The best smartphone ZTE Blade S7 Review

The best smartphone ZTE Blade S7 Review

Attractive modern design, one of the best combinations of screen size and convenience of the body, high-quality materials and assembly are forced to pay attention to the best smartphone ZTE Blade S7 in spite of a little-known brand is in Europe. The strengths and weaknesses of new items with which the mobile division of ZTE Corporation has gone seriously conquer the Europe market, we understood

Appearance and comfort best smartphone ZTE Blade S7

The revolution in the smartphone industry of China has taken only a few years. About three years ago, with most factories of Shenzhen, locally-owned companies went differ only in screen sizes expressionless sticks, squeaks ultrabudgetary plastic. I now hold in my hand the device, which, if you make the “Home” round, and behind portray Apple, most users are not watching for leaks would have taken had not yet released iPhone 7.

The best smartphone ZTE Blade S7 Review

ZTE Designers (on the back says Designed by ZTE in Munich – “design developed by ZTE in Munich”) successfully combined the best (curved at the edges of the glass, bright colors) and classic (flat metal faces in the spirit of the iPhone 5) trends, creating in the end a very lovely (especially in white and light green color scheme) and representative (in classic black) unit. Is that the key form of “home” with almost no sharp corners very well with more rounded contours of the body – but it seems to have drawn on the basis of “not to be like Apple and Samsung”.

The best smartphone ZTE Blade S7 nice to hold in your hand, it is convenient and dials it the text. The width of the apparatus with five-inch display of 67 mm. It is a matter of fractions of a millimeter to more than 5-inch Sony Xperia XA, flush with the 4.7-inch iPhone 6s and 2.5 mm less than the 5.1-inch Galaxy S7. The thickness is also not let us down – 7.2 mm, as a result, we get one of the most easy-to-use one-hand vehicles on the market (and, perhaps, the only one so comfortable in its price category). Comfort few spoil the sharp edges of the metal frame, but they interfere with the machine to slip out of his hands, as often happens with glass and metal smartphones more streamlined.

Once complete with the best smartphone ZTE Blade S7 buyer receives the cover- “book” with a transparent window on the front panel. He can, without opening the case, look at the time, run the camera or control your music. The bag is made to match the machine – yellow-light green (with the black smartphone is, respectively, black, white – white), but there is not as expensive as a smartphone without it. Those who feel the need to use your smartphone in a holster, rejoice economy – further buy anything do not have to.

Display, camera, sound best smartphone ZTE Blade S7

At the best smartphone ZTE Blade S7 excellent screen. It uses modern IPS LCD Sharp production matrix with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels (Full HD). Screen Module without the air gap, so that the glare unobtrusive, and the colors are bright and a little fade when viewed from an angle. In the settings (select “Screen”) color profile is changing – with the “natural” with “colorful”. To me, it seems odd because the paint with the “natural” richer profile of nowhere.

When the smartphone is switched off, it seems that almost no side frames at the screen, but it is the effect of the black strip that runs along the perimeter of the display. In fact, from the edge of the image to the edge of the case of three millimeters, which does not prevent the smartphone to be very compact 5-inch model.

The best smartphone ZTE Blade S7 Review

And rear and front camera best smartphone ZTE Blade S7 received a 13-megapixel sensor, flash, and autofocus. So for quality selfie do not worry – in the shadows, despite not being the most exceptional sensitivity photo module, rescue flare. Laser focus is applied to the rear chamber, providing faster and more accurate, “pointing at the target.”

The interface of the camera button at the top of the screen provides a quick switch between “Auto” and “Pro” – in the latter case, there is a set of manual settings in order to squeeze out the highest quality camera frame. Feels shooting from a smartphone camera is not bad, even in cloudy weather or in a normally lit room almost always provides good color and detail, except that tends to underestimate the exposure. In the dim light or at night as a predictable fall, but in the unit for 360$ and this was to be expected, is still in front of us is not the flagship of the manufacturer of the first echelon.

Although the slots in the lower end of the smartphone, in addition to microUSB-port, two-speaker is only under one of them, the left, the second – a purely decorative. The sound of the speaker is audible even when the device is first turned on, calls and even shrill. By the sound of 3.5-mm audio output, too, no complaints – rather, they may occur only if you use headphones thousand for 150$ or more. With normal “ears” (included, by the way, not at all Headphone NO – the price to be lower than) the difference with high-quality mobile audio devices are not visible.

Toppings, autonomy best smartphone ZTE Blade S7

The ZTE decided to develop its expansion in the European markets, including Europe, with the best smartphone, built by the chipset manufacturer Western, Qualcomm. Snapdragon 615 – an eight 64-bit mid-range chipset (clock frequency quad-core ARM Cortex A53 – 1,5 GHz, four more – 1 GHz, Adreno 405 graphics), even while ensuring smooth operation FullHD resolution Android interface and any non-game applications.

Most of the best smartphone ZTE Blade S7 graphics capabilities of games also enough for the eyes. And in demanding graphics performance title will just have to be content with basic graphics settings by disabling unnecessary prettiness. For example, I played without any problems in World of Tanks: Blitz, and “the Asphalt 8: On the rise” only occasionally a bit slow, while remaining quite playable. Test results for Epic Citadel benchmark cited above, they suggest that the frame rate drops below a comfortable setting to “Highest Quality”, and in “high quality,” the result is close to 60 fps.The best smartphone ZTE Blade S7 Review

3 GB of RAM – though not a record, but it’s “flagship” volume, ensuring that no applications make your smartphone slow over the next couple of years. Here are the results we got in the popular computing performance benchmarks.

According to the total performance of all the cores in multithreaded tasks, ZTE Blade S7 can compete on equal terms with flagship smartphones beginning in 2014 (for example, Samsung Galaxy S5), for “single-threaded” performance – with the Moto X or Nexus 5 from the 2013th. Of more recent smartphones similar results demonstrate Huawei P8 Lite or Lenovo Vibe P1.

Tray card there are two: one under the microSIM, the other – under the nano format card. To install the microSD (according to the Europe manufacturer’s website, supported cards up to 32 GB) is the second slot, that is, will have to choose between the expansion of built-in memory (32 GB) and the use of two “SIMs”. This configuration is certainly not the most versatile. For example, I did not have at hand the adapter to install in the “big” slot a nano-SIM card – as a result, I could not put into the microSD device. Work in 3G and 4G can be only one “SIMs“, the second is the only 2G. Which slot is set to a high-speed connection, you can choose in the settings – the other will automatically switch to 2G mode. By the way, remember that, for example, Tele 2 network in the Moscow region 2G is not supported in principle.

By implementing the fingerprint sensor no complaints – it works quickly and, when tested, only a couple of times from the first time refused to “read” the finger. The firmware allows the use of its mark not only to protect your smartphone from unauthorized access but also to set limits on startup programs and view some photos. “Encrypted” photos can not be viewed by any applications other than the application “Fingerprints,” which contains options for the fingerprint sensor.

Finally, about autonomy. Nominally, the average battery – 2500 mAh. But the processor is able to move at every opportunity in the power saving mode, turning off the four high-performance cores. As a result, the time in which ZTE Blade S7 battery is drained, highly dependent on the use of scripts. If it is mainly voice calls and correspondence in the messenger, and from time to time watching videos on YouTube – charged battery is more than enough until the evening. But if you’re going to play a lot, use a smartphone as a navigator, shoot video, or watch a movie in HD on maximum brightness, it is best to bring along from the home laptop battery. For example, continuous video playback smartphone have lived about 6 hours and 20 minutes.

Software Features best smartphone ZTE Blade S7

The design firm ZTE smartphone interface called MiFavor markedly different from stock Android 5.1 (this version of the OS runs Blade S7), and made it seem, not in Munich. The manufacturer has decided, following Chinese tradition, to offer users their own vision of the beautiful mobile interface elements and with competing platforms – such as in the of iOS, is not typical for Android applications separate menu. lock screen, home screen and “blind” with shortcuts settings are as follows.

The best smartphone ZTE Blade S7 Review

Of the non-standard features shell is really user-friendly – the ability to “wake up” the device by double-tapping the screen, gestures to launch applications (draw on the screen is off C – starts dialer, shake vigorously the device when it is unlocked – turns on a flashlight), as well as the choice of color accent interface. Last selected as wallpaper, as well as view the icons in the “quick” menu, which is the swipe from the bottom edge of the screen.

Conclusions best smartphone ZTE Blade S7

Who is this unit? A fan of high-tech gadgets that uses a smartphone as its main computing and entertainment device, most likely, will try to buy something more productive or at least with a more spacious screen. But for young women (especially those with a weakness for selfie), it fits perfectly – and the size is just, and good-looking design. Black as an option – the most it for the business person who at any time will be folly not to spend like games, but in a comfortable, modern, secure and expensive-looking tool for communication needs. Should the device in two and a half times less than the “new” flagship Android smartphone – 345$ from the official manufacturer’s warranty and the exclusive official dealer in Europe perform digital supermarket DNS?

So, let’s sum up.

Pros best smartphone ZTE Blade S7:

  • Stylish modern design, not inferior to “flagship” of competitors
  • High-quality workmanship and materials
  • Compact body fits comfortably in your hand
  • The performance is sufficient for any application other than intensive games at maximum graphics settings
  • The front selfie camera is the same quality as the rear
  • Case-book included

Cons best smartphone ZTE Blade S7:

  • The need to choose between memory expansion and a second SIM-card
  • Fans hungry games is better to choose a more powerful device