New LG G5 will have an interesting feature Always ON

New LG G5 will have an interesting feature Always ON

The only not surprise us? Here, LG will produce a modern smartphone with an interesting function Always ON. And this will be the next leader of interesting novelty called new LG G5. Let’s look at the main features of the future of the smartphone closer.

As everyone knows, the smartphone market is full of all sorts of functions and features, and everything is done for the people. That well-known Korean company LG has decided to consider and make an interesting feature on the smartphone. This feature is characterized by the additional information to the user. That is on the screen of your device will always be visible information such as current time, missed calls or messages.

Features of the new LG G5 smartphone with the function Always ON

Koreans have published this function Always ON at his LG Mobile page and also in the famous social network Facebook. A lot of positive feedback received interesting feature. LG firm Fans will be pleased to see in his hand this simple but useful idea.

New LG G5 will have an interesting feature Always ON

I would like to remind the specifications of the future smartphone LG G5. As we know from LG’s sources, the G5 Reputation: LG smartphone will be equipped with a high-quality display diagonal of 5.3-inches. This screen is the new flagship will be a good matrix Quad HD. So that your eyes are safe and sound.

The performance of the new flagship LG G5 will be equipped with all the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. This known processor chipset is very well suited for modern devices and will work on a high level of performance. In addition, the new device will have a large amount of memory is 3 GB of RAM. Therefore, the smoothness of operation of the device will be good to compete with their competitors at the proper level.

A good feature of the smartphone boasts a camera. Since the main camera has a 16-megapixel camera with high-quality laser autofocus. But the front camera is 8 megapixels and this is quite enough to make calls via Skype.

Additional features of the LG G5 device will have a heart rate sensor. This is a nice feature for people with health problems. In addition, the phone will have a fingerprint scanner. This will make your device safe from hacking. There is also a function of the pressure sensor, which gives a lot of important information for those who like the weather.

Conclusions: future of the new LG G5

So, I can unequivocally say that the smartphone LG G5 should pay attention! The device has wonderful features, which include a new function Always ON. Also, the smartphone is equipped with a high-quality display and camera. Therefore, pictures will turn out no worse than on a standard camera. The features such as heart rate sensor, a well-known fingerprint reader and also a pressure sensor are very pleased.

As we know, the official presentation of the future flagship of LG G5 will be February 21 of the current year. But the official sale of the device will be held in April this year.