HP 11-ab013ur x360 Review: compact laptops 2017

HP 11-ab013ur x360 Review: compact laptops 2017

The compact laptops are unlikely to remain out of work, especially if the owner is often on business trips or other trips, where without a laptop simply cannot do. Another thing is when the design of such a device goes beyond the classical. Here, not every user will compromise, because a business person at a conference or similar important event will not look so serious with a laptop in a bright case. But the representatives of the fair sex such a purchase, on the contrary, enjoy it. For example, with HP 11-ab013ur x360 review, made in purple, they are guaranteed to attract considerable attention.

To say that this model has a high performance will not work. There are an Intel Pentium processor and built-in graphics without outstanding capabilities. Nevertheless, the laptop perfectly copes with everyday tasks. In any case, at the level of performance of office – there are no problems. In addition, the transformation mechanism only extends the functionality of the device, allows it to be used not only for typing but also for displaying presentations, etc.

Design: HP 11-ab013ur x360 Review

Speaking of the design of this laptop, we can say that it is very noticeable. First of all, the violet coloring, which is much more interesting than the beaten black or silver. No less attractive looks texture, especially on the cover of the device. Thanks to the longitudinal grooves, the logo placed in the center, very much win. No less original looks the working area. Here you can see that the design idea to connect the purple-purple work area and the white buttons of the keyboard proved to be more than appropriate. The laptop does not look dull, on the contrary, it cheers up. Of course, the choice of such a model laptop will want in the first place.

HP 11-ab013ur x360 Review: compact laptops 2017

The form of the laptop is streamlined, the ends of the side ends are round, and the corners of the cover and the base are without sharp edges. In this regard, just do not get to talk about HP 11-ab013ur x360, as a strict device. By the way, he collected well. It does not creak, there are no details. Is that a little bend in the area of the lid, which, in general, for a body made of plastic, is more often, expected than unacceptable. The hinges of the laptop hold the display fairly tightly, preventing it from swinging at the first opportunity. Of course, they should be reliable, because the design is transformable, you can use the device in tent mode, stand, tablet PC and, of course, a laptop.

HP 11-ab013ur x360 Review: compact laptops 2017

This model is not too oversized, as evidenced by the dimensions of 306x208x20 mm. But by weight, I would like to see an easier laptop because for the modern 11-inch version, a half kilograms still a bit too much. Nevertheless, if you take the device on a trip, then you cannot worry, it will not interfere with other luggage.

Display, sound, webcam: HP 11-ab013ur x360 Review

This laptop can please an 11.6-inch IPS-matrix. Its resolution is 1366×768 pixels, which is enough for such an area. And wide viewing angles are incredibly convenient because there is no inversion. The colors remain natural even when tilted. A compact screen does not mean that you cannot work with documentation or surf the Web. By the way, the brightness of the display is 250 cd / m2 enough to comfortably use the laptop indoors, but on the street, it is better to choose a place where the shadow. It should be said about the sensitive touch surface, as well as the support of multitouch, which is more than appropriate.

HP 11-ab013ur x360 Review: compact laptops 2017

The HP x360-11-ab013ur has a web camera with a weak resolution of 0.3 megapixels. She can take pictures and record video, though, with 800×600 and 640×480 pixels, respectively, it will not be possible to count on the lack of graininess and a clear image. However, if the goal is a video conference, then the camera’s capabilities will be enough.

HP 11-ab013ur x360 Review: compact laptops 2017

Also in the HP 11-ab013ur x360, there are two stereo speakers located above the keyboard under a special grille. They sound relatively clean, not bad, as for such a laptop. Basically here you can hear high frequencies, basses, of course, there is no trace. The volume is not the point of this acoustics, even with DTS Studio Sound settings, however for background sounds, it is enough, and at the maximum, there are no distortions. If you connect headphones, the sound will improve a bit.

Keyboard and Touchpad: HP 11-ab013ur x360 Review

The island-type keypad cannot be missed on the workspace since here the buttons are white on a purple background. The surface of each matter, pressing clearly. Dark marking on light keys is very appropriate, because to it is not necessary to look narrowly. If we talk about the speed of typing, then with the standard layout, it will remain stable. Of course, the size of the buttons, in this case, cannot be large, the more the switch block. However, buying an 11-inch device, you should be ready for this.

HP 11-ab013ur x360 Review: compact laptops 2017

Just below the keyboard is a no-button touchpad, which has a small area for positioning. The touchpad is responsive, there will not be any problems with multi-touch gestures (scrolling, zooming). Despite the fact that the mouse buttons are hidden by the touchpad, pressing in their zone is carried out clearly, without a strong clatter.

Performance: HP 11-ab013ur x360 Review

HP x360-11-ab013ur (1JL50EA) runs on the Windows 10 Home 64-bit operating system. The device has a quad-core Intel Pentium N3710 processor with 2 MB second-level cache and a base frequency of 1.6 GHz, increasing to 2.56 GHz. It can parse up to four data streams in parallel. The SoC is based on a 14-nanometer process technology, and TDP is 6W. For most not too serious calculations, CPU performance is sufficient.

HP 11-ab013ur x360 Review: compact laptops 2017

In the bundle, only the integrated Intel HD Graphics 405 (Braswell) graphics card is provided, which uses part of the memory taken from the operational one. The accelerator supports DirectX 11.2 and operates at frequencies of 400-700 MHz. Graphics uses 16 unified streams, respectively, not able to ensure the launch of most games, not even the most modern. In particular, it’s okay to play except in Counter-Strike: GO on average settings and native resolution with a frequency of 32 fps. At the same time for GRID: Autosport will have to set low and reduce the resolution to 1024×768 pixels. Only, in this case, the game process will be optimal, and the frame rate per second will be about 50 fps.

As storage space, the laptop uses a 500 GB hard drive. Its speed is standard, is 5400 rpm. If we talk about RAM, then there is 4 GB of DDR3L standard and there is an increase to 8 GB.

Ports and communications: HP 11-ab013ur x360 Review

The manufacturer has provided the most necessary ports and connectors. The left side of the laptop is occupied by one USB 2.0, a combined microphone and headphone jack, and a power button. In addition, there is a Kensington lock slot.

HP 11-ab013ur x360 Review: compact laptops 2017

On the right, the manufacturer has posted a couple of USB, one of which has a 2.0 standard, and the other has a 3.0. Next to them is the HDMI video output, a laptop charging slot and an SD / SDHC / SDXC card reader. Unfortunately, the network connector RJ-45 in the laptop is not, but the lack of optical drive due to a small form factor.

HP 11-ab013ur x360 Review: compact laptops 2017

The wireless modules in the HP 11-ab013ur x360 are Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac and Bluetooth 4.2, support for Miracast. It should be noted that the device includes sensors such as a gyroscope, an accelerometer, and an electronic compass.

Battery: HP 11-ab013ur x360 Review

For autonomous work, a 3-cell lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 41Wh is responsible. In a balanced mode, it can last about six hours, which is not surprising, since the filling of the laptop is not very productive, and the screen resolution is not high. The process of full charge of the battery takes place within 3 hours and is carried out by a 45-watt power supply.

Conclusion: HP 11-ab013ur x360 Review

The laptop HP 11-ab013ur x360 in the review is suitable for those who are looking for a device for daily tasks that do not require high performance since the filling of the device is not designed for too complex computational operations. So, on the laptop, there is an Intel Pentium N3710 processor, a weak integrated graphics card, that is, components that will pull office applications, web surfing, etc. In addition, there are an IPS-display, a convenient keyboard, albeit with small buttons, more necessary interfaces. The compact dimensions of the device will allow you to take it with you everywhere, especially since on a trip you will definitely attract the attention of a convertible device in the bright color. Ultimately, the cost of a laptop $ 450 fully explains such opportunities.