Chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11 Review 2017

New compact chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11 Review and Test 2017

Find a cheap compact laptop is difficult. Times have passed and many netbooks manufacturers do not pay attention to this market segment. Small companies from China which has the recently stamped tablet for the tablet. They drew attention to the Windows 10 running cost, small laptop, and ready to help. Today we look at it with such a device which get name Chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11.

Video Review of the ONDA oBOOK 11:

Equipment: Chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11

New compact chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11 Review and Test 2017

The notebook comes in a small cardboard box. Inside there is oBook 11, charger and paper documentation. Charging is carried out using a proprietary connector rather than USB.

Appearance and usability: Chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11

Chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11 looks quite decent. The top and bottom covers and glossy painted gray. The inner part and the ends are made of matte black plastic which is very practical. Sockets bit, there is only everyday needs such two full USB, microHDMI, card reader, audio output.

The notebook has a design transformer. And so the power key, volume control, and slider keyboard disable brought to the sidewall. The design reminds notebooks Lenovo Yoga, but the hinge does not differ a clear way. During the transformation often appear extraneous sounds that do not inspire confidence. In addition, the mechanism of the keyboard lock sound when disabling Windows 10 hardware.

New compact chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11 Review and Test 2017

The keypad is made according to the standard layout. “Ctrl” is located in the lower left corner, then comes Fn. Unfortunately, there is no notification of down Caps Lock and you can not change the brightness of the screen using the Fn and function keys (only Windows interface). According to the definition stroke keyboards ThinkPad notebooks away, but if you get used to it and it is possible to work with relative comfort. Too bad that the substrate keyboard flexes strongly during operation.

New compact chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11 Review and Test 2017

The touchpad is a small size. It supports gestures, but for him, there is a claim. The sensitivity is not linear and often incorrectly recognized the gesture.

New compact chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11 Review and Test 2017

For example, you want to scroll with two fingers, but the touchpad instead launches a window with all active applications – triggered three finger gesture. To prevent this annoying, it’s easier to get the mouse.

New compact chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11 Review and Test 2017

Two multimedia speakers, they are on the bottom. They are loud measure. At maximum volume a bit strange noises. They’re enough to watch YouTube or TV series, but nothing more.

Display: Chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11

New compact chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11 Review and Test 2017

oBOOK 11 is equipped with an 11.6-inch touchscreen with a resolution of Full HD. Use the matrix IPS N116HSE. Wide viewing angles. The screen’s sensor works properly. In tablet mode, the device is very easy to use.

New compact chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11 Review and Test 2017

The brightness ranges from 2 to 229 cd / m². The contrast 1 to 545. The color gamut is not the same as the sRGB triangle. Almost the entire range of brightness of the screen color temperature is 5500K. Notebook PC screen is too warm and has a low contrast. It is not suitable for those who handle photos.

Installing Windows: Chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11

The Chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11 came to me after his accident, has not because you need a factory reset. Thereafter oBook not included. Further manufacturer’s logo was not loading. Googling on the famous forum, I found a solution to the problem. The official website of the ONDA needs to be downloaded two archives with Windows and manual record system for mounting a flash drive. Download speed from the official site is so small that even with a fast internet connection should not count on a couple of hours.

Download and unzip the file found in the instructions where the process of creating a bootable USB drive has been described in detail in Chinese. The main problem had not the fact that everything is written in Chinese. But in the fact that together with Windows on the same USB flash drive you want to record even for notebook hardware drivers. Instructions cleverly missed the point that the flash drive must have two logical partitions as if alluding to the fact that it is very easy to do.

New compact chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11 Review and Test 2017

This is my job ended with this statement. Without separation of drive and install the drivers, the data is downloaded archive does not “Plant” and I decided to install a clean Windows 10, and then later install the missing driver. To enter the BIOS has not need to press the key F2, Esc or the F10, and on and hold the Volume Up button (+), both on the smartphone to enter the recovery. After the fall in a very stripped-down BIOS with the most basic features.

After the first turn in the Device Manager found a dark unidentified equipment. To make it work it was necessary to look for a driver on the forum because they find them on the official website did not work. It is important to take into account the hardware version of a particular Notebook PC. Test Onda Obook 11 had version v4. Download Drivers are a set of folders to libraries, usually without the installation .exe and without digital signature. Therefore, you need to activate the corresponding Windows boot mode.

After installing the drivers on an integrated video accelerator surfaced extremely annoying bug. When the brightness has not 100% and 0% inside the laptop is something very high-frequency beeps. To get rid of it, you can either remove the driver or try to update them. I helped update. Actually, judging by the reviews of other users, I am not alone – the problem after resetting to factory settings appear frequently.

Hardware platform and heating: Chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11

Overcoming the problem can come back to the unit. The notebook is equipped with an Intel Atom-X5 Z8300. Also, the laptop has 2 GB of RAM DDR3-1600 standard. And there is 32 GB of internal memory (eMMC), of which only 9.7 GB is available, and a slot for memory cards microSD. Integrated graphics controller. The operating system performs the role of Windows 10. Dry characteristics are quite ordinary for a budget notebook from China.

New compact chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11 Review and Test 2017

Built-in memory is so small that it is better to get a bigger memory stick or use cloud services. This drive is not showing off the speed – CrystalDiskMark gave low results.

We spent only the most basic because the device will fit only for basic tasks such as browsing the web, watching videos and typing. With them, it copies. If you do not open many tabs in the browser, then RAM will be no problems, but still, would like to see at least 4 GB of RAM. The performance is enough to watch without jerks 4K and Full HD 60 fps video from YouTube.

ONDA oBOOK 11 is equipped with a passive cooling system. That’s good because at the time of the noise emits only the keyboard, while even during the start of the test PCMark 8 heating was only 71 degrees.

New compact chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11 Review and Test 2017

The hottest place on the body is located in the upper right block of keys. And the heat does not interfere with work comfortably holding a laptop on his lap.

Autonomy time: Chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11

Power embedded non-removable battery is 30 Wh. In the test, PCMark 8 Work with a brightness of 100 cd / m² (50%) oBOOK 11 lasted almost 6 hours. The manufacturer claims that it is able to work up to 7 hours on a single charge.

New compact chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11 Review and Test 2017

The laptop is charging slowly. Complete charger with 3A AC power and 12 V charger 4 hours.

New compact chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11 Review and Test 2017

Pros of Chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11: the price; the possibility of transformation; two full USB; Full HD touch screen; passive cooling system
Cons of Chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11: small amount of RAM and built-in storage; not always the correct operation of the touchpad; with the installation of drivers problems

CONCLUSION: Chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11

Chinese laptop ONDA oBOOK 11 – not bad “typewriter” for little money with a long battery life. A small amount of RAM will constantly remind you that this laptop for the most simple tasks. A small amount of internal memory will not allow keeping a laptop on a variety of video files. We should not forget that if there is a need to reinstall Windows, the process may take a lot of time and nerves. As a whole, due to the low prices of the device such a plan can come undemanding users.