Budget smartphone ZTE Voyage 3 can buy for $76

Budget smartphone ZTE Voyage 3 can buy for $76

Wow, now there is a good offer in the Chinese smartphone market! This is a budget smartphone ZTE Voyage 3 which can be bought for 76 US dollars. Cool, yeah? Once the smartphone from ZTE’s born, its price was $ 125. And as you can see ZTE Voyage 3 price has fallen by almost 50 dollars!

The budget device offers great new features! The main feature of this ZTE Voyage 3 is the battery! Let’s take a closer look at the smartphone.

Features of the budget smartphone ZTE Voyage 3 Specs

Budget smartphone ZTE Voyage 3 can buy for $76

Wow, you can get a little money for such device characteristics. That screen smartphone has a 5-inch size that this smartphone market a very attractive range of screen sizes. Also present HD resolution displays that will make you feel comfortable using your smartphone.

If you look at the performance of the smartphone, you cannot see the high-end features, but still interesting processor MediaTek MT6735P. Also, the device is equipped with 1 GB of RAM. Thus, the latest high-end smartphone games will not pull, but enough for the comfortable use of the performance.

Let’s look at the smartphone’s eyes, that is cameras on ZTE Voyage 3. The smartphone is equipped with two cameras front camera is 5 megapixels and 8 megapixels primary. Yes, the photo quality could have been better, but for a budget version of the smartphone that is enough.

Here we come to the most important feature of the budget smartphone ZTE Voyage 3 is the battery. The device has a battery capacity of 4080 mAh. This unique battery is the good performance of battery life. According to the Chinese manufacturer ZTE, battery life in standby mode is approximately 35 days. But the actual practice shows that the smartphone can work with an average load up to 6 days.

Conclusion ZTE Voyage 3 budget smartphone

For the budget line of smartphones, ZTE Voyage 3 novelty showed remarkable results. We liked this capacitive battery to 4080 mAh, and high-quality screen. In his budget class at smartphone Voyage 3 should pay attention!