Best wireless headphones. Selecting Nsmartphone

Best wireless headphones. Selecting Nsmartphone

The world without wires, which he dreamed yet Nikola Tesla, has not yet arrived. However, the first signs of its approach visible: we are able to give away on the “air” the Internet, transfer from device to device image and sound, non-contact charge the batteries. However, up to the total disappearance of sockets, plugs, and connectors are still very far away …

Unexpectedly for many in the wireless progress sound burst forth. It has long been on the market there are a variety of the best wireless headphones with reference to Bluetooth connectivity, and Bluetooth technology itself is evolving with an eye to the sound transmission (quality improvement, sustainability communications, increase the distance, reducing).

Best wireless headphones. Selecting Nsmartphone

The final blow to the snare best wireless headphones wires made this year when one after the other handset manufacturers began to abandon the “time-tested” and “mandatory” audio jack of 3.5 mm. Yes, as an alternative, they “offer” (as it were) to use USB Type-C, but … we understand that this strategy covertly sets up the industry to complete the waiver wire and the transition to wireless transmission of sound and music.

Following the spirit of the times, we decided to tell you about the most successful in our opinion the best wireless headphones. They belong to different groups – closed, open, game, sports, and false invoices. At the same time, they are united by high sound quality, ease of use, functionality. For the most part, these models do not belong to the class of low-cost devices. However, we hope that with the development of “wireless” trend, like the headphones will be worth less and less, preserving the marked advantages of us.

Sony MDR-1000X

Choosing as the best wireless headphones something massive and reliable, it is foolish to search option among budget models. The potential for full-size indoor units are now truly limitless, but the whole set of technology and ergonomic solutions is most clearly visible in the example of champions – such as the Sony MDR-1000X.

Best wireless headphones. Selecting Nsmartphone

As befits a high-level model, Sony MDR-1000X design at the same time strict, elegant and thoughtful. The combination of plastic, metal, and good (but artificial) leather makes the headphones easy, but strong. Soft ear pads tightly closed ears of the listener so that the mention of the noise reduction system in the instructions to the Sony MDR-1000X seems like overkill.

Meanwhile, the model noise reduction system is really very effective. Enjoy music in the Sony MDR-1000X can be almost unbearable for the “nude” hearing conditions.

For the quality of multi-channel sound from the Sony MDR-1000X meets the mass of new technologies and electronics components, including the processor S-Master HX and data transfer protocols Qualcomm aptX and Sony LDAC. They all combine to provide a level playing music live both modes headphones with a jumper wire (passive and active), and on Via Bluetooth.

Wireless connection Sony MDR-1000X to the sound source can be initialized using NFC technology, the signal sensitivity of the receiver provides a stable connection at a distance of 10 meters. built-in battery capacity is enough for offline listening for 20 hours.

Model Sony MDR-1000X appeared recently on the market, the average price of these best wireless headphones is $ 560.

Plantronics BackBeat Pro

Although in-ear best wireless headphones and ear headphones are the top miniaturization and compactness, the laws of physics do not allow to guarantee them a truly high-quality sound with the execution of elaborated on the entire frequency range. That is why many people, considering all the pros and cons of plug-in models, the device is selected from a larger size category – overhead headphones.

Best wireless headphones. Selecting Nsmartphone

The best wireless headphones – the most common class of wireless headphones on the market. The choice there is huge: manufacturers are constantly announcing new products and honored the model may be present on the market for years. However, even among such a wide variety of possible to find samples, sound quality, and functionality which are a few steps above the main mass of the proposals.

For example, the best wireless headphones have outstanding features Plantronics BackBeat Pro appeared on the market more than two years ago, but until now have lost neither relevance nor the demand from users.

The main advantage of Plantronics BackBeat Pro – very clever design and very good quality of the materials used. At sufficiently solid appearance headphones weigh just 340 grams, and thanks to the movable elements of the chassis are well sit down.

With the bundled cables Plantronics BackBeat Pro headphones can also be used as the passive wire, and as active as the wired and wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and NFC synchronization. It also supports work in headset mode – connecting to the smartphone. Finally, Bluetooth earphone interface makes Plantronics BackBeat Pro once with two sound sources (eg smartphones and media).

Management options from Plantronics BackBeat Pro perfectly thought out: on the headphone, cup removed the power button, a temporary reduction of the sound level, answer a call, pause, turn on the noise reduction. It is a good idea to become designers use to adjust the volume and switch between tracks of two rings arranged on the circumference of the cups.

Finally, it should be noted very capacious battery Plantronics BackBeat Pro, allowing the model to play music during the day. Plantronics BackBeat Pro are able to independently turn on and off – depending on how they are dressed in the head or not. On a full charge the battery in the headphones takes about three hours, the battery-low headphones alert you to a voice message in advance. Cost Plantronics BackBeat Pro today at an average of $ 220.

LG Tone Infinim HBS-910

Speaking about the choice of the best wireless headphones for mobile devices, the first thing that comes to mind – is, of course, compact headset with a plug-in from the speakers. Such models have many advantages, among them – portable size, good sound insulation and a variety of options that have devices in the higher price category.

Best wireless headphones. Selecting Nsmartphone

For over three years, one of the most popular lines of the best wireless headphones, providing high-quality music listening, it is believed – and deservedly so – LG Tone. Currently, Russia is represented by the flagship model of LG Tone Infinim HBS-910 (although in Korea is already available for purchase headset LG Tone Platinum HBS-1100).

Like all headsets LG Tone, LG Tone Infinim HBS-910 structurally resembles a necklace. His body are all the controls: a power button, volume slider, closed pad port for charging the battery, the answer button on the phone calls and the button retraction speakers. Sami speakers in rubberised “earplugs” connected with the housing exhaust wires, the length of which can be customized to the individual. In general, the system resembles the mechanism rewind the cord, many models of vacuum cleaners.

Autonomy LG Tone Infinim HBS-910 provided by the built-in battery, which guarantees more than 10 hours of music playback and up to 16 hours of operation in headset mode smartphone. During playback quality headphones responsible corporate settings made by experts from Harman Kardon. The emphasis is on the accurate transmission of treble and bass depth study. Dual built-in microphones LG Tone Infinim HBS-910 noise-canceling system is easy to cut off the sound rubbish, even in quite a noisy environment.

Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZxR

Full-size the best wireless headphones from the eminent manufacturer – is not a guarantee of high-quality sound? In the case of Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZxR, this is the case: the model uses all the achievements of the legendary company, combining them with a bright appearance and a comfortable design.

Best wireless headphones. Selecting Nsmartphone

Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZxR – this wireless headset, which, however, can be connected to the sound source via the included cord to receive data from the computer through the USB port, and work as a headset. Respectable sized cups with the soft ear cushions cap ear is separated from the external environment, without disturbing the listener to enjoy the music.

For its high quality meets the built-in headphones processor SB-Axx1. Not only did he carefully preserves all of the nuances of the recording, made in ideal conditions, with a good bit rate, but also can convert audio files into something decent to a mediocre sound picture.

Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZxR copes well with the entire range of audible frequencies, filling the volume of the bass and high notes – purity. Supports headset and panoramic technology and surround sound – creating the atmosphere of a concert hall or a drawing picturesque audio in video games.

As is customary with Creative, complete with Sound Blaster EVO ZxR goes branded set of tools to configure all sound nuances. In addition to the version for Windows and MacOS X released headphone and mobile variations, which can be found on the AppStore and Google Play markets.

Built-in rechargeable Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZxR provides autonomous headphones work for 8 hours. To synchronize the best wireless headphones allow you to take advantage of NFC technology. The model supports aptX sound protocol and SBX, Multipoint connection technology and Talk Through with active noise cancellation system.