Philips S326 Review

The new budget phone Philips S326 Review: specs and price

Remember the conventional joke that can be launched ballistic missiles with an average home theater remote control? And how do you control, with which you can get online or call friends? Meet the budget phone Philips S326 Review with the infrared port.


The new budget phone Philips S326 Review: specs and price

Packaging of the budget phone Philips S326 review, which is not typical for the price range, nice and intelligent. The color sleeve covers the white box in the split halves. Its interior space is divided into compartments for charging (5V 1A), USB cable, a wired headset. In a separate envelope hidden documentation and a protective film for the display.


Neprimechatelen. Any original designs budget phone Philips S326 review, you will not see. Touch keys (without light) on the front of the smartphone, as well as all exterior monobloc, refer to the fourth version of Android. Fortunately, the other elements of the body correspond to the industry worked out by modern standards. Slightly raised rim glass protects the screen from damage. Near the earpiece are a front facing camera and proximity sensors and hidden lighting.

The main speaker is provided with small protrusions that make a place for the propagation of sound waves is, even when the smartphone is in the slot.

Single microphone with Micro-USB connector, located on the lower end of the device. The upper bound holds a 3.5 mm connector and a feature of this smartphone – Infrared for controlling appliances.

Plastic lid covering the rear part of the body, sitting firmly in place, remove it easily. This was not without squeaks. Especially strong are heard when pressing on the upper left corner of the enclosure. At this point, it bends back and plastic, and the front glass. The problem, according to the network reportedly common.


The standard for this price range unpleasant features – absent oleophobic coating and the protective glass of an unknown manufacturer, offset quality 5-inch HD-screen without any air gap. It is made by IPS technology, the image is not distorted even when viewed at an angle. Reduced contrast with weak.

The new budget phone Philips S326 Review: specs and price

Contrast losses low. The uniformity of the black and white fields, even the color rendition – pleasing to the eye. Matrix is calibrated so that the colors appear natural. Glow-effect manifests itself only when viewed diagonally.

The stock at the screen brightness average, the range of manual adjustment allows you to comfortably use the device in the dark. Adaptive brightness control operates correctly. The touch layer to recognize up to 5 simultaneous touches.


The budget phone Philips S326 review is ongoing and it is time to talk about the hardware of the smartphone. At the heart, the device is a little-known company Spreadtrum processor.

The model appears in the line under the number SC9830 has a 4-core Cortex-A7 1.5 GHz and a graphics subsystem Mali-400 MP. Its computing power is not impressive, but, nevertheless, sufficient for leisurely perform many tasks that a user can assign to the Philips S326. But the amounts of memory as RAM – 1 GB and a built – 8 GB, of which the user’s needs is available only 5 and a half, is clearly insufficient. Applications, better to move on microSD. The separate slot supports memory cards up to 32 GB.

Slot tests revealed that old man Mali-400 MP still capable of producing adequate for games frame rate, at least at low settings.


The budget phone Philips S326 review runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop. The manufacturer had replaced some of the icons, added the ability to edit the shortcuts in the notification bar and on / off function on a schedule.

Operating system of the budget phone Philips S326 review is outdated. The worst thing here is not even functional, which is poorer than in the newer versions of Android, and that the more years the OS version, the more it known vulnerabilities that malware exploits. The Android Marshmallow appeared monthly covering the identified vulnerabilities. Philips S326 Owners they can not count.

The new budget phone Philips S326 Review: specs and price

The phone memory is no partner applications, now eating up precious space. In addition to pre-installed Google services only a means for data backup and ZaZaRemote utility. It is necessary to control household appliances via IR.

Base devices, from TVs to air conditioners and impressive dimensions. We were able to pick up the approach to the whole technique that caught the eye. And to know the specific model it is not necessary, and sufficient instrument brand. The program will offer options from which you choose the operating control circuit. There has ZaZaRemote and widget, so favorite TV remote control will always be at your fingertips, right on your desktop launcher.


The budget phone Philips S326 review has two slots Micro SIM. Hot-swapping of cards because the battery can not be located. The range of supported frequency radio module includes 4G. Admission network signal is weak on the smartphone. If the city did not notice that, where cell towers are not many, there may be problems with audibility and receiving incoming calls.

The new budget phone Philips S326 Review: specs and price

Navigation (GPS, A-GPS) is started reluctantly. More than six satellites for testing a smartphone and are not used. For the Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0 and FM-radio no comments. Connect to Philips S326 USB flash drive using the USB-OTG cable will not work.


Philips S326 Removable battery has a claimed capacity of 3000 mAh. The real figure, which we received as a result of measurements, turned out to be less than 100 mAh. The battery provides enough energy to smartphone worked in the editorial autonomy test 6:00 32 minutes. The indicator on the level of competitors, but not record. On the smartphone charge, it takes 3 hours and 50 minutes. And what do you expect from a feeble bundled adapter 5V, 1A?

To save energy, you can with a standard for Android mode, disable background data. In a separate menu-selected exclusion program, which at the same time will work normally.


The budget phone Philips S326 review equipped with 8 main pure single megapixel camera with flash and a 2 MP front-facing camera. The software provides the ability to manually control ISO (100 to 1600), contrast, saturation, brightness, focus and white balance. Shooting modes here are a few: HDR and five color effects – all they can count on amateurs.

The new budget phone Philips S326 Review: specs and price

The quality of shooting the main camera – below average even for an 8 MP. Surly autumn street smudgy, moving objects – lubricated.

At dusk autofocus incorrectly suggests the sharpness and noise come to the fore, and to ignore them if they wanted to, it does not turn. The front camera works even worse. For glamor, selfie smartphone does not suit.

To summarize

It’s time to finish the review of Philips S326. Praise him for the quality of a 5-inch HD-matrix support 4G networks, a separate slot for the SD card, capacious, for this class of device, battery, and an infrared port to control home appliances. But drawbacks too short. The most critical of them – a weak camera, small amounts of memory and storage capacity.

The budget phone Philips S326 review could become a popular budget smartphone, but not at the price of $115. IR unlikely to be a determining factor in the selection, at least for most of the buyers, and other characteristics are not so attractive. Even if you do not take into account the “gray” machines from China, CIS officially sold devices that the ratio of price / performance is noticeably better.