Review of Samsung Galaxy Note 7: The most powerful smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review: The most powerful smartphone

Galaxy Note 7 review – a great smartphone with a diagonal of 5.7 inches. Typically, these large units are not convenient. But this case is unique: a gadget in his hand feels just perfect. And yet it is the most powerful, most tech flagship of the Samsung, which has only one serious drawback – price.

What we value

  • Performance: benchmarks (AnTuTu, GeekBench, 3DMark) and games (Mortal Combat X, Modern Strike, Asphalt 8, and others)
  • Run time: time during playback Full HD video and game * Subway Surfers with active Wi-Fi and maximum brightness
  • charging speed
  • Photo Quality survey (day, night, indoors, Self, portrait) and video (Full HD and 4K)
  • The quality of communication (GSM Signal Monitor and Network Signal Info)
  • The behavior of the sun screen, viewing angles
  • Also, check the sound, the scanner of the iris and fingerprint user experience with a smartphone and a new shell Grace UX

This beautiful and comfortable “shovel” has not yet been

The Koreans did the unthinkable: this hefty smartphone with a diagonal of 5.7 inches in the hand like a glove. Galaxy Note 7 review was much more convenient than the Galaxy S7 edge.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review: The most powerful smartphone

The key is that the curved part of the screen is not so wide. Plus its role additional thickness of 0.2 mm and bends at the rear. Dimensions balanced, reliable grip.

Galaxy Note 7 review is the same as the beautiful S7 edge and is also protected against water, but it is much more convenient.

Externally Galaxy Note 7 review differs from the edge of the S7 and S7 in the long run only in size: 5.7 inches compared to 5.5 and 5.1 respectively. Along the perimeter of the same brushed metal bezel, and front and rear – glass. Looks beautiful.

But serious disadvantages. The first smartphone to instantly covered with fingerprints. Secondly, if dropped, the repair will be very expensive.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review can at least take a shower, even in the swimming pool.

The Scanner prints embedded in the button “Home” under the screen, works quickly and accurately. And most importantly – they can be used even when the phone is in a car holder, or simply lying on the table. If the rear sensor is, as for example, smartphone Huawei, such a number could not pass.

No protection against water IP68 standard case, of course, too, was not. Note 7 can be half an hour to bathe at a depth of 1.5 meters, and even with the use of a retractable stylus housing, which will be discussed further. Is there divers artists?

Stylus added many new features

Pen in Galaxy Note 7 review became thinner (0.7 mm at the end compared to 1.5 in Note 5) and sensitivity (4096 degrees pressing against 2048). As a result, draw pictures and, more importantly, take notes now even more convenient.

Poke the stylus in the reverse end of the bay, from which it extends, as in last year’s Note, you can not. However, we do not quite understand why it should have been done before.

Numerous applications for the pen is now gathered in one place – a program called Samsung Notes. Older features on the site, well, we liked best four new. We shot about them a little video demo:Demonstration of the stylus Note 7

The stylus has become thinner and more sensitive. There are many new functions.

Owner learns the eyes

Galaxy Note 7 review – the first Samsung smartphone with an iris scanner. Ads are in Lumia 950XL and flagship ZTE. User Eyes sensor instantly recognizes, but only at a distance of 20 cm from the nose. It adjusts quickly and easily.

Just bring a Galaxy Note 7 review can not be blocked with screen-to-face – the iris scanner will not work. First, you need to press the power button and hold your finger on the screen. Not very comfortable.

This is the most reliable way to lock today. However, the system makes the tune less safe alternative (password, the PIN, unlock), which brings the benefits of the scanner to naught.

There were fears that if you wear glasses (not the sun, of course), then there will be problems with the recognition of the iris. But no! Everything works fine.

The app “Camera” is included fast autofocus almost lightning. 12-megapixel photos surprise excellent sharpness and high-quality study of details. The same is true when shooting in the dark.

The smartphone can bring very close to the objects taken: result – luxury macro photography. HDR function, which “saves” the details in dark and bright areas of the frame, you can never switch off. It works efficiently and accurately.
But generally photomodule and optics here exactly the same as in the S7 and S7 edge. That is, it is all the same best photo oriented flagship model in the opinion of the editorial board Hi-Tech, just with a slightly refined algorithms.

Shooting Quality Galaxy Note 7 review in comparison with the Galaxy S7 edge and iPhone 6S Plus. The flagship Apple obvious outsider. Thus it is seen that the sharpness of a picture Galaxy Note 7 review is higher than a frame S7 edge – software algorithms “twirled”.

The optical image stabilizer (pieces, which compensates for hand-shake and prevent lubricate) improved. When taking photos of it in the past to cope with the task perfectly, but the video is about to say it was impossible.
If you want the best quality, the videos can be shot in 4K, although there is a stabilizer does not work and the picture in movement “floats”. So it’s only for static shooting. To safely operate the dynamic Full HD at 60 frames per second and shoot everything with it. There is just a stabilizer and show what is capable of.

Example in Full HD video recording at 60 frames per second

And here you can see an example of a video recording in 4K.

It works longer than most flagships

Galaxy Galaxy Note 7 review – the first Samsung smartphone with connector USB Type-C. In 2017, the year this interface is already in all, it’s time to get used to.

Plug more convenient, and the data rate is higher than the old microUSB. By the way, the adapter it supplied Note 7. Well done!

At full brightness with the included Wi-Fi Galaxy Note 7 review can turn the video in Full HD 16,5 hours. In the game, you can play more than 5 hours.

Battery life Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review compared to other flagships. The result is indicated in minutes.

From corporate adapter Note 7 fully charged in about 80 minutes, with half of the charge is typed in half an hour. The battery capacity slightly less than the S7 edge: 3500 mAh vs. 3600 mAh. Worried because of this difference makes no sense at all. You can “feed» Note 7 and on wireless charging.

Galaxy Note 7 review charged in just 80 minutes. Videos can rotate 16.5 hours, and play games – more than 5 hours. This is an excellent result.

One of the best screens in the world

In Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review display with a diagonal of 5.7 inches and a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels or, more simply, Quad HD.

The basis of unrealistically steep AMOLED-panel. In our opinion, in all three flagship Samsung are the best screens today. They consume little energy, are very bright, they can be viewed from any angle. And even then a deep black color, high contrast and amazing sharpness of the image. The viewing angles are maximum, working under direct sunlight comfortable.

If you suddenly shades seem overly saturated, then the settings you can change the color profile to a more neutral. There is also a special mode for working in the dark, which is bright and cuts harmful to the eyes blue shades.

The 5.7-inch screen Galaxy Note 7 fall in love at first sight.

Function Always On, when a locked smartphone display shows clock or calendar, it is better to turn off. So the phone will run on 15-20% longer.

AMOLED-display is great, one of the best on all counts.

More have a video – Galaxy Note 7 review is able to expand the dynamic range of the clips that you start the player. The software algorithm we did not like. The details in the dark areas is really getting bigger, but the bright fragments of burnt frame – there details on the contrary lost.

Communication OK

The city smartphone confidently catches network signal and quickly locates the GPS-satellites. On voice interlocutors did not complain, extraneous noise microphone does not catch.

The earpiece is very loud – at the maximum talk seriously. And this is good: there is stock to the case where a private conversation in a noisy environment.

The sound is normal

External speaker in Galaxy Note 7 review very loud – even colleagues complained when incoming calls ringing at a maximum. Music through the mono speaker is not very pleasant to listen to. With the volume at the limit of the audio begins to rattle a bit.

Built-in amplifier in Galaxy Note 7 review is not, although Chinese brands often indulge in such supplement users. Take, Meizu Pro 6. As a result, the quality of music will primarily depend on the headphones, but not from a smartphone. But in general, all smoothly and without obvious failures.

Galaxy Note 7 review – one of the flagships of the coolest, so that by definition can not be slow and buggy. Without brake operates absolutely everything – you can easily download any programs and games.

There are two versions of Galaxy Note 7 review in the world:

The American with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor

European (it is available in Russian) with a proprietary chip Samsung Exynos 8890 Octa

First at a presentation in New York famously gained 142,000 points in the benchmark AnTuTu, and the Russian frontier in a sample of 140 thousand can not overcome. In practice, there is no difference, anyway Note 7 one of the world’s most powerful smartphone on par with S7 and S7 edge. Filling all identical: the same Exynos 8890 Octa-plus 4 GB of RAM.

Performance Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review compared to other flagships. The more points, the better.

But the built-in memory in the Galaxy Note 7 more: not 32, and 64 GB. This is important if you use two SIM-cards, because the card slot, there is also a hybrid for communication. It is necessary to choose: either the second SIM, or microSD.

Interface highly processed

Goodbye cumbersome and slow shell Samsung TouchWiz, hello newcomer Grace UX! Corporate graphic interface has changed for the better: become visually lighter and faster.

The settings menu is now even more: it is much more intuitive than before. Changed and the notification bar. In general, there are many new features that allow you to better fit the device “under him.” More talk about later in a separate review Grace UX.

S7 and S7 edge of the holders with the old TouchWiz can not be upset. Soon holiday called Grace UX happen on your street. You just need to wait a little renovation.

The presentation Note 7 I could not rasprobocat new shell, and it seemed to me not very interesting. I confess, I was wrong: the Koreans made a big step forward.

Comparison with Competitors

In its price and weight category competition at the Galaxy Note 7 review no. Well, do not do other brands of luxury laptop with a stylus. But there are alternatives with a stylus.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review: The most powerful smartphone

For example, Huawei Nexus 6P, LG V10 or even Moto X Style. They are almost half the price, but worse in all respects: nowhere is there protection against water; The screen is blank and with the same resolution, but less quality; Camera good, but not the best in class and so on.

So by and large the main alternative to Note 7, if you do not need a stylus – it’s either the S7, or S7 edge. Well, the most important competitor is on the way: waiting for the phenomenon iPhone 7 Plus or something in this spirit that the September Apple presentation.

From left to right: Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, iPhone 6S Plus and Nexus 6P. The last two to use is not so comfortable.


Koreans have turned out “better” Galaxy S7 edge. In general, the best smartphone in the entire history of Samsung, which honestly deserves an award “Nsmartphone recommends.”

It’s funny that Galaxy Note 7 review costs only 80$ more expensive S7 edge, but offers a lot for the money: the iris scanner, stylus, comfortable housing, a screen of 0.2 inches wider and 32 GB more. So the decline in prices is inevitable S7 edge.