Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7 – who is better?

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7 - who is better? Camera & Price & Specs

Seventh of September in the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (San Francisco), the annual presentation of the company Apple, which traditionally provided news updates and “apple” products. Including iPhone. This is the seventh and the last few years, the best “renovation” of Apple’s smartphone lineup. The changes affected everything from non-mini-jack, which took place Lightning-connector, and ending with the advent of the double dual camera c optical zoom. But no matter how much “amazing” and “best” were heard from the lips of minds of these geeks excites only one question: Does the new iPhone is worthy of the title of “Best Smartphone”? Or it will get the main competitor – the flagship Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7? Let’s deal!

Design: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7

Flagships of Samsung (Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge) were represented by more than six months ago. The Koreans took into account all the previous mistakes, so smart to get really “sweet”. Changes in comparison with the S6 bit, but they are significant. The latest flagship line S is difficult to find fault with something, design is no exception. Especially tasty get older model – S7 Edge. The housing – a symbiosis of metal and 3D glasses. However, there is at this duo and unpleasant side – soiled. The back cover of the smartphone collects fingerprints better than any fingerprint scanner.

The main difference between Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7 the entry-level (S7) is the diagonal of a smartphone – 5.1 “vs. 5.5”, as well as the number of the rounded sides of the screen – one versus two in the S7 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7 - who is better? Camera & Price & Specs

The display is made by technology Super AMOLED and has a QHD resolution, which is equal to 2560 x 1440 pixels per inch. However, the junior version of the density is slightly higher (534 vs. 577 ppi). Glass – Gorilla Glass 4.

Between 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is, in addition to the diagonal of the screen, the battery size and weight (188/138 g), there is one more major difference – the camera. But about them later. First of displays. Diagonal younger version of the screen – 4.7″ (1334 x 750, 326 ppi), elder – 5.5″ (1920 x 1080 resolution, 401 ppi). The brightness is 25% higher than that of the sixth generation.

As for the design, Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7 and 7 Plus it is the same. In addition to the cameras, of course. We added two new colors: “Black Onyx” with a glossy finish and matte black. Looks on the fan, also removed the Space Gray.

Be it any other smartphone companies, to compare the design would be much easier. In this case, however, I expect widespread discontent in the comments, so refrain from O, leaving it up to you.

Iron: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7

To begin with, the devices of both companies Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7 are working on different systems, and what is good for one, for the second – is not an option.

CPU. Flagships S7 / 7 Edge are available in two variations: with the Exynos 8890 (2.3GHz, 1.6GHz) or a Snapdragon 820 (2.2 GHz, 1.6-1.7 GHz). The first version – international, the second – for the US and China. Exynos Processor – Samsung company’s proprietary development.

Both versions of the SoC built on 14-nanometer FinFET technology on chip (made on the same assembly line), however, the Exynos – an eight, whereas at Snapdragon has four cores. Models of comparable power, but different synthetic tests show excellent results. This is due to the difference in clock speed differences and graphics modules.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7 - who is better? Camera & Price & Specs

The iPhone 7/7 Plus installed quad-core A10 Fusion (with motion coprocessor M10) running on the 64-bit system. It is similar to big.LITTLE architecture. Two cores (2.23 GHz each) are used to solve complex problems, and the remaining two – energy efficient.

New twice as productive and up to five times more economical A9, installed in the iPhone 6.

The benchmarks Snapdragon Exynos 8890 and A9 inferior performance on a single core, but wins in the “multi-core” tests.

Memory Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7. ROM. One of the major changes in the updated S7 / S7 Edge was the return of microSD card support (up to 256 GB). Previously, the company argued their lack of availability of faster ROM (UFS 2.0). Like, to avoid a situation where people are used instead of internal memory external card, not Samsung criticized for poor speed data reading and transfer mode.

But with the container it turned ugly. Unfortunately, both models are limited only version with 32 GB of ROM. So microSD here can be very useful.

About microSD Apple users probably have not even heard. Neither version of the iPhone never was equipped with this wonderful slot. But it it is not needed. Why? All to banality is simple – because it has decided to Apple.

With regard to the ROM volume, the situation is better. The choice of three versions available: 32, 128 and 256 GB! Version 16 GB finally removed. It is definitely a plus because the price for it remains the same.

Memory. RAM. Samsung models got 4 GB of RAM. What’s with the iPhone is not yet known. In TENNA based Specified 3 GB. But with the memory device a little different situation. The fact that, due to the above difference information systems, Android iOS and use memory differently. Android – stripped down and modified version of Linux, equipped with recycled Java environment. Appetites of the latter would envy even a seasoned bodybuilder.

Starting with version 4.4, a virtual Java machine called Dalvik (used for code conversion) has replaced ART – a process which the action is different from its predecessor. Test results showed that despite this, the speed remains the same.

Another fond memory is the so-called “garbage collection”, which is responsible for the maintenance of stability by clearing the memory. To describe the same process on iOS will not, but I will note that the optimization counts for a lot.

Audio: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7 - who is better? Camera & Price & Specs

Audio jack. Samsung has here everything is traditional, so I go to Apple. Disclaimer mini Jack – a controversial decision, no matter what the engineers said. Such a move allegedly opened additional opportunities for the producer. For example, they could set Taptic Engine chip and increase the volume and the physical size of the battery. Excellent! The only other manufacturers also do so, and the presence of 3.5 mm jack for them is not a hindrance.

Most enjoy complete headset. iPhone owners are no exception. And why the headset built-in DAC, when music features of the smartphone could be better? If a company wants so much to please music fans, rather the experience of Meizu, Highscreen or LG. That is equipped with a device separate Hi-Fi audio chip.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7 - who is better? Camera & Price & Specs

DAC. As in the case of processors, audio chip in models Exynos (Lucky CS47L91 Sound) and Snapdragon (Qualcomm WCD9335) different. The sound is good, but Hi-Fi does not reach. Which DAC installed in the new iPhone, I do not know. In 6/6 Plus was a Cirrus Logic 338S1201. To say that his audiophile, I can not either. Poor mid-range, albeit adjusted in software, but the result is still far from the expected. The lack of HD-audio – one more joint company. But this is more nitpicking because many do not even notice the difference.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7 - who is better? Camera & Price & Specs

Apple has these figures are more modest. iPhone 7/7 Plus certified to IP67 standard, which is similar to the first paragraph of a competitor. But immerse the phone in water can be to a depth of 1 m. And even that is relative. Over time, moisture barrier properties deteriorate, and in the official video, new smartphones showed only the behavior of the device in the rain. Rest assured that all other warnings can be found in the instructions to the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7 - who is better? Camera & Price & Specs

By the way, iPhone got Moisture dating back to the previous version. Just officially it did not advertise.

Camera: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7

Here we come to the main, and perhaps the most anticipated upgrade. Mobile photography has become so popular that it has long been ahead of all its other types. But after the appearance of Instagram, the need for a good camera has become a reference point all the mobile manufacturers. As Samsung, and Apple gave it to the max! At our site you already have a few articles (Apple: 1, 2; Samsung: 1, 2) on the cameras of these devices, therefore, confine me to a note and characteristics.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7 - who is better? Camera & Price & Specs

Samsung S7 / S7 Edge. In smartphones running the same camera modules. The front facing camera to 5 megapixels – Wide. Compared with the S6 / S6 Edge / S6 Edge +, the number of megapixels the main camera has dropped from 16 to 12 megapixels. This is done in order to increase the pixel size, which now combines two LEDs instead of the usual one.

The technology is called Dual Pixel, it is also used in professional “SLR”. The result – increased focusing speed (0.2 s) without prejudice to the definition.

An imx260 unit from Sony, the pixel size of 1.4 microns, and the size of the matrix – 1 / 2.5 “. Macro, WDR, RAW support – all at. The aperture of f / 1.7 – a record figure in the market.

In previous versions of the camera is strongly bulged out (1.4 mm). The manufacturer has taken into account the error, now the camera protrudes from the body 0.46 mm. Rich manual settings mode will please any mobile photographer, and the presence of the optical stabilization phase autofocus and ability to shoot in 4K completes our abbreviated list.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7 - who is better? Camera & Price & Specs

iPhone 7/7 Plus. If earlier the difference between 6S / 6S Plus it was only in the presence of optical stabilization in the latter, it is now more substantial differences. In the older version added an extra sensor and a telephoto lens. Chambers of both versions is 12 megapixels.

Optical image stabilization, lens, BSI sensor, a hybrid IR filter, HDR, autofocus (Focus Pixels), flash (True Tone Quad-LED), a record in 4K (30 f / s) and a coprocessor A10 Fusion – have both 7 and in the Plus-version.

Result: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7

Updating the iPhone line, this time really surprised. The company, which is primarily focused on other manufacturers, the vector has changed and tried to catch up. Becoming more Chinese players and the success of Samsung led the iPhone to come down from heaven and acknowledge the existence of (and even benefit) some of them. As we know, the competition – the engine of progress, so manufacturers race to us customers, just at hand.

Pros: In addition to the increased performance indicators, which had previously been at the level of Apple’s new products have received a major update of cameras, moisture protection, as well as stereo speakers.

The home button is no longer mechanical. Now it’s touchpad, which is located under the mechanism of the tactile response. Changed and the minimum amount of memory (32 GB).

Cons: Given the preferences of users, they are not.

Perhaps someone has any questions about the new colors and the absence of Space Gray but mostly pleased the audience. Even more.

Samsung has all also on the level, so let’s get to the main issue. I will be frank – all of these “innovations” are such only for Apple. Because of Android A- smartphone and even lesser-known brands for a long time to learn. Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge – an excellent example of this. And Samsung product in the face of the main opponent is not randomly selected. On the basis of the above comparisons, the best choice becomes even more difficult. We adherents of both companies have different priorities and needs.

New smartphones have turned out different and each of them has long been a multi-million army of fans. More interesting, and that the minimum version of the iPhone (iPhone 7 32 GB) is more expensive top-end Galaxy S7 Edge, a gift to you get additional 2 Gear Fit.

But! You should understand that the above opinion – the result of blind comparisons. I have experience in the use of smartphones Apple and Samsung sixth and seventh generations, but the brand new 7 Plus 7 and compared except for technical information, I can not yet.

Conclusion: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7

If you are a devotee,  feel free to take a new iPhone 7 review.

Appreciate the freedom and do not want to be dependent on binding to various services? Your selection – S7 / S 7 Edge.

Well, since you are a creative person and feel the need for a stylus, his life is not without USB Type-C or just paranoid, Galaxy Note 7 – what you need! Just wait for the updated game, in some of the devices have a serious problem with the battery, which could result in the fire.

Personally, I prefer Samsung. What will you choose?