How to use instant video messaging in Viber

How to use instant video messaging in Viber - Lesson for you!

Viber is still one of the most popular mobile applications on leading platforms, allowing its more than 700 million users to communicate freely with free text messages and voice calls, and add to them many stickers. How to use instant video messaging in Viber? Its creators work hard to improve the way work title since the competition in this segment is very serious especially in the face of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Now we understand that it will Viber will release a new version of the app with three main updates to users in a few days. Users will be able to share with your loved video instant messaging, searching easier relevant information by keyword (in sticker packets or external sources), send emoticons updated with new fun way.

How to use instant video messaging in Viber? – Instant Video

How to use instant video messaging in Viber - Lesson for you!

One touch and hold the button in Viber users can record and send real-time short video to their friends. The new feature will be embedded directly in the chat window and is available only with a slight drag on the button for voice recording. Users can quickly switch between voice and video communication, allowing them to communicate the way they want to express their emotions.

The option of Instant Video in Viber will generate recurring videos (which look like GIF). The maximum length of the video recording will be 30 seconds, making this feature very easy to use and a wide range of entertainment options.

What is the new search feature (Chat extension)

FUSION new functionality in Viber will allow users to search quickly and easily information by keyword. In the new version, the first such services will come thanks to Giphy, Wikipedia, and OMDB (Open Movie Data Base). Access is easy – users simply press @ and choose the service name followed by a search query. Similarly, it will search and collection of fun Viber stickers. The introduction of @stickers or pressing the @ symbol will allow the quick search of favorite stickers.

The company will also allow its users have already added to your messages and GIF files that are enjoying great popularity on the internet and so will complement the collection of stickers that title available now. It is expected that very soon these new features are available to all consumers worldwide who own devices running Android OS or iOS. It will be interesting to see whether these improvements will allow Viber to become one of the few mobile apps that can boast that are used by more than 1 billion users.