Review Fostex TH-610: domestic premium entry-level headphones

Fostex TH-610 Review: domestic premium entry-level headphones
To tell the truth, the existence of “consumer” the Fostex headphones for me was a surprise at the time. Even 3 years ago, I have been associated exclusively with professional equipment such as studio monitors, mixers and so on. In our part of the headphones it was not so long ago, it made me a sincere interest, but now his hands (and ears) got to listen to them. A concrete – a new representative of the premium line of the TH, model Fostex TH-610 review, which is a Fostex TH-600 heir. There are no comparisons in the review will not be the 610th – this is the first model of the Fostex, I listen to, this will be an extremely personal experience for her.

What is it?

Fostex TH-610 review – full-size dynamic headphones with a closed acoustic design, the 50-millimeter dynamic transducers, and a detachable cable. Designed for home use.

What are they interested in?

Fostex TH-610 review is equipped with 50-millimeter dynamic transducers with membranes «Biodyna» from bio-cellulose and a powerful magnet system with an induction of 1 Tesla (10,000 Gauss), which, according to the manufacturer, provides a smooth realistic sound with minimal distortion and a large frequency range. The cups are made from natural wood, to be exact – of black walnut. Cable removable from oxygen-free copper in tissue sheath.

What is in the box?

Headphones Fostex TH-610 review comes in a big box, the external cover of the soft cardboard framed in dark tones with the image of headphone. Inside – a rigid box. Inside, neatly stacked headphones and everything else:

Fostex TH-610 Review: domestic premium entry-level headphones

It includes only the most necessary: in fact, headphones, three-meter detachable cable, carrying case made of artificial leather, and instructions:

How to look like?

Headphones Fostex TH-610 review is designed for home use, as evidenced by the impressive size and weight of 375 g (without cable is, we’ll come back to it). Of course, the headphones can be used with portable players, but I do not think that it is convenient, including taking into account the three-meter cable. The plates are large, round shape, made of wood, black walnut is used with a matte finish and black Fostex logo in the middle. I am not a fan of any of wood products, but in this case, it looks really cool and expensive:

Fostex TH-610 Review: domestic premium entry-level headphones

Ear pads and headband padding made of artificial leather, on subjective sensations, very high quality and moderately dense. The very broad and flexible headband that has a positive impact on the usability, especially when tangible weight. All the major part of the frame and the movable structural elements are made of metal, all as expected. To save on materials in the model range of the premium would be a strange way. Almost all of the elements (in addition to the wooden cups and a few fasteners) strict black, no glossy surfaces:

Removable cable is connected symmetrically to the headphones connectors are located on the lower parts. And on the cable, and headphones themselves have designations L / R, so it will not be mistaken:

Fostex TH-610 Review: domestic premium entry-level headphones

We should say a few words about the bundled cable. It has a length of 3 meters, connectors for connecting to headphones, 6.3 mm jack for connecting to the source contact portion is covered with rhodium to improve wear resistance. As stated on the website of the manufacturer, using Hi-FC cable. Google said that it – the electrically conductive material development Hitachi Cable, which is made of copper with a minimum addition of titanium and has the same flexibility and moldability as 6N copper having a purity grade of about 99.9999%. But it is technical details. Cable with braided fabric, thick and heavy (120 g), with a really flexible. At home, it is convenient to use:

And the headphones Fostex TH-610 review, cable and made excellent, quality of materials and assembly of high-level, correspond to the premium segment, the lower part and are Fostex TH-610.

How comfortable and soundproofed that?

Fostex’s engineers managed to make the headphones very comfortable in spite of the considerable size and weight. Headband broad and flexible, it presses the headphones to his head just enough so they do not fall, no more. Headphones do not press. Auricles fully placed inside the headphone ear cushions are very soft. The headphones can spend practically the whole day without any discomfort. Perhaps in the heat of summer, it will be a little too hot, although it is difficult to judge the late autumn.

Fostex TH-610 Review: domestic premium entry-level headphones

The headphones have a closed acoustic design and close to the head, soundproofed everything is in order. In any case, the house. In a way, I still did not dare to listen to them, for it is not the season for them, not the zaniness hat, and carry a 3-meter thick cable uncomfortable. Soundproof enough to comfortably listen to music at home, it does not interfere with cohabitants do their own thing.

As sound Fostex TH-610?

The headphones Fostex TH-610 review have an impedance of 25 ohms and sensitivity of 98 dB, the available sources are enough to “swing” headphones. Now about the sound: as claimed in Fostex, 50 mm dynamic transducers with bio-cellulose diaphragms and a powerful magnet system with an induction of 1 Tesla (10,000 Gauss) have to provide a minimum of distortion and Maxim realism. In general, the headphones sound exactly, but it is not “flat”. Each of the range being worked well: the lower the frequency, including sub bass available in sufficient quantity. They are excellent “pumped” sound and vigorously, but it very quickly and precisely practiced and not merge into the hum of any public compositions, up to some electronics-laden bass. Midrange is very detailed, which is the particularly good sense in instrumental music. Different tools are very well separated and not on each other. The situation is similar with HF: they are detailed, but not bulging. Subjectively, it seemed to me that there is a minimal rise in the top of the mid / lower part of the HF, but not essential, and any discomfort it causes. An imaginary scene is very impressive, both for the closed model, but the width of the open and airy, by itself, does not hold. Headphones perfectly cope with any musical styles and compositions, and they act out vividly and naturally, without the “plastic”.


The first acquaintance with Fostex headphones Fostex TH-610 review passed the most successful and brought a lot of positive feelings while listening in the home atmosphere. The sound is gorgeous and headphones universal respect to all musical styles, however, will have to fork and decent quality DAC and amplifier for a full experience. Although, I think, a music lover who is ready to lay out of 650 USD for domestic headphones already has or is willing to get everything you need. Quality materials, assembly and expensive appearance match the price tag match. Another nice bonus – a removable cable, which in itself is very good, but if you want (and the presence of appropriate equipment) can be replaced by an optional balanced with XLR-connector (ET-H3.0N7BL).