Huawei Nova Plus Review

The best luxury smartphone Huawei Nova Plus Review

Usually, at the IFA 2016 Huawei announces the new best luxury smartphone Huawei Nova Plus, but in 2016 the company decided to focus on middle-end models. Nova and Nova Plus not dazzling performance, but Huawei were able to create devices, a user who is not whether to feel deprived. Today we look at one of them – Huawei Nova Plus.


The best luxury smartphone Huawei Nova Plus review comes in a nice cardboard box with the charge at 2A, cable, headset clip (and documentation).


The best luxury smartphone Huawei Nova Plus is made in the molded body of metal. In the smartphone looks like, you can find similarities with Huawei devices (G7 and G8) and other companies. Making camera module for some reason reminds me of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

The best luxury smartphone Huawei Nova Plus Review

We can say that the design meets all modern canons – screen covers 2,5 D glass, edges rounded, and has a bevel on the sidewalls. Hull form has turned out successful – the device is convenient to go to the palm, not digging into his hand nothing.

Dimensions and weight correspond to classmates, except that the width can be reduced by a millimeter and a half – frame screen here is not too wide, but narrow and difficult to name them.

I got a gray best luxury smartphone Huawei Nova Plus specs. Of the three available colors (dark gray, silver, and gold), it looks best, because of the black frame of the screen merges with the black front panel.

In general, the design and ergonomics of the smartphone cause restrained emotions – it was beautiful, made from good materials and well assembled, all the elements are located at the usual places, but seems designed for people always choose the classics.


Against the background of something boring design is very pleased with the screen. The phone is set IPS display diagonal of 5.5 inches with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels (401 ppi). As a result of measurement, its brightness varies from 4 to 416 cd / m², contrast ratio – 1 to 842. The automatic brightness control is working correctly and quickly respond to changes in ambient light.

The display is well calibrated – slightly wider color gamut sRGB space, and the temperature is a little higher than normal, but all indicators are quite linear – it’s good. The screen supports the management with gloves, but you can adjust the color temperature manually.

From a subjective point of view, all liked. The screen has excellent contrast, so the information is easy to read on the street, and the protective glass has an oleophobic coating. Due to the wide gamut colors look a little brighter and richer than they should, but not too much.


In terms of “hardware” smartphone also has something to please. The basis is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of built-in. There is also an NFC module, FM-radio, used for data transmission connector USB Type-C, and in the hybrid, the tray can be installed or two NanoSIM or “sim card” and the card.

The best luxury smartphone Huawei Nova Plus Review

Snapdragon 625 can be perceived as an upgrade of the chip 615 with one important difference – it is made by 14 nm process technology, which increased the clock speed of the nuclei Cortex-A53 up to 2 GHz and improves operating time. As an Adreno 506 GPU acts, so that the processor used can be considered as a strong middling – it is inferior to Snapdragon 650 but much better than Snapdragon 615.

The benchmarks best luxury smartphone Huawei Nova Plus features shows good results. Actual performance in most cases are also pleased – in everyday mode, the smartphone is fast, though inferior to current flagship – this can be seen in direct comparison. Minimum possible except at a constant switching between programs.

In terms of implementing the basic functionality to the best luxury smartphone Huawei Nova Plus no complaints. The device normally keeps the network, calling the speaker loud and clearly transmits voice interlocutors. The main speaker is on the bottom right and left under the grill is hidden microphone. It sounds loud and clear, so to watch videos and play comfortably, and you will not miss a call signal.

And that’s what the smartphone does not have is support for Wi-Fi networks and 5 GHz technology Qualcomm Quick Charge fast charging, although the platform supports this functionality. Apparently, the company found, these functions are not very important, unfortunately.


Fans of mobile photography best luxury smartphone Huawei Nova Plus review will offer the main camera resolution of 16 megapixels, with aperture f / 2.0, dual flash, the increased size of pixels, optical image stabilization system, 4K-video.

The best luxury smartphone Huawei Nova Plus Review

The application has a shooting mode with manual settings, as well as modes of light for night shooting with a tripod, and others. Read more about them, we were told in the Huawei P8 review.

The camera can hardly be called a record lightning, but overall smartphone focuses and shoots quickly – not the level of champions, but better than “middling”. By daylight shots at least comments – most successful are obtained, with the right focus, natural colors and normal detail.

In the difficult conditions of the camera shooting also passes – you lose the fine detail, but the frame is still suitable for Instagram and other social networks.

With dynamic video shooting is not as there are no problems, although normally record the sound of the concert and can not work.

The best luxury smartphone Huawei Nova Plus Review

Special attention was paid to the front camera features an 8 megapixel. In addition to the usual mode of decoration, leveling skin tone and removes blemishes in best luxury smartphone Huawei Nova Plus Mode Makeup added. The function is designed for girls – add algorithms to selfie flesh, evening, elegant, and other make-ups. The real-time specific color of the lips, eyelashes, eye shadow, and their location is detected correctly.

Working hours

One of the most enjoyable features of the best luxury smartphone Huawei Nova Plus – at work. It would seem, has a standard built-in battery capacity of 3340 mAh, but thanks to the modern technical process performed on the platform it runs longer than the decisions of the previous year.

I used the best luxury smartphone Huawei Nova Plus in the usual mode of the main smartphone: started two Google-account customers established social networks and other applications connected Mi Band, read Twitter, surf, watching YouTube.

In this mode, most of the machines are working day, sometimes up to a half if the built-in battery capacious. Then it gets a full two days with 7-8 hours of the active screen – a very good result.

Sheath and the fingerprint scanner

The best luxury smartphone Huawei Nova Plus runs on Android 6.0 and EMUI 4.1. With the features of Huawei proprietary shell we have long been familiar with – it does not have a separate menu of applications, there is support for themes and a lot of settings.

The best luxury smartphone Huawei Nova Plus Review

Among the most useful, you can highlight the possibility of desktop grid configuration, startup and operation of the background applications, internet access.

Separately, I note a fingerprint scanner – it’s fast, but most of all the opportunity to come in handy folding and unfolding the Notification swipe over the scanner. This facilitates the use of the relatively large smartphone.

Pros: Materials used, excellent screen and work time, speed, camera, fingerprint scanner
Cons: The price does not support Wi-Fi 5 GHz and fast charging


The best luxury smartphone Huawei Nova Plus can be called almost a reference smartphone mid-upper price segment. The user experience is reminiscent of the flagship, with the only difference that the Nova Plus is much longer. The model can be found unless the minor flaws that do not play a critical role for the majority of buyers. However, to create the perfect machine did not work. Firstly, it will not be sold in Europe officially and the company did not disclose plans for the start of sales of a small Huawei Nova. Secondly, the device can be even Europe. It was estimated at 430 euros, while for the same 8 Honor and OnePlus 3 asking 400.