HP 14-Am100ur Review: Key features and cool stuff

HP 14-Am100ur Review: Key features and cool stuff

For years of existence, HP has performed well on the notebook. To date, under the auspices of the brand, laptops are produced for a variety of segments, which, it should be noted, are in great demand. One of the most popular is the niche, whose representatives are designed for daily work, and the hero of our review – HP 14-am100ur is a vivid confirmation of this. This device is endowed with a high-quality 14-inch Full HD-screen. In addition, the processor of the 7th generation, as well as discrete graphics cannot but affect its performance. Let’s go to see the HP 14-Am100ur review.

Design: HP 14-Am100ur review

The laptop is clad in a case of dark gray color, which can be called universal and, perhaps, unnecessarily strict. It is plastic and looks like metal only with a very cursory glance. However, do not worry, the material behaves well in the work – does not creak, do not play, there are also no deflections. The cover has a matte surface with a glossy logo of a black manufacturer on it.

HP 14-Am100ur Review: Key features and cool stuff

The screen of the device is surrounded by a frame of medium thickness. It is matte, so fingerprints on it are not very noticeable. On the top of the frame is a webcam; below is another brand logo, but a miniature size. The plastic false work surface imitates the metal, though unsuccessfully. A full-size keyboard does not cause any problems; at first glance, it is not much different from similar ones in other modern laptops.

HP 14-am100ur seemed to us quite heavy, as for the modern 14-inch form factor – 1.94 kg. Of course, a laptop is mobile, it can be transported, and yet this weight confused us. The device has the following dimensions: 345x241x24 mm, therefore, it will fit comfortably in a backpack or bag.

Display, sound, and webcam: HP 14-Am100ur review

The 14-inch screen has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. It has a high brightness and excellent contrast ratio. As a result, we get a clear, bright and rich picture on the output. The display is not touch-sensitive, therefore, does not support the touch of the stylus. Thanks to the IPS matrix, the screen can be installed at any angle, and there will be no color distortion. The surface of the display is glossy, so it’s better not to work near the window, but in the back of the room, and in sunny weather it makes sense to look for a shadow. Otherwise, glare cannot be avoided.

HP 14-Am100ur Review: Key features and cool stuff

The laptop has an application DTS Studio Sound, there are two stereo speakers. Since the device does not pretend to be multimedia, it does not make sense to expect high-quality sound from it. Acoustic features are sufficient for a medium sized room. At maximum volume, the sound does not wheeze, no extraneous noise is added to it. Well, to enjoy the sound to the fullest, use headphones or connect external speakers.

The HP TrueVision HD webcam has a resolution of 1.3 megapixels. Of course, you cannot make high-quality pictures with it, but it’s quite possible to communicate in real time, say, by Skype!

Keyboard and Touchpad: HP 14-Am100ur review

The full-size notebook keyboard is designed on an island principle, so there is an island of free space around each key. This minimizes the risk of accidental pressing of nearby buttons, especially during intensive printing. The keyboard block is slightly concave on the surface, so its keys do not touch the screen. As is often the case with 14-inch notebooks, the digital unit is missing.

As for some unusual features or details, here you will not find them. The keyboard looks classically, so, we are sure, it will have a lot of fans. The [Enter] button is single-row; beneath it is an elongated [Shift]. Another large [Shift] is on the opposite side. The power key is located above the keyboard, in the upper left corner. It is rectangular, smooth to the touch and easily located in the dark.

The touchpad has clear boundaries, its surface is no different from the working area, both externally and tactile. The manipulator supports multitouch gestures. In its lower part, there are two physical buttons that produce a pretty loud sound during pressing.

Performance: HP 14-Am100ur review

HP 14-am100ur (1DN22EA) is distributed with the operating system Windows 10 Home 64-bit. The manufacturer put the core of the filling into the dual-core Intel Core i5-7200U processor of the Kaby Lake generation. Its nominal frequency is 2.5 GHz, and the maximum frequency is 3.1 GHz. The chip supports Hyper-Threading technology, which allows processing up to four data streams simultaneously. The CPU is made according to the standards of the 14-nm process technology and has 3 MB of the cache of the 3rd level. It is characterized by energy efficiency because its heat package is 15W.

HP 14-Am100ur Review: Key features and cool stuff

The integrated Intel HD Graphics 620 graphics card runs at 300-1000 MHz and supports DirectX 12. It is suitable for daily simple work, like web surfing, audio, and video playback, work with documents, etc. And if you want something more, the discrete graphics AMD Radeon R5 M430 with video memory of 2 GB of the DDR3 standard will come to the rescue. For example, thanks to her, you can really play modern games with minimal or medium settings. So, on medium settings and the resolution of 1366×768 pixels, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1 of 2016 will be low-playable with 16-18 frames per second, but FIFA 17 (2016) will start with 50 fps. At the same time, slightly older toys – GTA V (2015) and Sims 4 (2014) will go from 30 and 36 fps, respectively.

The RAM of the laptop is 6 GB of DDR4-2133 MHz. To store information, the manufacturer allocated a hard disk with a capacity of 1 TB and a spindle speed of 5400 rpm.

Ports and communications: HP 14-Am100ur review

The processor in the device is the latest generation, but some interfaces are obsolete. On the right side are a USB 2.0 port, an optical DVD drive, and a Kensington lock slot.

HP 14-Am100ur Review: Key features and cool stuff

The left side has two ports – USB 2.0 and 3.0, network RJ-45, video outputs HDMI and VGA, combined audio jack. At the front end is the SD card reader.

Wireless communications are Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0 with Miracast support.

Battery: HP 14-Am100ur review

The laptop is equipped with a removable 4-cell lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 41 Wh. According to the manufacturer, the battery capacity is enough for 9 hours and 15 minutes. Such a result takes place, but only in the standby mode, when the brightness is reduced to a minimum, and the laptop does not need to “think”. In the case, for example, of web surfing, the device will be discharged in about 4.5-5 hours, and the maximum load will put it even faster – in 1.5-2 hours. In principle, a good result for a device designed for daily work.

Conclusion: HP 14-Am100ur review

In the HP 14-Am100ur review, we proved to be quite good in the notebook’s role for every day. It is equipped with a 14-inch screen with Full HD-resolution and IPS-matrix. The keyboard is comfortable, suitable even for long printing. The laptop is equipped with a productive filling is an Intel Core i5-7200U chip and AMD Radeon R5 M430 graphics. In addition, there is a capacious 1 TB hard drive. We also liked the good offline potential of the device.

However, there were some disadvantages in the device. In our opinion, the laptop is a bit thick, besides, heavy, as for the 14-inch form factor. It is completely plastic, but the metal would certainly look more solid. Among the interfaces of the device you will not find a USB Type-C, and in return receive two USB 2.0 and only one port of the standard 3.0. The cost of HP 14-am100ur in the described configuration is, on average, $ 780. On the one hand, for a laptop without outstanding characteristics this is expensive, on the other – you are enjoying the processor of the latest generation. And the shortcomings, you may be able to close your eyes.