Cubot Rainbow 2: smartphone with dual camera just for $ 60!

Cubot Rainbow 2: smartphone with dual camera just for $ 60!

Already in March, the Chinese market should appear Cubot Rainbow 2 – the cheapest smartphone with the dual camera stated that the price is only … $ 60.

Until now, all such decisions have cost substantially more expensive market, at least not less than $ 100. What in the end is going to save Cubot – remains to be seen.

Cubot Rainbow 2: Specifications and Features

The manufacturer promises the presence of Cubot Rainbow 2 dual rear camera. The consisting of a basic module with a resolution of 13 Mp sensor and additional – 2 Mp. This combination should work according to the principle, familiar yet on HTC One M8, where the optional module used to determine the depth of the space.

Cubot Rainbow 2: smartphone with dual camera just for $ 60!

Thus, Rainbow 2 will be able to take pictures with the effect of ‘bokeh’ (blurring background detail and clarity of the image of the object in focus). At smartphones, this option received the greatest popularity with the release of Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

Cubot Rainbow 2 design itself, in fact, largely borrowed from the latter (which is not surprising for a “state employee” of China with large claims). As for the front camera, it is a resolution of 5 Mp.

Cubot Rainbow 2: Price

There is only one question – what kind of sensors are planning to use the Chinese to meet the $ 60. Rather, it is a purely Chinese component with low cost, so how any decent image quality can be expected.

Housing material, according to the render, obviously plastic with a glossy surface (ie, Mark and easily collect the fingerprints). However, this money will not put the metal even Chinese.

Cubot Rainbow 2: smartphone with dual camera just for $ 60!

As for other features, the Cubot Rainbow 2 will not yet call a chipset from the MediaTek, 2 Gb RAM. Also, it has the screen resolution of HD Ready (720 × 1280 pixels) and a diagonal of 5 inches. So, the battery capacity 2350 mAh and “naked” Android 7.0 Nougat “of the box. “

In general wonders in terms of digital photography to expect from such a “state employee” with the dual camera well, not worth it. However, the daily posting pictures to social networks, it is likely, Rainbow 2 is suitable for all 100%.

Who needs the quality and “serious” dual camera – let it take ASUS ZenFone Zoom 3 or the same iPhone 7 Plus, or simply a camera-SLR.