LG introduced the latest generation VRF heat pump system Multi V 5

LG introduced the latest generation VRF heat pump system Multi V 5

In Sofia Tech Park, whose territory is realized most MULTIPACKS project with Heat Recovery Systems LG Electronics (LG) in Europe in 2015, the company presented the new VRF heat pump system Multi V 5.

This is the last model of the series Multi V, which is the successor of the well-known and very successful fourth series VRF company. VRF solution offers industry-leading energy efficiency indicators, reducing the cost of electricity and increasing comfort. The VRF heat pump system Multi V 5 is equipped with an innovative Dual Sensing control that by constantly monitoring both temperature and humidity effectively controlled cooling or heating.

LG introduced the latest generation VRF heat pump system Multi V 5

The improved design of the ultimate inverter compressor LG, thanks to its innovative technologies and materials, increases productivity and ensures reliable operation and extended service life. All this makes the system MULTI V 5 powerful and effective air conditioning solution.

“We are extremely proud to introduce the latest generation of high-tech VRF heat pump system Multi V 5 that will surpass expectations and will completely cover the high requirements of our demanding customers.” Said Peter Mitev, B2B Regional Manager Air Conditioning and Energy Solutions for Bulgaria and Macedonia LG Electronics.

LG introduced the latest generation VRF heat pump system Multi V 5

This is an exclusive VRF system offering users unrivaled energy efficiency and unmatched performance compared to competitive products. As a leading product in the industry, Multi V 5 creates new standards and excellent opportunities to reduce operating costs in maximum comfort. Multi V 5 is another great example of LG’s commitment to the production of highly efficient and energy-saving products using innovative technologies.

Dual Sensing Control

One of the most impressive innovations in LG VRF heat pump system Multi V 5 Dual Sensing Control, which enables the system to recognize changes in climatic conditions in the smallest detail. Other producers of VRF systems in registering only air temperature, while MULTI V 5 measures the temperature and humidity both indoor and out. Thus the system achieves optimum energy efficiency and maximum comfort in the premises.

LG introduced the latest generation VRF heat pump system Multi V 5

Highly features such as Smart Load control make it possible to control the temperature of the vapor in the outdoor unit and reduces fogging, increasing energy efficiency by 15% to 31%, depending on the humidity. In conventional VRF systems are usually significant hesitation in maintaining a certain temperature in the room, making them extremely inefficient. Dual Sensing control of Multi V 5 has the function of comfort cooling, which maintains a constant desired temperature, providing maximum comfort for the user.

Ultimate Inverter compressor

The new exclusive inverter compressor used in the VRF heat pump system Multi V 5 offers unmatched performance and reliability. Improving operating range of 15-150 Hz of its predecessor, the compressor reaches values of work from 10 Hz to 165 Hz. The extended range increases the efficiency at part load and increases the ability of Multi V 5 to quickly reach the desired temperature. Multi V 5 also features an improved system for camping using polyetheretherketone – PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) – a new material that is commonly used in aircraft engines. This infrastructure allows the Multi V 5 working a long time even without oil. In addition, Smart Oil Management system uses sensors that check the real-time balance oil in the compressor, minimizing unnecessary operations to return the oil to the compressor.

Outdoor unit of high power

With innovative biomimetic fan, 4-sided improved the performance of the compressor, Multi V 5 improves efficiency and capacity, making it possible to achieve an output of 26 HP’s module outdoor unit. Using extensive research of the National University of Engineering & Aerospace Engineering of Seoul, the designers behind the Multi V 5 draw inspiration from flippers of humpback whales, whose forms are used in the design of the fan. Moreover, advanced biomimetic technology significantly increases the flow of air while also reducing the consumption of electricity.

Ocean Black corrosion

LG introduced the latest generation VRF heat pump system Multi V 5

Using anti-corrosion coating Ocean Black dual protection LG, Multi V 5 is perfectly protected from corrosive substances such as salt, sand, and other items worn by the strong sea winds or available in highly polluted industrial areas. The black coating of the heat exchanger Ocean Black Fin prevents the accumulation of water, thus minimizing the retention of moisture and drops. This improvement permanently extends the lifespan of the product and reduces the cost of maintenance, making possible extremely its long-term performance.

The prolonged heat

In addition, technology delayed defrosting receiving information from the humidity sensor Dual Sensing Control, increase efficiency mode for continuous heating, increasing the heat output and hence comfort in the premises. Continuous heating reduces unnecessary power consumption and provides continuous warming, unlike conventional VRF systems lose energy by switching off and on of heating during defrost. In VRF heat pump system Multi V 5 achieves an increase in efficiency in heating and 11% for 7% reduction in consumption for just one day.