Bluedio T2s Turbine Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones Review

Bluedio T2s Turbine Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones Review

The good time of day! Under the cut – aiming at Bluedio official store in the USA (with a warehouse in LA) and the review of purchased there Bluedio T2s Turbine Bluetooth wireless stereo headphones.

In short, the headphones for its price is very decent, I have found in their daily lives a lot of application scenarios.
In the next 2 days price reduced by 40% – only $ 19.79!

What is called, flown, cheaper!

To begin with, that have long wanted to buy full-size headphones for a laptop.

Technology does not stand still, and at the same time, I decided to try what is Bluetooth ©, applied to the audio equipment. In the end, I decided that there would not be bad with lots of wires if you sit with noutom at the kitchen table, and suddenly you want to get a drink of water. At the same time, I do not want to interrupt the skype conversation or listening to music.

My main requirements when choosing a steel of the Bluedio T2s Turbine Bluetooth wireless stereo headphones:

  1. The quality of the materials, even if the design is not very strong – I’m not going to use headphones in the sports hall or outdoor activity.
  2. Ergonomics – the ears, as well as the head as a whole, should be comfortable, strong pressure, I do not like, so I do not want headphones overlay format.
  3. Not bad, if the structure is foldable – it will be possible to take the headphones on business trips, and in general they will be smaller in a cabinet or on a shelf.
  4. Good autonomy, including a standby mode – may be used not daily.
  5. Last, but not least, para – appearance. I think that any thing for which you give the money, should look good and please the owner.

“But what about the requirements for sound ?!” – You ask. After all, this is the main purpose and the main characteristic of the audio device! My answer is – to me the main thing that the device is performing the function of the headset, well, a little bit, “boomed”, for “audiophiles” will certainly be provided AUX-jack. After all, in spite of technological progress, has not yet come up with a signal transmission method is better than the good old wire! So when buying a trust in the technical characteristics and the theoretical ability to play good sound emitters.

Bluedio T2s Turbine Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones Review

So, my choice fell on the model Bluedio T2s Turbine Bluetooth wireless stereo headphones company Bluedio. Not bad at first glance headphones with good functionality and good performance.

For I have become a good tradition to look for it is the official store and order it.

This acquisition is no exception, in fact, I like living in the Russian Federation are very fortunate that Bluedio has a warehouse in Moscow, and in 4 (!) Days after ordering a courier delivered a package to my home in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

And now I propose to run through the designated points and I find out, whether so good bought headphones and cost if they spent 33 bucks?

1. Materials

The quality of the materials of the Bluedio T2s Turbine Bluetooth wireless stereo headphones used struck me at the stage of unpacking. I could not resist, and done a lot of photos of these seemingly simple gray cardboard boxes, however, contain detailed information about the product and the manufacturer.One feels that the manufacturer wants to interest us attract to your site (at least for the authentication verification code attached), so he did not spare money for 2 (!) Branded boxes and silver embossing + excellent typographical printing.

We must pay tribute, in this method of packaging contents damage – it is something from the category of fiction.

Finally, admiring boxes, open the last of them.

In it, you’ve seen on a plastic substrate are buried heroes of my review on the sticker on the box, I chose red color performance, as the most progressive and resilient of the proposed.

Bluedio T2s Turbine Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones Review

I can say that the color a little preview of the store “redder” than in reality. In fact, a shade closer to dark pink, in the photographs I have tried to pass it as accurately as possible ( Wikipedia article as well as possible will give you my understanding of “dark-pink” color # E75480)

Ear pads and headband headphones eco-leather trimmed popular now, and quite simply. The material is thin, pleasant to the touch at first sight homogeneous – hope will serve long. The practice of using RAZER Kraken PRO headphones shows that tear the ear cups on the cheeks or ears is not possible, often coating breaks down by contact with solid parts in the folded state. Do these headphones folding mechanism is that cancer is no contact, so do not worry because of what.

The inside of the headband outside embossed coated series title – Bluedio T2s Turbine Bluetooth wireless stereo headphones. Such a design decision I am very impressed not looks catchy and stylish.

Bluedio T2s Turbine Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones Review

The plastic – matt, does not collect fingerprints, it looks strong.

It should be noted that the headphones, because of their low cost, a little less than completely made of plastic. Shiny decorations – too, and I do not think there is a minus because otherwise, the device would be slightly heavier.

size adjustment mechanism, however, the metal, unlike the previous model T2 – there is work on the bugs manufacturer and desire to really improve your product, and not to go to the first successful model unchanged.

2. Ergonomics

As I have already noted, lightweight headset on his head hardly felt, sit in them all day is not difficult. Only a blocking point for some may be that the ear cups, as well as radiators, are round rather than oval shape, so not everyone will be able to place their ears inside. So let’s say, the headphones have a “maximum allowable size of” ear, and if it is exceeded, they move from the category of full-length overhead.

I was lucky, my ears comfortably placed inside the ear cushions are clasped them without nominate nothing, and ears begin to “burn” after 15 minutes of use.

Bluedio T2s Turbine Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones Review

Just wearing comfort, no doubt, it is characterized by stiffness of the headband.

I would say that in this model the soft headband, designed exclusively for the “of table” use. To move around the apartment, of course, it allows, but for recreation, or jogging, for example, absolutely not work. Such use cases and I did not provide for, so I was completely satisfied with everything.

On the head, earphones placed comfortable headband standard location – the front half, between the forehead and the head. Adjusting the size – in a fairly wide range, I do not think that someone might not be enough. For my head size fits the minimum size of the bow, so to speak, “out of the box.”

Speaking of ergonomics, we can not ignore the placement of controls and functional connections.

The control unit is located on the right earpiece, the buttons are arranged intuitively: if to embrace the headset with your right hand, the index finger he lay down on the keys (+) and (-) volume, and the thumb – on the tracks switch joystick (aka – start / pause) .

Power On / Off button of the Bluedio T2s Turbine Bluetooth wireless stereo headphones is only needed at the start/end of the job, so its location is not critical. Short press it to nothing lead – a kind of lock. With long-term (more than 3 seconds) pressed – “wakes up” the female voice that utters the phrase «Power ON» or «Power OFF» depending on the mode. Just said the voice signals of the imminent trip, if the battery is dead. In this case, you will hear the phrase «Battery LOW».

On the left ear only one element – socket 3.5mm Jack. He, however, immediately performs two functions: the AUX Classic, to connect an external source via a cable, and audio output for music to an external radiator.

The second option is interesting because you can use the headphones as a Bluetooth-transmitter and transmit the sound to any amplifier, and hence any size radiators. I think that the use of such a scenario would have been even more interesting if the headphones are supported FM and micro SD interfaces. Such an option, by the way, there is – a model called Bluedio the T2 + (2 Turbine’s Plus), from the same supplier, is currently $ 42.99.

It is worth noting that the bundle includes a relatively thick Jack-Jack cable with gold-plated contacts. I think, with occasional use, it will last indefinitely.

3. Folding Mechanism

In general, this Bluedio T2s Turbine Bluetooth wireless stereo headphones could equally be applied to the requirements for ergonomics and materials, since all of these settings are equally easy to characterize and provide a resource use device.

The materials are no complaints folding mechanism – the axis around which the rotation is made of metal, no doubt, that they “survive” no plastic.

By the same “pattern” folding also can not complain – parts move easily, malignant there is no friction, in the folded state, nothing touches or damaged headphones are extremely compact and can easily fit in a backpack/bag. In addition, they take a stable position for the placing on the shelf/table without any additional supports – transparent liner out of the box can be safely disposed of, it is not useful.

4. Autonomy

Referring folded state, it should be noted that it is also great for charging – plug Micro USB is easily accessible in this positioning device for his engagement will be enough only slightly raise the right earpiece.

Bluedio T2s Turbine Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones Review

Charging is done via the included cable, according to the manufacturer takes no more than 2 hours, all this time, the red LED lights, which then changes the color of light blue.

“Out of the box” my device worked about 25 hours of battery life in music mode, then charged for 2.5 hours from the original “ASUSovskogo” power supply (2A, 5B), after which he had the strength for a week of work in a mixed (music/headset) loop with the ratio of “work/expectation” about 60h / 100h. Thus headphones fully met expectations, confirmed by information from the booklet. Note that the stock volume at the same time I used 20 percent, but more on that below …

5. General impressions

For the first time hoisted review its heroes, not very sophisticated, but quite demanding to the sound, the ears, I was pleasantly surprised. Why I was just amazed! Using seemingly “pure garniture” communication interface, the headphones were given an excellent bass and create a kind of scene without tumbling all frequencies at once, as do ear-tweeters for 200-300 rubles. To be honest, I certainly longed for something similar, because the price I paid is not small, but being available to the budgetary Bluetooth column, I suspected that decent sound is only available when using a wired connection.

Bluedio T2s Turbine Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones Review

Headphones really justify the price. As I have said, for a comfortable sound enough about a quarter of the volume of stock, if the “pile” to the maximum, (I assure you that to do so without taking off the ears, maybe not!), The device turns into a column, the volume level at the same time a little louder speaker iPhone 4s and much “richer”.

When choosing this product you need to remember that when his full-size, the Monitor emitters are not so soundproof headphones “Exit” leaves much to be desired. I mean, when you reach a certain volume surrounding inevitably become your “co-students”, they simply have no choice. I am a man of culture and respect for the freedom of other people, I know what is, at times, to sit in public transport near to loud music lover who enjoys in-ear headphones. So, perhaps, a little later viewing characters undergo an analysis with a view to laying additional noise insulation – I plan to use them during flights when a total increase of noise levels without increasing the volume can not do.

Worth noting, however, that the scenario of use “in the office” – is quite acceptable to colleagues at the next table, when the volume is used at home, came just a few extra “furious” drums.

When using the device the headset mode, too, proved to be a good companion could hear me, but if I was on the train or plane, it could have been much worse, because of no noise reduction speech is not, the microphone is not directed at the normal AUX-cable microphone as well not imposed.

As I mentioned, the design is close to me and pleasant, the color performance headphones look very interesting, is not banal, material quality does not “cheap”.

Again, perhaps someone more interested version of this model with support for SD-MP3, but my requests this device fulfills completely. As a portable player, FM / MP3 I use a Bluetooth-mentioned column, which will publish a review in the near future. Looking ahead, I will say that having it USB-, MicroSD-, AUX-connector just saved her, because Bluetooth can only be used for conference calls, but not for music. But there was something I was a little distracted …

To summarize, once again enumerate the pros and cons of the Bluedio T2s Turbine Bluetooth wireless stereo headphones:

+ Seller’s official store
+ Shipping courier from LA
+ The pretty high quality
+ Matte plastic
+ Multiple color options
+ Is not eye-catching design
+ Lightweight plastic construction
+ Is not the first model from the manufacturer
+ Take up little space in your bag
+ Great sound
+ Huge stock volume
+ Convenient, management
+ Tincture headband size
+ Good autonomy, fast charge

– Still leatherette
– “Chrome” elements – plastic
– Not a top model maker
– Poor sound insulation
– The absence of noise reduction

I think you can see that the advantages far more, so I can safely recommend Bluedio T2s Turbine Bluetooth wireless stereo headphones to buy. Moreover, while I was preparing this review, the price dropped and the date of publication is only $ 19.79!

If you do not agree with the final selection list of factors, please write in the comments, I will add you found plus or minus.

Thank you for your attention, all the best Bluedio T2s Turbine Bluetooth wireless stereo headphones.