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TOP 7 Tablets with Discount Prices in 2017

TOP 7 Tablets with Discount Prices in 2017

Today we want to share interesting tablets with you. And this list of tablets, to which you can get a discount thanks to coupons. Cube iPlay 10 Cube iPlay 10 – another tablet, whose modest features and the same modest price do not allow to hope for high performance. Nevertheless, the regular appearance of such […]



Today GearBest celebrates its birthday, so now it has good discounts on smartphones and other accessories. I would like to congratulate the whole company on the holiday and wish her success in prosperity. Let’s see what the company offers us now, what discounts await us? The page is called Branded smartphones this spring. Beautiful and […]

Top 5 Unusual Smartphones about $100

Top 5 Unusual Smartphone about $75-150: OUKITEL, Leeco, Xiaomi

At the current market of mobile devices, we can find a lot of interesting offers. Today I wanted to share with you new top-end and unusual smartphone. Let’s see what awaits us in 2017 and what new items you can purchase with great features and functions for a little money. Yotaphone 2 5.0 inch 4G […]

Smartphones in 2017 – overview of the most anticipated phones of 2017, specifications, price and release date

Review anticipated phones 2017, specs, price, release date

For more than two weeks, prevails in the yard in 2017, and during that time had a lot of interesting things happen. In Las Vegas, from 5 to 8 January was an exhibition of electronic gadgets CES 2017, where manufacturers have shown their devices, and other interesting things, preparing to appear on the market soon. […]

5 smartphone users look forward

TOP Five 5 smartphones users look forward next year 2017

It is time for gifts and celebrating several big celebrations. Perhaps you are wondering whether or not to give away a new Android smartphones users look forward or wait a few months and see what surprises will bring us in 2017. Buying a new smartphones users look forward is always a risk because there will […]

5 phones worthy alternatives to Google Pixel

5 smartphones worthy alternatives to Google Pixel phone

They waited for the new Nexus, and received not clear what? Then these smartphones for you. All of them are running sink or close to the version of Android. This article is about the new smartphones alternatives to Google Pixel phone. Motorola Moto Z Those who have been following the fate of the legendary American […]

TOP 7 of the best powerful laptop 2016

TOP 7 of the best powerful cryptic laptop brands 2016

Laptops are inherently very similar to the machines. The more horsepower – the more powerful engine, larger fuel tank and technologically cooling system. Simply replace the engine on the processor, and the tank – on the battery and get a powerful cryptic laptop brands. Today we will talk about what “Cars” the best choice games […]

Top 20 budget smartphones in 2016

Top 10 best-unaffected budget smartphone latest in 2016

Modern best-unaffected budget smartphone latest for inexperienced users (and experienced, often, too) do not differ much. They all know how to call and write SMS, go online, play music and video. In this regard, many do not need to purchase Flagship devices, and the choice is reduced to finding the best budget smartphone. Market economy […]