New smartphone Cat S30 Review: Specs and Price

New smartphone Cat S30 Review: Specs and Price

Under the brand name «CAT» on sale, you can find anything – from giant bulldozers to shoes and backpacks. US Caterpillar company in this regard really taken over the world. But for construction equipment today we will not talk with you now we will focus on secure new smartphone Cat S30. Its reliability issues were not before, he came to our office, but what about the case with iron? Let’s investigate.

The first thing you need to understand that the primary audience of buyers of smartphones here – representatives of blue-collar occupations: construction workers, loggers and other brutal bearded men. Plus under this category may be subject to the fishermen or hunters who need the really non-killed unit. To combat during the 10-pound carp think only of fish, but not the fact that the new iPhone 6s may fall out of the pocket and scratched.

Appearance and security: new smartphone Cat S30

The body is made of rubberized plastic, which does not allow smart phone slip out of hand. In principle, this is a good option to secure the unit. Speaking is the most security. It uses standard IP68 Mil-SPEC 810G. If anything, it is a painless drop of up to 1.8 meters, as well as absolute fearlessness in relation to dust and water.

New smartphone Cat S30 Review: Specs and Price

Looks new smartphone Cat S30 fully match it’s positioning – very brutal (ten brutal jackals out of ten). Although it is recognized that, compared to previous models, all became a little calmer: the corners are now not as sharp, it at least. By itself, the body twisted bolts, so the quality of the assembly cannot even speak, in this regard, everything is fine.

All slots (for two SIM-cards and microSD cards) are hidden under a flap on the left side, and reliably. The chances that they will be opened by accident are not there. With regard to the standard connectors (headphone jack and microUSB), they open an easier, you can do nails. Although all of them reliably. The battery, as expected for this class, not removable devices.

New smartphone Cat S30 Review: Specs and Price

Location volume buttons and unlock key engineers have picked up well. Until they reach comfortably. Only here the problem is that they are easy enough to press, to avoid accidental presses do not. The buttons below the screen, too mechanical (not touch) – is the best solution for this class of devices. There is the only question with random clicks here and there. By the way, on the left side, there is the yellow key, which can be programmed to any action. For example, it’s to put it on and off the flashlight. Accidentally pressed in this case, already should not be afraid, it only works with long-term retention.

In general, with falls smartphone copes perfectly well. We showed it well in the video review. Moreover, it’s since several times. That is a new smartphone Cat S30 – not just the protected smartphone, but also shockproof. This is a very important point. In short, in this regard with the creation Caterpillar everything is in order, but with different parameters, is not as happy as we would like.

Display: new smartphone Cat S30

New smartphone Cat S30 Review: Specs and Price

In principle, after the phrase “There TN-matrix” can immediately disperse. The screen on this smartphone is from the category of “Greetings from 2012”. Here you can just look at the picture and, on the one hand, it will be yellow, and the other – the red. Miracles! In general, the diagonal is 4.5 inches and resolution … 854 x 480 pixels. Density, as you can imagine, in this case, obviously not pleasing to the eye – 218 PPI. But reliability is no problem: the display surface is resistant to scratches. Plus screen supports gloves. And, as stated by the manufacturer, it is not only simple but also in construction.

In direct sunlight, the screen lights up a little bit, but in the dark, you can choose a comfortable level of brightness.

Features cameras: new smartphone Cat S30

New smartphone Cat S30 Review: Specs and Price

Based on the situation with the display can be assumed that the camera is too far from the best. And indeed, it is. There is the 5-megapixel module with f / 2.6, and in front – 2 megapixels with f / 2.5. As such, the quality itself, as you can guess, not the best. PhotoChances level of the flagships of the new smartphone Cat S30 nobody demands. It is clear that, for example, conventional builders will not take pictures in the smartphone landscape and selfie for Instagram. But take a snapshot of a drawing or a mechanism to remember how to collect it back – an important need for workers. The new smartphone Cat S30, in this case, is unlikely to be a good helper.

As for the video, then write Cat S30 rollers can a maximum of 720p at 30 frames per second recording quality can appreciate the example above.

Performance and software: new smartphone Cat S30

The new smartphone Cat S30 works under control of the processor, which greatly chosen by the company Microsoft with its Windows-smartphones. It is now a question of Snapdragon 210 4-core chip running at a clock frequency of 1.1 GHz. As for graphics, it is responsible for the Adreno 304. In principle, you can run any game (not very powerful hardware compensates for the low screen resolution), but to fully enjoy the game process is unlikely to happen. For example, in an updated test AnTuTu hero of our review gathers about 22 thousand points.

New smartphone Cat S30 Review: Specs and Price

Android version is 5.1. The default number of applications are the usefulness of which can be questioned. For example, it’s Clean Master or Kaspersky. But it is interesting that the application can be downloaded here, not only on Google Play but also through special market App Toolbox, which contains a program specifically for secure phones.

Autonomy: new smartphone Cat S30

New smartphone Cat S30 Review: Specs and Price

The new smartphone Cat S30 has autonomy battery 3000 mAh. Given a simple screen and not very demanding iron smartphone can survive up to three days. By the way, according to a comparison of the company Caterpillar, the S30 hold a charge much longer than its direct competitors. For example, in reading mode, it can hold up to 18 hours and when watching the video – up to 10 hours.

Verdict: new smartphone Cat S30

As a result, we get a really secure smartphone, but with a very outdated hardware. And all would do, but it costs almost $ 300. Taking into account all the parameters of the smartphone – is clearly a tall price. And for some reason, this has become a tradition for producers of such “brutal” phones. Screen, camera, and the iron itself are poor. But in terms of security new smartphone Cat S30 is an unequivocal leader. It is not only protected against water and dust but also not afraid of falling. To kill him would be really hard!