this smartphone will cause a storm of delight.

Supplemented orange four design elements on the top and bottom of the device which are in fact the speaker grilles. They are, incidentally, give amazing sound. Otherwise, the front panel of the phone is devoid of any frills. In place of the traditional camera.

The best gaming android smartphone Acer Predator 6 Review

If we talk about the materials, the smartphone body is made of metal, which gives the appearance of a sense of the high cost of the device. Needless to say, that it is very nice to win in his hands. Fingers firmly grasp the edge of the phone. More convenient to use two hands in landscape mode.

The best gaming android smartphone Acer Predator 6 ribs devoid of any superfluous details. Only the USB input on the bottom, a 3.5mm headphone jack at the top and a volume rocker on the right side.


And then we got to the most important. After all, every gamer is important, that is (although very nice) inside the housing. gamers’ expectations are always too high – they demand the maximum. And Acer Predator 6 for the most part pleasantly surprised.

6.0-inch HD display lets call Predator PHABLET. Contrast and sharpness satisfy us. After marching a few modern games, we came to the conclusion that the screen quite successfully conveys the dynamics of what is happening. Play – a pleasure.


Under the housing is a first-class chipset MediaTek MT6797, better known as Helio X20. This is a monster with ten cores in total. But before you say, “Great!”, We remind you that this mobile system, and simultaneous operation of all the cores in practice, is not expected. Conventionally, computer system architecture Predator 6 is divided into three clusters. The smartphone has two pairs of 4-EX cores Cortex A53, clocked at 1.4GHz and 2.0GHz, respectively, and two A72 cores running at a clock speed of 2.5GHz. The latter will be used at high load, and all other work in standard mode (to perform regular tasks).

And here we have dug a spoon of tar in this barrel of honey.

The best gaming android smartphone Acer Predator 6 Review

At that time, as Acer has made every effort to equip its flagship the most powerful components, the Predator 6 remains the standard ARM solution. This we will see in many of the new devices in the near future. And not the fact that they will be positioned as a mobile gaming station. This contrasts sharply with the way Nvidia acts towards his chip Tegra. Last is able to provide you with more powerful hardware, and not only an attractive appearance.

The smartphone gaming gadgets Asus Predator 6 review

Predator remaining specifications are impressive. For example, GPU Mali-T880 MP4, 4GB of RAM and a 21MP camera and a few chips the Acer, that potential buyers feel chosen. For example, the Predator is equipped with 6 special tactile feedback system, so a smartphone behaves like a modern game console, which plunges the gamer into the gameplay.


As for software, it is already clear that the Predator 6 will run on Android, like the Predator 8, though Acer can go the other way and create a unique scheme of interaction in their devices that they can bring significant revenue in the future.

The best gaming android smartphone Acer Predator 6 Review

And the last moment – to attract the gamers is very important to think about the content. Acer needs to find the right solution and to offer customers steep enough games in exchange for their money. You can take as an example the strategy Nvidia Shield.


If we speak openly, then best gaming android smartphone Acer Predator 6 specs there is nothing unique to impress a whole army of fans and become a bestseller. The same applies to its larger brethren in the face of the tablet Predator 8.

Yes, the best gaming android smartphone Acer Predator 6 review abruptly cut in modern toys. But this is still primarily a smartphone, and then play framework. And nothing else.