The smartphone Moto Z: RAZR heritage

The smartphone honorable Moto Z review: RAZR heritage

In 2014, Google sold Motorola Mobility the Lenovo company, after which there were nasty rumors that the legendary brand smartphone users will no longer see. But Motorola is not dissolved within a huge corporation, but on the contrary, the Lenovo has reoriented its business smartphones Moto. That’s abbreviated company now called smartphones. To our office was one of the flagships of the updated brand, dubbed honorable Moto Z review. This is one of the first models developed with the participation of the Lenovo, the new concept of modular design, let’s see if it will be able to continue the glorious history of smartphones Motorola. It includes a cover with a fabric covering, the plastic bumper adapter with USB-C 3.5 mm headphone jack and charger Turbo Power.

Design and usability

In honorable Moto Z review traced desire designers arouse nostalgic users legendary Motorola Razr V3, one of the company’s most popular phones.

This is indicated by the name, not for nothing that the smartphone is called Moto Z, rather than the Moto X, and the overall style with a slim metal body. The thickness of the device can really surprise, it is only 5.2 mm.

Faceplate Moto Z nothing remarkable is not allocated, the design is similar to last year’s Moto X. The company also used the protective display glass (Gorilla Glass 4), which is slightly rounded on the edges, a large earpiece and a flash for the front camera.

But in the bottom of the front panel instead of the second speaker in Moto X, is a brand logo, and a fingerprint scanner. The latter has a small size, but the free space under the display ahead of him. Immediately it seems that under the screen logo is clearly unnecessary.

And, despite the fact that the seats next to the fingerprint scanner are enough to honorable Moto Z review, traditionally for Motorola, the control keys are on the screen. For this approach, the company has managed to criticize immediately after the announcement honorable Moto Z review. But on closer acquaintance with a smartphone, it is clear that the engineers had no other choice. To implement the Moto brand of chips, such as voice control and a display that lights up when he was put your hand to the bottom of the smartphone it was necessary to add the two microphones and additional sensors. Not the best solution to date, however, these are the functions for which users love Moto smartphones.

The smartphone honorable Moto Z review: RAZR heritage

The back side honorable Moto Z review interesting front panel, the main part of it is made of metal with a lacquer finish, and only the top and bottom there are small glass inserts, which are hidden under the antenna. The main design element here is the big camera unit with elegantly inscribed flash. He is visibly out of the body, and if the other smart phone this could be a minus, the Moto Z is an important design element.

The fact that at the bottom of housing connectors are used for connecting modules and additional pads. The latter may be coated with various materials such as fabric, wood or leather and a variety of colors. Thus, the user can change the rear of the smart phone, picking it under their own style or simply in the mood. This overhead panels and modules negate the protrusion of the camera unit, and it, in turn, makes it easier to fix them.

Despite the slim body, honorable Moto Z review with a 5.5-inch display has turned a large smartphone, its size reaches 153,3 75,3 mm, but the weight of a small by today’s standards 136 grams. By itself, Moto Z is not very good in the hand, affected by the sharp edges that need to overhead panels and modules fit snugly to the body. But if you use your smartphone with the cover plate, no such problems, especially since one of them goes directly to the kit.

Large sizes honorable Moto Z review does not like everyone, but for those who are accustomed to using models with a screen of 5.5 inches, it will not be a big problem. Here in smartphone design is realized not the best way, it’s volume keys, they are small and placed too high on the right side of the casing. Therefore, they are uncomfortable to press during a call.

In general, the Z Moto pleases nice design, removable panels, materials and build quality, but with Lenovo Moto would be worth to work on the ergonomics of the model.


The smartphone honorable Moto Z review: RAZR heritage

As befits a flagship smartphone this year, honorable Moto Z review is equipped with a 5.5-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 2560h1440 points, made by technology AMOLED. He has excellent viewing angles, and a clear picture is almost standard black color. In this color reproduction, traditionally for theAMOLED, it can be adjusted to make it more colorful, or vice versa natural. Just two display modes are available on the smartphone: standard and dynamic. In standard mode, the color of the display a little more coverage of 100% sRGB, with a color temperature “warm” at 6500K, gamma virtually on the reference value of 2.2, uniform illumination and color reproduction in a little dominated by the color green. In dynamic mode, the colors more vivid, it can be clearly seen on the sRGB triangle, while the screen is a “cold” on the level of 7500K, and color reproduction is muted red. Gamma and lighting with virtually no change.

Thus, honorable Moto Z review display will appeal to the supporters of the natural color and those who love the bright and colorful colors. Ode of “chips” Motorola were once active notifications that show up on the lock screen of your smartphone. This system has been successfully migrated and honorable Moto Z review, alerts are displayed in black and white icons on the display, at the same time they can be quickly viewed without unlocking the smartphone. In the future, if you miss a notification, you quickly see that it is possible, simply by lifting the Moto Z or raising a hand to him. Additional proximity sensors under the display are activated just fine. Another thing is that today manufacturers are moving to the use of a constantly active display, which also displays the time and incoming notifications, spending a minimal amount of energy, and for that additional sensors are not needed. However, Moto approach has the right to life and is quite convenient for daily use.

Platform and Performance

At the heart of honorable Moto Z review is productive Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 820, which can operate at a frequency of 1.6 GHz and 2.15 GHz, depending on load. RAM 4 GB on your smartphone, and built-in 32 GB. The latter can be expanded at the expense of a microSD card, but it will have to choose between twoSIM card or additional memory.

The smartphone honorable Moto Z review: RAZR heritage

Performance honorable Moto Z review is at a very high level, as evidenced by synthetic tests. At the same time, and the actual operation is fast, especially want to emphasize the interface speed. This is achieved by including a substantially pure Android 6.0.1, which added a small option from Moto. It is, first of all, support for modules, gestures (for example, to start the camera, you can simply rotate the smartphone in his hand), as well as voice control, which essentially duplicates the Google Now. Thus, given that Google has closed the line of Nexus, Moto model can be a good alternative for those looking for a smartphone with a pure Android.


The main camera in honorable Moto Z review 13-megapixel autofocus camera with a laser, optical stabilization and aperture f 1.8. By default, the camera shoots at the 9.7-megapixel resolution with an aspect ratio of 16: 9, but in the SETUP, you can switch to full resolution with a 4: 3 ratio. In good light it makes high-quality images, even in the automatic settings do not always correctly adjusts exposure and may also miss with focusing. However, this is the best camera is one of those that have ever done in Lenovo and even Motorola. undefined undefined.

The camera interface is very simple, but it is not the most intuitive, for shooting video is no separate button, it needs to switch to another mode. The same applies to manual settings.

The front camera in Moto Z 5-megapixel c aperture f / 2.2 and flash.

The fingerprint scanner

Below the display honorable Moto Z review is a fingerprint scanner, it is not very large, but it works without problems. Scan speed prints at the level of other modern champions. The user can add a maximum of five prints, and then unlock the smartphone touching the scanner.

Last in this case may also block the smartphone, for that you need to touch him again. Given the size of Moto Z, it is more convenient than to reach for the power key on the right side.


In honorable Moto Z review there is a 3.5 mm connector for headphones, simply has no place in a thin package for him. Instead, users are encouraged to listen to music via Bluetooth 4.2 with support for aptx, or else through a USB Type-C connector.

It is possible that in the future USB-C will become a standard headphone jack, but at the moment the models with this connector is very small, and buy them in Europe is quite difficult. So while will have to be content with supplied adapter with USB Type-C 3.5 mm connector. The sound of this does not become worse, apparently, in a small adapter is integrated DAC.

The smartphone honorable Moto Z review: RAZR heritage

External speaker Moto Z one and it is combined with the spoken. It gives them the sound quieter than the Moto X Style co stereo speakers, but it is enough to not miss a call.


Support for additional modules Moto Mods – this is one of the main features of the honorable Moto Z review and the basic strategy of Lenovo in the smartphone market, which is to highlight the company’s products from the competition. The company claim that this generation of Moto models on the back of which is a magnetic connector, will not be the last, and compatible modules for them will be issued at least three years.

Unlike LG G5, which is necessary to connect the module to disconnect the lower part of the body, as well as removing the battery, Moto Mods system looks much more convenient and easier to use. The modules are attached to the back of the smartphone and keep due to magnets. In words, it does not seem too reliable, but in practice, the magnets are powerful enough to firmly fix even larger units, sometimes even hard to disconnect. As a result, it may be noted that while this is the best system is the implementation of additional modules from those that now have smartphones. But how useful Moto Mods?

Today, Moto Z modules consist of two categories: the first – a false cover of a variety of materials that allow you to change the design of the smartphone to your taste; the second – the functional modules that extend the capabilities of the device. In Ukraine, already from the start of sales Moto Z customers will be available as a removable lid, and several modules, let’s look at each of them separately.

Overhead panel

As mentioned above, the appearance of the back of the Moto Z can be changed due to the overhead panels. They are also attached with a magnet to stick with the good and hide the protrusion of the camera unit, making the design more attractive smartphone.

Caps are always plastic substrate with the metal plate inside the outer part but cover fabric, wood or leather.

Mobile projector honorable Moto Z review, which can form an image diagonal of 70 inches. In this case the surface of the projected image with the screen of the smartphone, you can make presentations or watch videos.

For home theater solution is not exactly the best thing, but it should be noted that the projector actually works, and even self-aligns the image to the surface.

The module has its own battery to 1100 mAh, which is enough for 60 minutes of work when it is discharged, the battery begins to use a smartphone.

The smartphone honorable Moto Z review: RAZR heritage

Module by Hasselblad with a separate 1 / 2.3-inch 12-megapixel sensor, aperture f / 3.5-6.5, 10x optical zoom and Xenon flash. In fact, it is almost a separate camera, but without the display and processor.

This module really allows you to extend the photographic possibilities of Moto Z (examples of pictures from the stand you can see below), but it costs almost like himself smartphone, and thus significantly increases the size and weight (together with this module Moto Z weighs 281 grams).

The solution is designed for most enthusiasts or fans of the new and unusual than mainstream users, which to add images to Instagram will be enough and built-in camera.

This module adds to honorable Moto Z review speakers from JBL. It sounds really loud and good. This connection is literally in a second. The JBL Soundboost have even stand, which allows you to put your smartphone with a module on the end to make it easier to control playback.

Against the background of the availability of a huge number of Bluetooth-Speaker feasibility of this module also raises questions, especially as it works, as opposed to wireless speakers, not all smartphones.

Probably the most useful module for honorable Moto Z review, not taking into account the highest autonomy of the smartphone. In OffGrid Power Pack Battery built 2200 mAh battery that provides more Moto Z about 20 hours of battery life.


Built-in battery in the honorable Moto Z review has a capacity of 2600 mAh and provides about one day of the smartphone in the mode of the average load that includes a background synchronization applications (Facebook, Viber, Skype, Gmail), watching a dozen sites, 22 minutes of calls a day, listening to music and pairing pictures. Total it turns out 2.5 hours of screen work, a little modern of Android-smartphone. So, with the increased use of charging Moto Z have twice a day.

Here are a few quick charge helps Turbo Power, which allows you to charge the battery to 50% in just 30 minutes, and to 100% in 1.5 hours.

PROS: delivery, design, materials, workmanship, display, performance, camera, almost pure Android, a good realization of the modules of the system, fast charge
CONS: volume keys, autonomy could be higher


honorable Moto Z review – one of the thinnest smartphones in the world, which is not inferior in functionality to other flagships this year. The only thing that the developers have sacrificed small thickness – it’s battery. Autonomy model is not as high as might be desired. So honorable Moto Z review will appeal to those who love all fine, but clearly not for those who want maximum autonomy. But here, a smartphone can get out due to a successful system of additional modules. Let the projector, a camera with optical zoom or external speaker does not need to all but the invoice external battery exactly come in handy.