Lenovo tablet Review of the model March 10 Business

Lenovo tablet Review of the model March 10 Business

The exhibition MWC 2016, Lenovo tablet review introduced several new models of tablets, among whom was the hero of this review – Lenovo Tab March 10 Business. Looking at the name, it becomes clear that the device is designed for a narrow range of consumers: it is mainly for employees of enterprises, as well as office workers.

The prefix «Business» in this case implies a work profile with the protection and control functions as well as hardware encryption and remote control policies, the symbiosis which perfectly protects the tablet. However, this is


The product comes in a cardboard box, which, in addition to the plate, includes charger, USB cable, as well as the accompanying documentation. The user enters the order of 10-inch device, which looks stylish and businesslike. The plate is only available in black. The cover is made of matte soft-touch plastic, and it is, unfortunately, actively collects fingerprints. Getting rid of them – real, not an easy task, so the cloth should always be. All elements of the rear of the device do not rife: there is the camera icon from the top, on both sides of it – one speaker.

Lenovo tablet Review of the model March 10 Business

The front side consists mainly of a glossy display. Lenovo tablet review is surrounded by perimeter frame in tone, with slightly thinner sides of the other two. In principle, a place to keep your tablet hands enough, and yet some people may experience discomfort. Above the screen – a webcam, and nothing more, in general, minimalism in its purest form. Interfaces are unevenly distributed because almost all of them – on the left side.

Special claims to the build quality are not, except that when pressing the lid flexes slightly. Fortunately, if this is not done intentionally, everyday wear and tear nothing noticeable. The weight of a novelty makes 509 grams, therefore, hold it a long time in the hands is not that problematic, but rather uncomfortable. Dimensions Lenovo Tab March 10 Business – 247h191h9 mm. In general, as for the tablet, designed for business purposes, it turned out quite compact and relatively mobile.

Display, audio, and webcam

The Lenovo tablet review has a 10.1-inch screen with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and a density of 224 ppi. Glass Gorilla Glass protects the display from bad minor injuries, but to rely on his strength and the strength is not necessary. Contrast and brightness are quite good, at least for business and leisure of their performance are sufficient.

Matrix IPS provides wide viewing angles, so under any foreshortening does not tarnish the image and color reproduction is not impaired. The screen is responsive, commands are executed accurately and quickly. It should be noted that the display surface is glossy, so the sun will work hard. It is better to look for a shadow or even use the tablet in the room. Light sensor, by the way, the device is not provided, you have to adjust the brightness manually.

Lenovo tablet Review of the model March 10 Business

Dolby Atmos Stereo speakers are located on the cover of the device, so if you put the device on a surface, the sound is muted and if something soft, if not distorted. Features speaker rather modest, but in fact to watch the video talk on Skype, etc. they will suffice. Listening to music is not very comfortable: bass speakers are not endowed. On the other hand, Lenovo tablet review Tab March 10 Business established clearly not for entertainment, but to solve business issues sound quite enough.

front web camera resolution is 5 megapixels, the rear camera has 8 megapixels. The first is useful for video conferencing with regard to Self, then there will be little of its potential. However, the main camera has gone far forward pictures taken by it are obtained soap, often somewhat out of focus, and the detail is not particularly different.


Lenovo tablet Review of the model March 10 Business

The flat-screen keyboard in the scope of delivery is not provided, so be content with having just built. However, this is not a problem, since it is fairly easy to use, has a simple and intuitive interface. Keyboard Functionality includes the ability to change the language, keyboard layout, appearance (style), etc. Physical buttons on the front part are not provided, but there is virtual, namely the “Back”, “open the application menu”, “Home”.


Lenovo tablet review Tab March 10 Business X70F is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. Since we are talking about a business tablet, it is not surprising that it is implemented in Android for Work platform. It provides data security (storage of corporate information in the operating profile), applications (apps, administrators define settings may prohibit downloading from untrusted sources) and devices (disk encryption, lock screen).

Lenovo tablet Review of the model March 10 Business

The basis of the filling is MediaTek MT8161 processor with quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 and 1.3 GHz frequency. Along with the card ARM Mali-T720 MP2 they form an excellent tandem. The operating frequency is 650 MHz video card. It supports DirectX 11.1, OpenCL 1.1 and OpenGL ES 3.1. Filling devices lets play some toys, but rather, it is just a bonus because the device is not playing. “Heavy” Game Tablet PC will not pull, but Asphalt 8, Plants vs Zombies, etc. You should run without problems.

The tablet has 2 GB of DDR3 memory. Volume flash drive is 32 GB, and with the help of microSD memory card, it can be increased by another 64 GB.

Ports and Communications

In terms of interfaces tablet is endowed with the following: on the left side is a Micro-USB port, next to it – volume rocker and power button device.

On the right side, close the cover, hiding the microSD card reader. It is protected by a plug so that the connector does not get dust.

At the top, there is a headphone output, at the bottom – a small hole for the microphone.

From sensors only available accelerometer. Among wireless communication – Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC.


The Lenovo tablet review is the battery capacity of 7000 mAh. The manufacturer claims 12 hours of operation on a single charge, but here it is a little: all we are talking about downtime. In active operation devices, it is reduced to 8 hours, which, however, is a very good indicator. Thus, the user can “roam” on the websites, work, watch videos, while devices it will be enough for a whole working day. Charging device for a long time: about 4 hours.

As for heating, then, fortunately, this is no problem: a pill can safely keep on your lap, even during start-up and high-capacity software applications.

Conclusion Lenovo tablet review

Lenovo Tab March 10 Business – a Lenovo tablet review designed for a narrow range of consumers, such as office workers, employees of business enterprises, IT managers, etc. The device does not attract too much attention, its design is rather modest and unassuming. The screen is large – 10 inches with a resolution of Full HD, but it becomes almost unreadable on the street. Among other drawbacks: the absence of the light sensor is not the most productive filling. The device, though a prefix «Business», in fact, designed for simple office tasks, such as viewing mail, run simple applications, documentations, etc.

On the other hand, hardly anyone expects anything more, considering the price tag of the device – $ 310 on average for the described packaging (there is a version with LTE). But this amount is included in the high-quality display, good autonomy, lack of body heat, as well as additional “buns” in the form of built-in security features, manage and support applications (Android for Work System).