Review Voyo Vbook V3 – 13.3 inches and 10000 mAh Battery Life

Review Voyo Vbook V3 - 13.3 inches and 10000 mAh Battery Life (Specs)

The Voyo Vbook V3 tablet is one of those that take to a new level the concept of the tablet since it offers characteristics that look more like a laptop than this type of devices.

Voyo Vbook V3: Technical specifications

Screen: TFT IPS, 13,3", 1920x1080, capacitive, multitouch
Processor: Quad-core Intel Atom x5-z8300, 1.84 GHz
Graphics Accelerator: Intel HD Graphics Gen 8
Operating System: Windows 10 Home
Built-in Memory: 64 GB
Support for memory cards: microSDXC, up to 128 GB
Wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0
Cameras: main - 2 megapixels (autofocus), front - 2 megapixels
Sensors: Accelerometer, microgroscope
Battery: 10000 mAh
Dimensions: 330x220x16 mm
Weight: 1500 grams


This tablet has been ringing hard for a few months now and now that it has come out, it’s time to find out if it lives up to what was expected of it.

Voyo Vbook V3: Appearance and Design

The first impression that gives us this tablet is to be of high quality, as it is a product with a good finish and with many things that catch the eye.

Review Voyo Vbook V3 - 13.3 inches and 10000 mAh Battery Life (Specs)

What makes the difference between the Voyo Vbook V3 and a laptop with a touch screen is the keyboard, since this keyboard is fully reversible, that is, we can open and close it in both directions, which allows using the tablet as much as portable, As using it as a device to write things down. So we can consider this tablet, as a hybrid in all rule.

Voyo Vbook V3: Hardwear and Performance

We see that it is a hybrid between tablet and laptop with big specifications behind it. First, let’s talk about its processor, an Intel Cherry Trail z8300 Quad Core at 1.44 Ghz, a fairly decent processor but perhaps a little short of the competition. This processor includes as a GPU the famous Intel HD Graphics, a graphics more own laptop than a tablet, so, the performance is going to be more than good.

Review Voyo Vbook V3 - 13.3 inches and 10000 mAh Battery Life (Specs)

Then comes with 4GB of RAM, an amount that allows you to get the most out of the Windows 10 operating system you have, a system that is able to take much more of the system resources than Android. Also noteworthy are its 64 GB of internal memory, which we can expand with a micro SD card up to 128 GB.

The only thing that stays short is the camera, which is only 2 Megapixels, being, without the doubt, the weak point of the camera.

In a tablet of this size requires a good battery that can run the machine. In this case is more than enough, as it has an incredible 10,000 milliamperes of battery, which will give you 8 hours of autonomy with the tablet inactive, something that is certainly good news since the autonomy is Higher than most tablets and laptops on the market.

Voyo Vbook V3: Display and differences between versions

The screen of this tablet is also worth mentioning, as it offers 13.3 inches with Full HD resolution. First, the size of the screen and its good resolution allows viewing contents without leaving our eyes, but at the same time, it is totally portable due to the little weight it has. Another feature to note is its multi-touch capacity of 10 points, which together with the size of the screen, makes it an ideal tablet to draw, work, take notes …

Review Voyo Vbook V3 - 13.3 inches and 10000 mAh Battery Life (Specs)

In addition, we can use both our finger and the tactile ballpoint pen, making the tablet completely ideal for taking notes and small notes. We remember that being a hybrid, we can always use the built-in keyboard.

As usual in Voyo brand tablets, comes with two versions, a 4G version, and a Wi-Fi version. The 4G version, of course, is the most expensive of the 2, but offers in return a micro sim slot with 2G, 3G, and 4G compatibility, being able to use the tablet also as a mobile phone. The Wi-Fi version has the same features and is ideal if you do not need a SIM card connection and want to pay less for the price difference between the two is quite high.

Voyo Vbook V3: Comparison with Voyo A1 Plus

Voyo A1 Plus is another tablet model very similar to this one, which was made an exhaustive review. This tablet has the same amount of battery as the Voyo VBook V3 and the same screen resolution, however, it has 2GB less RAM and 2 inches less screen, so it is a product of a bit more quality low.

As for the design, they look alike, they have the same keyboard layout, to which you can change the position in both directions and both have the 4G connection in the 4G version of them.

Review Voyo Vbook V3 - 13.3 inches and 10000 mAh Battery Life (Specs)

Actually, the Voyo A1 Plus can be considered a more basic version of the Voyo Vbook V3. If you have doubts about which to buy, you must take into account three factors:

  • Price: The Voyo A1 Plus is a bit cheaper, however, this is because it has less RAM and screen.
  • Needs: Maybe the A1 version is better for you than the V3 version because you prefer a smaller and more manageable screen or maybe the V3 version is yours because you want the maximum possible RAM for games. This criterion is the user’s choice.
  • Multimedia playback: Although both play the same formats and have the same resolution, a 13-inch screen is always better than one of 11.

Voyo Vbook V3 and Vbook V2: Availability and price

There are already some stores that have begun to market it and in particular, they catch the attention of two of them, two very reliable and old stores well-known in the world of the electronics. Gearbest offers us a limited time discount of both versions, so it runs because the discount is for a limited time.