Moto X Play Review: Specs and Features

Moto X Play Review: Specs and Features

We continue our series of reviews of the company’s smartphones Lenovo-Motorola, which again is officially sold in Europe. Previously we have visited in the wording of the flagship Moto X Force and X Style, they were followed by state employees Moto G (2015). This time, look at the possibility of an intermediate model between the public sector and flagship – Moto X Play. As with the top of the brand devices, the cheaper smartphone has received different names depending on the market. Therefore, if you are reading this review of the US, in the store you will find such a device under the name Droid Maxx 2, and for the Ukrainians and the Europeans – X Play.

Packaging and first impressions

Box Moto X Play does not differ from this for Moto G – sloppily assembled cardboard with color pictures. Inside the gadget charger with two USB-connectors, detachable cable, branded the clip and supporting documentation. Motorola does not put the headset in the kit, and many of its competitors it is. Other bonuses from Moto especially not. With the public sector it is still possible to understand the void in the box, but with more expensive devices could somehow podnapryachsya. Packaging equipment slightly spoil the first impression of the gadget, which is just pretty good.

Moto X Play Review: Specs and Features

Despite the fact that the Droid Maxx and 2 X Play is the same device, the buyers of the latter in our country will get a little more. The difference is in the second slot for SIM-card. There is minimum visual difference, Droid Maxx 2 has two logos on the rear panel: branded inscription Droid and Verizon «bird” (in the US smart phone sold under the brand name American operator). Moto Maker is not available here or in America, but, for example, in England, you can take advantage of this service. At the same time, in the same England, you will not get a second slot for SIM.

Design and usability

Moto X Play – a great smartphone with a 5.5-inch display, and not the most modest limits. Hudyshku this gadget also can not be named, making it visually more than he actually is. It does not do any favors user experience. But the form is made in such a way that even those people who have small hands will be able to cope with such a device. On paper sizes are as follows: 148 x 75 x 10.9 mm and a weight of 169 grams. In this case, the side faces of the rear part are slightly reduced, with almost 11 mm to 8.9. Although it is not the biggest smartphone lineup, Moto magic it worked a little bit wrong, as in the more expensive brothers and have to get used to his size.

Externally, X Play fits into the style of the older models of Moto. Corporate housing here is easily visible and recognizable. But the feeling still more from him. Firstly, there is no aluminum frame, painted on the sides of a metal plastic. The rear cover is decorated with a wavy pattern. Its surface is rubberized and very uhvatistaya, with her smart phone did not slip out of your hands. The removal of the cap for poddevaniya easily spoil (to our sample came with a little damage). Decorated housing may be available in two colors – black and white. At the same time, there is a choice of 7 color options back panels, which you can buy separately.

All functioning components on circuit repeat Moto X Style. The only difference is in the absence of X Play IR sensors and flash on the front panel, as well as speakers. At the cheaper version of the two slots for speakers, but it does not work as a spoken second major. Derision can be a couple of things: the volume rocker sits loosely in his hole and emits extra sounds at the slightest touch; plastic frame covered with traces of use, particularly in areas near the USB-ports and headphone jacks (in our sample, it is already possible to see small scratches).

In general, it looks very nice, especially in the black design. With its dimensions easily cope big fans of smartphones, all the rest will have to get used to and get the hand a little gadget to use with one hand. In any case, it is not the most convenient device on the competitors and to purchase it is necessary to rotate the device in person, it is good to understand whether such a body the size of a user’s expectations fit. Materials and workmanship are good (except for the volume keys and possible scratches), but it is worth considering that the slightest fall can bring a lot of damage, and a protective cover makes the gadget even more. For accurate user problems will not be exact.


Whichever device is not externally mainly by looking at the screen. In 2015, most models come with pleasant Moto IPS-display, which is not spared and X Play. A large 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels shows an excellent picture. 403-ppi pixel density, which is quite enough and it was such a screen could be great save battery for Moto X Style and, subjectively, would be ideal for him.

Moto X Play Review: Specs and Features

Under any color on the screen rotation angle does not change. The minimum brightness we would like smaller, and the maximum will be enough to work with the screen in the sun. Color reproduction when viewing the readings, imperfect. In practice, the picture does not irritate the eyes. Even after the flagship IPS’ov, on this display, everything looks fine. There are two color display modes, one of which is close to natural shades, and the second adds a bit of saturation.

Protects the screen glass Corning Gorilla Glass 3. It is resistant to minor scratches, test the smartphone has not yet received any injuries. Fingerprints front panel is covered very quickly, but they are easily removed. The only thing there are problems – adaptive lighting. The sensor often misses the mark with the required level, and constantly have to adjust the backlight manually. But everything else is just happy to X Play nice display.


The first thing that comes to mind when you look at the front panel – in stereo speakers. But no such privilege vested only Moto X Style, and X Play got one main speaker located under the display. Despite this, the sound is good, loud and clear. It is quite suitable for playing a musical composition, the more want to accompany the video from the web, notifications, and other tasks. Of course, there are better speakers, but the local is clearly not a bad thing. The headphone output also did not disappoint, and the owners of good headsets do not worry about the quality of the sound.

By the earpiece and microphone no complaints. Talking near noisy roads are quite comfortable, and my interlocutors did not complain about the abundance of voice or background noise.


The hero of this review is set the same camera in the top Moto X Style and X Force. But there is a little difference: You can not record video at 4K and Full HD maximum Slo-Mo in 540p. All other features are identical to the cameras, it’s all the same 21-megapixel sensor from Sony for the main camera and a 5-megapixel front.

Moto X Play Review: Specs and Features

The main camera can afford to make a great picture in a good consecration. In the dim light, of course, there is a lot of noise, sharpness is lost, and the pictures are rather weak. But this does not alter the sensor in the average person’s flagship gadget. In general, if the best camera is not a primary necessity, then this camera will be enough with a decent margin, and taking pictures during the day will be a pleasure. The camera will be able to clearly more than the competition and compete with last year’s flagships, which are now sold for similar amounts as Moto X Play. Few examples of the photo for clarity:

Front camera noisy. Globally, nothing special about it, but it is not a bad call. An average good “frontalka” for selfie and video.

Hardware platform and software

For gadget work meets the eight-processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 accompanied by a video accelerator Adreno 405, 2 GB of RAM and a storage capacity of 16 GB (there is also a slot for microSD cards up to 128GB). Frankly, it’s not the most productive solution for such a device cost. However, those users who want it X Play, will not be disappointed. The gadget works well and is not too hot when demanding tasks. Although sometimes there are hitches, they can not be called serious. Test results are not surprising.

Moto X Play Review: Specs and Features

During use applications fall there were a couple of times. That is, the problem is almost not there. The game can be played with a normal graphics. But do not count on the complete absence of delays in complex tasks. At the same time, the smartphone does not fail in the performance of all other tasks. All necessary application processes the gadget quickly and without apparent difficulty.

The Motorola stick clean installation Android’a (with good prospects for further updates), so no special innovations in the system. Moto X Play immediately receives the version 6.0.1. Of the additions only genuine gestures to launch a flashlight and a camera, as there is Active Display for notifications on the lock screen. Nevertheless, I want to use a third-party launcher to accommodate more applications on desktops, because the standard grid of icons 4 x 4 seems too small for the 5.5-inch display, a standard means of addressing this issue no.


Battery Moto X Play almost caught up with such a capacity in the Moto X Force. However, due to lower productivity rates, duration of work at Moto X Play comparatively higher. So, the gadget has a leading position among all Moto smartphones and can hold even a full day loaded. In this case, the screen will operate 6-6.5 hours. With this level of battery life, I was completely calm killing the battery in line with some games and then included a navigator is not connected to an optional power source. Of course, the two days I was not able to hold out without a socket, but one and a half days – easily. And those who are not so often does something on a smartphone, like me, this figure will be higher.

Included with the gadget comes the usual charge that fully charge the battery capacity of 3630 mAh with 0% in 3.5 hours. But acquiring company TurboCharger process the maximum charge level recovery can be reduced by 3 times.

PROS Moto X Play: Great and good display; camera; pure Android with the prospect of updates; speaker; autonomy; two SIM-cards
CONS Moto X Play: body size; not the highest performance for the price; on the frame are easily damaged; price

Conclusion Moto X Play

Moto X Play – quite a good smartphone that I would recommend, but the price is almost $ 400 does not sound very reassuring. Same Moto X Style on sales can be bought cheaply. Yes, and other worthy enough machines. In addition, as many have noted, at this price to buy the device with Snapdragon 615 would not be desirable. And personally, I agree with that. When you can buy a more comfortable smartphone more productive filling, then to sacrifice autonomy is not so scary. And so, most likely, will make many potential buyers. But those who X-Play will attract more than other options, do not be disappointed in his abilities.