Review Ulefone Gemini: Premium smartphone

Review Ulefone Gemini: Premium smartphone 2017 (Specs and Features)

The guest of today’s review is in a narrow segment of budget-funded mid-range devices, which is more than full of competitors. Despite this, Ulefone found it necessary to make its application for leadership, and with all certainty, it can be said that they succeeded. You can compare the pros and cons of the smartphone for a long time, but in today’s reality, one of the most important factors is what first impression the phone produces by hitting. The all-metal case with rounded edges and elegant edging along the contour, a bright Full HD display, a fingerprint sensor and a pair camera module on the rear panel. This appears at the first acquaintance of Ulefone Gemini. And what else can you discover for yourself, find out from the review below?

Ulefone Gemini: Specifications

System: Android, v6.0 (Marshmallow)
Processor: 1.5 GHz, MediaTek MT6737T, 4 cores Cortex-A53
Graphics: Mali-T720 MP2
Memory: 32GB + MicroSD
Slots: two SIM cards Micro SIM + Nano SIM | micro SD (up to 128 GB)
Screen: 5.5 ", IPS, 1920x1280, 2.5D (multitouch 5 touches)
Cameras: the main 13 Mp + 5 Mp; Front 5MP (interpolated to 8 Mp)
Battery: 3250mAh
Communications: BT 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n
Geolocation: GPS, Glonass + AGPS
Dimensions: 154.5 × 76.8 × 9.1 mm
Weight - 185 g


Ulefone Gemini: Equipment

In a capacious box, in addition to the usual charger with an output current of 1.5A, there is a transparent silicone case, a protective glass and an unusual support-stop on double-sided scotch tape.

Ulefone Gemini: Design

Review Ulefone Gemini: Premium smartphone 2017 (Specs and Features)

Assembling a strong five. An unselected metal case is perfectly felt in the hand. When you slip your fingers for no reason, the grip is sure. Dimensions Gemini – almost a golden section for devices with 5.5-inch displays. The thickness of 9.1 mm is not a record, but it makes it convenient to carry a smartphone in your pocket. Of course, only a man with a large hand will be able to reach all the corners of the desktop, but this is the fate of owners of large-sized gadgets.

The front panel is covered with a protective glass Corning: Gorilla Glass 3. The display transmits a full range of colors from any angle. Supports up to 5 touches. Looking at the image is really nice. The maximum brightness is enough to work in sunny weather, but the lower threshold could be better.

Panel at the top of the screen with a talking speaker, front camera and a standard set of sensors.

Review Ulefone Gemini: Premium smartphone 2017 (Specs and Features)

From the bottom is a single mechanical “home” key with a built-in fingerprint scanner. The customized return buttons and menus are on the display. The progress of the button is average with a clear response. The sensor works without delays and quickly recognizes the print at any angle of touch. Sometimes problems arose when the finger was wet. Unlocking occurs only after the screen is activated. If necessary, you can use different options for cooperation between the scanner and applications.

Since one of the advertising ideas of this model was the use of a dual main camera, then for this purpose the entire right side was left for one single activation and descent button of the camera. Yes, the connector for the hybrid SIM card slot is also here, but I would not like to see it. As for the right-hander, this solution is not the most convenient. It takes a day to retrain, however, one could do without such an ultimatum design.

Review Ulefone Gemini: Premium smartphone 2017 (Specs and Features)

The left side contains the volume of the volume control and screen lock.

At the bottom end of the curtain speaker, micro-USB connector, and microphone. The order of location and design unmistakably make it clear who has the inspiration of the developers.

The upper end is occupied by a 3.5 mm jack.

The rear panel has two camera modules with a single-color two-section flash, as well as a company logo. Two small plastic inserts on the top and bottom faces serve to ensure the normal operation of wireless modules.

Ulefone Gemini: Performance

Review Ulefone Gemini: Premium smartphone 2017 (Specs and Features)

The responsiveness to your commands and processing of data is occupied by the MediaTek MT6737T processor with 4 cores operating at 1.5 GHz. The amount of RAM is 3 GB. A permanent 32 GB is available with support for memory cards up to 128 GB. The interface is devoid of any hangings from the word at all. High-definition video playback, a browser with a set of active bookmarks, games at high settings – all under the power of Ulefone Gemini. To understand the level of performance, you can look at the synthetic tests below.

Ulefone Gemini: Interface

Review Ulefone Gemini: Premium smartphone 2017 (Specs and Features)

Works smart under the operating system Android 6.0 Marshmallow with the original design. In the future, the possibility of upgrading to version 7 is promised, and for now, a patch has arrived by air with the solution of some errors. There are 6 themes for the interface with different color solutions. A standard set of applications and the Play Store are installed on the box. FM radio functions only with headphones.

Ulefone Gemini: Sensors, Standards

Review Ulefone Gemini: Premium smartphone 2017 (Specs and Features)

On the smartphone installed a list of mandatory sensors, including the proximity sensor, lighting, gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetic sensor. Gemini works in all current networks and ranges of 2G, 3G, and 4G. Wi-Fi adequately catches through two concrete walls, showing the same results as many flagship brands. GPS with a cold start finds satellites in a matter of seconds. Glass and a digital compass are also supported. Bluetooth 4.0 works well with external devices. There is also a USB OTG.

Ulefone Gemini: Autonomy

Review Ulefone Gemini: Premium smartphone 2017 (Specs and Features)

A Sony 3250 mAh battery provides for the smartphone to work during daylight hours, but with active use of Wi-Fi, you can “work out” the device in a few hours. In standby mode, about 2% charge per hour is consumed. That is, the total battery reserve easily goes for two to three days of idle time. To say that this indicator is critical, I can not, however, write it down.

Ulefone Gemini: Cameras

Revelations, unfortunately, did not happen. Two main camera modules with 13 and 5 Mp, of course, are equipped with autofocus, stabilization and HDR mode, but that’s all you can say about them. There is a special function for simultaneous shooting in camera pairing – SLR. It gives a deliberate blur around the focus object. It looks interesting, but no more.

Review Ulefone Gemini: Premium smartphone 2017 (Specs and Features)

Of course, there are all kinds of shooting modes and a built-in editor with different frames, but I wanted to get a toy for inexperienced photographers with big ambitions.

A front camera with a 5-megapixel module is followed by interpolation to 8 and fully complies with its performance in terms of image quality. There is a “beauty” mode with a set of sliders for adjusting the skin color, face oval, eye size and so on. You can unscrew the “lamp” to the limit.

Ulefone Gemini: Conclusion

Despite the unjustified advertising move with a dual camera, Ulefone Gemini has a large list of advantages, which already make it an extremely attractive choice for buying. A bright display with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels, a stylish metal case, a practical set of supplies, a full set of orientation sensors with a fingerprint scanner in addition. Quite high performance and nice interface. A small spoon of tar leaves only a weak autonomy, but it is justified to expect an improvement in the situation with the discharge during firmware updates. Optimization is the head for everything.


Source: Gizchina