Top 5 Best Overhead Headphones

Top 5 New Best Overhead Headphones for Anyone

According to research, every person perceives certain sounds in different ways, so the selection of the best overhead headphones often turns into a moot point. One lacks deep bass, the other, on the contrary, it seems that the music sounds very loudly and roared. First of all, this is due to a difference in the structure of the auditory canals, the perception of space, age, sex, etc. But today, we tried to make the top of the best overhead headphones, from which everyone will choose their future leader.

Ideal for all the best overhead headphones does not happen – every model necessary to “try” to me personally, to listen, to include a variety of tracks – with powerful bass and high frequencies, and only then make a purchase. If this is not possible, it is recommended to buy overhead headphones from well-known manufacturers of a certain type.

Philips Fidelio F1

Top 5 New Best Overhead Headphones for Anyone

Contrary to stereotypes that good overhead headphones are bulky and inconvenient for mobile use, the Fidelio the F1 are compact.Headphones come with a suede bag, which can be easily transported to any location, to fit the player and, if necessary.

Fidelio F1 can be used as a headset, connecting cable 1.2 m long with a microphone and a button, which is also supplied. Lying on the sofa and enjoying music, just press the button to answer the call.

In this model successfully combines the compactness and reliability of the design. The rim along its entire length has a leather trim, so the headphones fit well on the head, providing high-quality sound, while not under pressure and do not cause any inconvenience.

The peculiarity of this model in a unique mounting cups – they are regulated in any direction, while the mechanism is difficult to damage, so it is reliable.

Koss KSC17

Koss Headphones already long and firmly occupy a leading place in the ranking of the best Headphones and are popular with fans of high-quality sound. However, users often complained of some inconveniences in practical terms – as a rim and the bow do not differ particularly comfortable were stiff and unyielding in brackets.

Top 5 New Best Overhead Headphones for Anyone

With the advent of the updated model KSC17 situation has dramatically changed for the better – there were soft rubber elements in the design of the headphones. Also, by changing the angle of mounting cups and arch headphones have become much more comfortable – after several hours of listening to music is not any pressure on the ears or head.
Especially like the model for people who lead an active lifestyle. The new Koss KSC17 there are several points secure mounting on the head, so there is no fear that the headphones will fall even with fairly sharp movements.

Sennheiser PX 95

If you need versatile overhead headphones for everyday use, the Sennheiser PX 95 – the best choice. In this model successfully combines perfect sound quality with the practicality of the design. The rim is a conventional metal plate, but it looks very stylish. At the head of the headphones sit securely and comfortably.

Top 5 New Best Overhead Headphones for Anyone

Cups from Sennheiser PX 95 equally impressive – foam ear pads are clearly distinguished on the background of neat plastic cups, thereby protecting your ears from excessive pressure and overheating.

Diaphragm 32 mm provides excellent sound, headphone frequency range – 15-27 kHz, which is sufficient for listening to high-quality different styles of music. However, sometimes the Sennheiser PX 95 is still lost in the exact definition and mapping of some frequencies in congested complex arrangements of compositions.

Sony MDR-ZX100

For the first time seeing these good overhead headphones, you feel the effect of deja vu – as a model similar to the famous Beats by Dre, with the exception of the Sony logo, emblazoned on the same place – in the center of the cup. Sound headphones provide very decently, and the price is almost twice less than in BBD, which can not but rejoice.
Plastic design is highly durable, even outwardly Sony MDR-ZX100 look like a monolith. Cups, inside covered with soft synthetics, conveniently adjustable for any head size, rim wide enough. Headphones are available in case of different shades.

Top 5 New Best Overhead Headphones for Anyone

Listen to music on headphones comfortable, but it is recommended to take a break after several hours of listening.
In terms of sound quality in this price segment is perhaps the best option, but a professional musician is better to opt for the more expensive models.

Monster Beats Solo HD

Headphones from Beats by Dre considered, perhaps, the undisputed leader among the good overhead headphones in the youth environment.That only is the exterior design of the “monsters” – vibrant, stylish, allowing the wearer to express itself without further ado.

Top 5 New Best Overhead Headphones for Anyone

Beats Solo HD thoroughly permeated by a thick metal plate, which provides both strength and flexibility. Pillows close to the head, but do not put pressure on the ears because of ear cushions made of leather. cups functionality pleasantly surprised – they can be rotated in any direction, as long as the headphones will not take a comfortable position on the head. Soundproofed no problem – you can listen to music even in the noisy crowd.

The sound quality is – at the height, special emphasis, of course, on the bass – they sound perfectly in any composition. However, sometimes this affects other frequencies.

To sum up this review, I would like to reiterate that there is no ideal the best overhead headphones. Every manufacturer, regardless of experience and brand, understands that to create a universal product is almost impossible – he must choose the consumer. We made the best top of overhead headphones that will help you choose the model, which you have long dreamed of the following parameters: provide good noise isolation earpads by volume, the relative compactness, and ease of use. The single model is difficult to embody all these qualities are one hundred per cent.

Choosing from good the best overhead headphones, you need to understand the purposes for which they are purchased, where and under what conditions will be used. For example, athletes should be given priority over the rigid structure, which is not afraid of sudden movements.Professional musicians, first of all, must pay attention to the quality and purity of sound. The younger generation, as a rule, most often choose models based on their external characteristics, and then check the sound quality.