New smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3 Review

New smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3 Review

New smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3 level Smartphones attract customers economical low price, because the sacrifice some performance, you can buy the device for less than $ 200. On the North American market model new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3 came at a price from $ 180, and for a budget solution, it boasts a stylish design and good battery, which can provide a day of work without recharging. However, the economy manifests itself in many other elements, and especially strongly it is reflected on the camera so that the attractiveness of this model is quite controversial.

Design: new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3

Very often, choosing a low-end phone, the user has to put up with a cheap plastic case, but not in the case of the Samsung Galaxy J3. Of course, with any Samsung Galaxy S6 this model cannot be confused, but the size of 142 x 71 x 7.8 mm Samsung Galaxy J3 is more like an expensive smartphone, rather than plastic toys, such as the Acer Liquid Jade Z (Eng.). The metal parts are processing of gold-lift device externally to the class above.

New smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3 Review

In spite of this smartphone is low weight – 136 g weighs approximately the same Alcatel Onetouch Idol 3 (Eng.) (139 g) and OnePlus X (137.7 g). For comparison, the smartphone Huawei Honor 5X (Eng), which also hides the low price at an attractive appearance, weighs significantly more – 158 g

Overall, the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3 has a fairly strong body and fits easily into a pants pocket. You can blame Samsung in limiting the ROM Samsung Galaxy J3 16 GB – enough for today’s realities. However, you can add up to 128 GB of memory via microSD card slot, which is located just above the smartphone power button on the right side.

Display and Sound: new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3

Samsung equips the Samsung Galaxy J3 5-inch displays Super AMOLED, transmitting a pretty high-quality picture. Trailer for the movie “Hail Caesar!” in color technology “Technicolor”, which the Coen brothers used to convey the atmosphere of Hollywood of the 1950s, looks good, although the actors’ faces a little lacked sharpness at the edges. A similar flaw was noticed when viewing “Studio 30” episodes through online service Netflix: the whole picture looks pretty good, especially if you are not used to the incredibly high-definition screens more expensive smartphones. Today resolution 1280 x 720 is the minimum necessary for a smartphone, but not standard.

Our tests new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3 Screen emphasizes its affiliation with budgetary decisions. 286 nits display significantly lower than the average in the class, which is 425 nits. The brightness corresponds to about OnePlus X. leader in its class for the brightness of the display is OneTouch Idol 3, which eclipsed the competition.

The display of the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3 is also inferior to the average smartphone in the number of displayable colors. He reproduced 105.1% color field sRGB, passed forward model Honor 5X (120.5%) and OnePlus X (186.2%).

New smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3 Review

However, new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3 display has shown a lot better in color accuracy. Delta-E An error was 2.73, exceeding the average of 3.2 categories (the closer to zero the number, the better). Samsung Galaxy J3 does not accurately render colors as the Onetouch Idol 3 (2.55), but better than Honor 5X (3.52) and OnePlus X (2.95).

Samsung has placed the speaker on the back of the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3. This design has its advantages and disadvantages. It provides a clear sound, even when holding the smartphone in landscape orientation. For example, when using the iPhone 5c, in which the speaker is on the bottom, you will often cover it with your finger. However, the speaker on the back covers projecting music and dialogues in the film in the opposite direction from the user side, worsening the depth of sound. When the Samsung Galaxy J3 is on the table, the sound is a bit muffled, but still loud.

It sounds pretty good speaker. Piano notes in the song “Do not Stop Believin” Journey band’s sound sharp and lively, although Steve Perry’s vocals seem a bit fuzzy when he takes the high notes. It turned out that the problem with the speaker Samsung Galaxy J3 shown in other songs. The principle of “higher note – dirtier sound” was manifested in all the songs from Rachel Platt “Fight Song” and ending with Jay Z and Kanye West’s “Otis”.

Performance: new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3

The new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3 set A7 quad-core architecture with a frequency of 1.2 GHz and 1.5 GB of RAM. Features a relatively modest! However, applications run fast enough delay when viewing streaming video through Netflix or while playing Modern Combat 5 was observed. However, users who are accustomed to loading device objectives, performance will be disappointed Samsung Galaxy J3.

The new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3 in tests Geekbench 3 scored 1419 points – is less than half the average of 2838. OneTouch Idol 3 ($ 249), OnePlus X ($ 249) and Honor 5X ($ 199) in this test bypassed Samsung Galaxy J3. Only Cat S40 for $ 360 showed a lower result from the last we tested the phone (1 019). However, this smartphone is designed with an emphasis on the “vitality” and not performance.

New smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3 Review

In other benchmarks, new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3 also not stood strong results. The smartphone is made to convert the video size of 204 MB of 1080p resolution to 480p for 9 minutes and 19 seconds. This markedly longer than Honor 5X (7:41) and Idol 3 (8:22).

In the gaming test 3DMark Ice Storm, Unlimited Samsung Galaxy J3 scored 4309 points. Not only that, he made many times worse than the average result (14 778), it also failed to catch up with their competitors is not the fastest Honor 5X (7792) or Idol 3 (6384).

 Cameras: new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3

It’s hard not to notice what makes the lifeless pictures Samsung Galaxy J3 camera. For both cameras, Samsung chose a very weak matrix. The rear camera takes pictures with a 5-megapixels and front are 2-megapixels.

Both chambers of the smartphone do not have enough speed. Compared to the iPhone 5c, which removes as soon as you touch the shutter button, Samsung Galaxy J3 has a delay of about two seconds or more. In addition, when shooting images of hands are often to be considerably blurred.

As an example, take a picture of the author’s daughter, made in the ballroom at the not very good light. The main camera Samsung Galaxy J3 could not cope with the ever-moving dancers. Detailed facial girls center of the frame is still tolerable, but everything else is much blurred.

When children are quietly situation is slightly improving. The camera of the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3 better focused, but challenging lighting conditions in the room represent a real challenge for the 5-megapixel sensor. As a result, elements of the frame edges look soft and fuzzy.

When shooting outdoors in good sunlight new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3 rear camera does best. Flags and red brick building clearly stand out against the clear sky. And if you see a photo full size, you can easily read the sign at the bus stop.

New smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3 Review

But the problem comes back as soon as you start shooting people. The camera of the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3 good handed reddish tinted hair girls and blue spots on the shirt, glistening in the sun. But as you know, the five-year children cannot just stand still, and she pushed his hand at the time of the shooting. As a result, of hearts on sticks turned out blurry.

The built-in LED flash for the rear camera slightly improves shooting in low light. In general, the photo-owl bags, made in a dark room looks grainy and small parts are lubricated with the background. With the inclusion of flash, the owl looks sharper and more accurate colors through all the details in the background are lost in the dark.

The front camera new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3 has problems with detail. On selfie author, which was done at night in a well-lit room, seen strange spots on the skin, fuzzy mop of hair and vague outlines.

The sharpness of images taken with the front camera new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3 day better, even though the photograph of the author and his daughter clearly manifested blue tint. However, the picture can see fine detail, such as hair or plant leaves in the background.

Day main camera takes quite good videos in 720p resolution. However, in light of the darker will be worse as, for example, on the roller above, which was withdrawn in the twilight. In it, we see a noticeable graininess. When the video mode is set in the Samsung Galaxy J3 camera app starts recording immediately. If you are not aware of this feature, the first few seconds of the video may turn out useless.

Software: new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3

Do not expect that the budget smartphone will be running the latest version of Android. On Samsung Galaxy J3 installed Android Lollipop 5.1.1, and although it is not really old, today, more and more new devices are equipped with Android Marshmallow.

On the device pre-installed Google applications, Microsoft, and Samsung. Software from Microsoft and Google are grouped into folders. Also, if you have bought smart cellular operator, specialized programs may be installed on it. Most pre-installed applications cannot be called useless, but some of them will be used very rarely.

Autonomy: new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3

The Even budget smartphone should provide active throughout the day, and with this new smartphone, Samsung Galaxy J3 does well. The battery test, in which we are working on the Internet through the LTE network when the display brightness of 150 nits, it lasted 8 hours and 36 minutes. For comparison, the average time we tested smartphones is 8:16, which means that you calmly go through the phone all day without having to search the USB port.

New smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3 Review

Our hands-on experience with the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3 confirms the test results. During the day, the author from time to time watching videos online, play and download files, but spent about one-third of the battery. During long weekends, he sometimes took out a smart phone to take some pictures, and after a full charge on Saturday morning at the time of the next charge on Tuesday still had 20% charge.

However, that budget smartphone could last long between charges, there is nothing new. Honor 5X in our battery test lasted more than nine hours. Its cost is about the same with the Samsung Galaxy J3, but it is superior to Samsung smart phone in many ways.

Conclusion: new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3

Strengths of the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3 – this time, battery life and attractive appearance, but they cannot compensate for the obvious shortcomings of this model. Even if you do not need high performance, it’s hard not to pay attention to the blurred picture with the Samsung Galaxy J3 camera, especially when you consider that today even the cheapest smartphones are often equipped with cameras capable of doing more clear pictures.

This is the main argument against the purchase of Samsung Galaxy J3. Inexpensive models with a similar price, for example, Huawei Honor 5X for $ 200, just offer more. Honor 5X longer work without recharging, make better pictures, has a screen with a higher resolution of 1080p, and even equipped with a fingerprint reader, and the price difference is only a few dollars. Sometimes in search of more lucrative offers to have to sacrifice some features, but Samsung Galaxy J3 model, the Samsung asked to sacrifice too much.

Pros of the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3:

  • Attractive design for a budget smartphone
  • Availability
  • Battery life is above average

Cons of the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3:

  • The poor quality of the images from the camera
  • Performance is below average
  • Weak characteristics