Review of the Gaming Mouse Steelseries Rival 500

Review of the Gaming Mouse Steelseries Rival 500

Today we talk about a specific segment manipulators like mice for MMO / MOBA. And the reason for this is the production company SteelSeries first after a long break, multi-button mouse. The most interesting are that creating gaming mouse SteelSeries Rival 500, the company decided to go the beaten track – by installing a conventional number pad of the thumb, and a few rethink this concept in terms of ergonomics.


Box’s gaming mouse SteelSeries Rival 500 is hardly something to surprise, but to find fault with it can not be exactly. The mouse is packed with high quality, complete any additional accessories not only documentation.


The design of the gaming mouse SteelSeries Rival 500 is similar in many respects to other manipulators of this series – the black matte plastic with the soft-touch coating, rubberized finger touch place, illuminated logo on the surface and the mouse wheel.

Review of the Gaming Mouse Steelseries Rival 500

In the back of the lower part, there is a rubber insert, which has already become the hallmark of SteelSeries mice, it can be replaced without any problems and the new print the 3D-printer, the benefit of drawing on the site is.

Mouse sufficiently strongly resembles the familiar ancestress of the family Rival – model 700 and is similar to it by common features. An exception is the large number of additional keys, which will be mentioned hereinafter.


The gaming mouse SteelSeries Rival 500 – it is a big mouse with an ergonomic housing for right-handers. By its dimensions, it is similar to the main competitors – Roccat Myth, Logitech G600, Razer Naga. In his hand, the mouse is quite confident in the merit of the housing materials used in all the main panels.

the mouse weighs about 130 grams, the weight is distributed almost perfectly. Rival 500 is perfect not only for long gaming sessions but also for everyday work, what merit is also verified ergonomic shape. The level of comfort – this is one of the most convenient MMO-mice, presented at the moment in the market. The quality of materials is no question, as well as to the assembly.

Review of the Gaming Mouse Steelseries Rival 500

Now let’s talk about the most important features – extra keys. There are 15 of them, and as you may have noticed, the manufacturer knowingly decided not to concentrate them in one place and to distribute them throughout the body in areas of the reach of the fingers. As the main unit itself is not the key here.

The greatest interest is the group of the side buttons. Here they are 6. They are located around the touch pad places the pads of the thumb (it is highlighted in orange marker). The idea, in general, is interesting, but some keys, especially those that are closer to the back of the mouse, lacks rigidity, resulting sometimes arise false pressing.

Another interesting feature is the ability to lock the bottom two side buttons. It may be useful to those who do not need so many buttons but want to get a place of rest the thumb. And a mechanical switch located on the bottom.

With regard to the additional keys, something about them, in general, nothing special can be said. Such an arrangement we have repeatedly seen in the products of competitors. This is the additional keys near the main. Some left their two, and about right – one large. The decision also raises questions as comfortable they will only be used for people with long fingers.

The main keys of the gaming mouse SteelSeries Rival 500 have no complaints, their rigidity, and optimal stroke length. By the way, the mouse wheel is equipped with a rocking chair to the side of the slopes, which can only be welcomed.


Filling in the gaming mouse SteelSeries Rival 500 level, though surprisingly it would be otherwise. As an optical sensor used PixArt PMW 3360 with a maximum resolution of 16 000 cpi. The minimum rate is 300 cpi. Fortunately, SteelSeries has long abandoned the use of additional acceleration. By responsiveness and motion tracking quality claims also have arisen.

Review of the Gaming Mouse Steelseries Rival 500

The gaming mouse SteelSeries Rival 500 used an interesting feature, for the first time tested on the 700-th model – built-in vibration motor. Recall that according to the manufacturers, it provides additional feedback at certain moments in games. But, as before, we have doubts about its necessity.


To use the standard mouse settings utility branded SteelSeries Engine 3. There are no new features in it is not, so we list only the main ones: setting actions for each key, including binding macros to them, backlight setting, the height of the separation and acceleration.

Review of the Gaming Mouse Steelseries Rival 500

PROS: ergonomics; idea and realization of additional keys; appearance
CONS: high cost; fewer keys than the competition


Having got acquainted with the concept of MMO-click on the SteelSeries, we can say with confidence that this idea, too, has the right to life. Yes, the number of buttons the mouse loses some of its competitors, but thanks to the mouse keys verified ergonomics and location are very convenient to use. Without nuances, as usual, it is not done, but in this case, they are not critical.