Review UltraBook CUBE Thinker i35 13.5″: Intel M3 and 3K Display

Review UltraBook CUBE Thinker i35 13.5": Intel M3 and 3K Display

Today I propose you to discover the amazing ultrabook CUBE Thinker i35 which adds some additional features compared to these competitors for a price content you will see!

First observation, the box is rather sturdy and protects very well the whole.

Inside you will find the Thinker CUBE, a manual and a 12V 3A mains charger (an EU adapter will be required).

At first glance it is said to be thin, it is a port of recharge owner, but since there is a USB port Type C I tried the charger of the XIOAMI Air 13 and the Cube Thinker loads very well through this port.

Review UltraBook CUBE Thinker i35 13.5": Intel M3 and 3K Display

The finish of the beast is perfect, integrally aluminum it really has all the looks of the old Apple MacBook.


Underneath, the hull is also made of aluminum and we will find 4 non-slip buffers

The rear pads are higher than the front ones, so the 180° open screen fits perfectly underneath without any friction.

On the right side is a USB 3.0 port and 3.5mm jack port

On the left side, there is a second USB 3.0 port, a port for recharging via the supplied charger, a LED (lit red in charging mode and green when charged) and therefore a Type C (functional charging) USB port.

The QWERTY keyboard is black, making it easy to add QWERTY Stickers.

Here is what it gives with these Stickers:

Review UltraBook CUBE Thinker i35 13.5": Intel M3 and 3K Display

At the top of the keypad are 3 lights, the first is permanently lit when the Thinker is on, the second indicates the Num Lock, and the third indicates that the Caps lock is on.

At the top of the screen are a 2MPx camera and two microphones.


  • Intel Core m3-7Y-30 Kabylake Dual Core 2.6GHz
  • 13.5″ IPS 3K 10-point touchscreen (3000 x 2000)
  • Windows 7
  • 8GB LPDDR3 RAM Memory
  • SSD of 256GB
  • 5000mAh battery
  • 2.0MPx Webcam
  • Bluetooth 4
  • WIFI 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac
  • 2 USB 3.0 ports and 1 USB Type-C port
  • N-Trig pen holder (Microsoft Surface Book)
  • Port Jack 3.5mm
  • Weight: 1.6880 kg

At the level of the characteristics, the Cube Thinker is rather well supplied with 8GB of memory RAM LPDDR3 and an SSD of 256GB in format M.2 therefore easily replaceable.

The Intel M3 7Y30 processor (newer than the Xiaomi Air 12 6Y30) is more than sufficient, with its 5000mAh battery, the Thinker battery life is average with about 5h30 in office use (Word processing, Web browsing) For this purpose and of course allows much more for a reduced consumption of 4.5W.

The 13.5″ IPS display that is in a 3/2 format rather than 16/9 on most of the latest ultrabooks offers a resolution of 3000 × 2000 pixels, which is more than Full HD.

Review UltraBook CUBE Thinker i35 13.5": Intel M3 and 3K Display

This same screen is more tactile with a very good precision and its hinge, therefore, allows an opening up to 180 °.

The viewing angles are very good.

The Touchpad (mouse) handles the 4-finger multi-key in order to use the Windows shortcuts, it also includes a fingerprint reader that will be used to unlock the session, the reactivity is well Perfectly integrated into Windows 10 natively.

The combination of the FN + SPACE keys makes it possible to deactivate the touchpad, which avoids unwanted manipulations, for example by touch operation.

Windows 10 is well activated and it will be necessary to install the pack Language French to benefit from the French, the manipulation is as usual quite simple, everything happens in the language settings of Windows 10.

Review UltraBook CUBE Thinker i35 13.5": Intel M3 and 3K Display

As for connectivity, the Bluetooth 4 is the part as well as the WIFI AC which guarantees a fast WEB navigation (provided of course to have a router WIFI AC).

In use, the Thinker Cube is brilliant, the rotation of the screen at 180 ° associated with the touch are really a big plus on this type of machine compared to an XIAOMI Mi Notebook Air 13 that I use every day, so yes It is optional but according to the usages it can quickly become indispensable, the sound is not bad but lack of bass (stereo speakers, holes not visible located at the level of the hinge) unlike the Xiaomi Air 13 or Air 12 which are top of That side!

Here is the CUBE Thinker alongside the XIAOMI Air 13

In short, the CUBE Thinker is, in my opinion, a very good alternative to the Air 12 and Air 13 if you are looking for a tactile ultrabook, well finished, enduring and not too expensive, however I noticed that it heats a little on the left side, not to the point of being annoying (although on the knees it can be if you are sensitive) but enough to notice it, at the same time since there is no Fanless Aluminum which serves as a dissipator.

Review UltraBook CUBE Thinker i35 13.5": Intel M3 and 3K Display

We will regret the absence of backlighting of the keyboard and a light (Caps Lock) not integrated with the key but positioned above the keyboard (this is less practical I find) and the 408gr more than Air 13 Reaching a total of 1,688 kgs but the screen being bigger and the tactile part it would have been difficult I think to do better.

I like:

  • Touch screen, clear, precise and very bright
  • The size of the screen, a much larger work surface than on 16/9
  • The reactive fingerprint reader, well integrated and natively supported by Windows
  • The finish that is really perfect, a Mi logo or a crushed apple and you would break your nose!
  • The value for money (516 € at the moment)

I did not like:

  • The layout of the “Delete” key, according to the habits a re-mapping with the key F12 would be more judicious.
  • The lack of a keyboard shortcut for setting the brightness, you must go through the notification center

Price and Availability:

The ultrabook Cube Thinker i35 is available at Gearbest for $579.99 with Flash Sale Price.