Sony VAIO Tap 11 Review: Specs and Features

Sony VAIO Tap 11 Review: Specs and Features

Windows-tablet Sony VAIO Tap 11, announced at IFA 2013 exhibition, may like their exquisite appearance and good performance. Creative person, he will give freedom of movement and attention to this, we can say, the original gadget to other users – a stable job and the required functionality. The interest in this tablet will spur not only a special stand Kickstand, but also the realization of his connections with a wireless keyboard, with its pluses and minuses. What’s left “behind the scenes”? We will see.


The housing is made in two classic colors, black and white, which are not only harmonious look, but also complement each other perfectly. This combination of Sony VAIO Tap 11 looks elegant, with a hint of aristocracy. Wherever you are, this tablet in your hands will attract the views of others. Also it found a gadget, made in only black color scheme, for which there is a buyer.Sony VAIO Tap 11 Review: Specs and Features

It is said that the main part of the device is made of metal (magnesium), and the front – glass. As for the wireless keyboard, its aluminum construction. By the way, the bright surface of the tablet almost does not collect fingerprints. No traces of the set and in the display area, probably because of the oleophobic coating.

At the bottom of the display, you can see the magnetic charging port for keyboard and dock with the tablet, as well as a physical Windows button. During the connection plate VAIO Tap 11 closes the keyboard and from the whole device looks like a netbook. However, work in this case it does not, because the disclosure of the magnetic connector will not be able to keep both parts. However, for comfortable work on the tablet has a built-in rear housing Kickstand special stand, on which he can rely. For greater stability, in the end, it is made of rubber. There you can see the unchanging logo VAIO, several vent holes and the eye of the main chamber.

Ease of use of this gadget depends on the place where it will be operated. For example, to keep in the hands of the 11.6-inch tablet quite difficult, so it is better to put on the table, on your lap or even better – put by a desired angle of inclination. Fortunately for the latter option, as already mentioned, in the case provided tight leg, so do not have to worry about the stability of the VAIO Tap 11. The main thing is that you can work equally convenient or stylus to draw.

The tablet looks relatively compact (304.6h188h10.5 mm), moreover, the thinnest among Windows-based device that segment. The net weight of the gadget without a keyboard is 830 grams, which is not so little, although he could not be too easy with such a large display.

Display, sound, webcam

11.6-inch touchscreen tablet is made by IPS-technology and has a resolution of Full HD (1920×1080 pixels). It contrast, quite bright, it has good visibility and supports multitouch.

Sony VAIO Tap 11 Review: Specs and Features

The high-quality image provides support for proprietary Sony Triluminos technology. Given the above and the fact that the gloss on the display is not much glare, you can count on a comfortable job in the street in the room: watching videos or favorite photos, show presentations and more.

Acoustics tablet are two stereo speakers. Advanced technology provides surround sound S-Force, through which the sound is better and, as a tablet, a very good, fairly loud, allowing in some cases to do without headphones.

The gadget Sony VAIO Tap 11 is provided with two different resolution camera. 0.9-megapixel front (with «Exmor R for PC» technology) is intended primarily for video calls in Skype, an 8-megapixel main (with «Exmor RS for PC») – for high-quality photos and videos. The rear camera is equipped with autofocus, takes pictures, good color reproduction differ.

Keyboard and Touchpad

It would seem that some of the input devices in the tablet, except the keyboard, and even that touch. However, a Sony VAIO Tap 11 is attached in the form of a substantial arsenal of a stylus and wireless keyboard. By the way, it is built on island principle of all the buttons are reduced only functional in the top row, and “arrows”. The keys do not light up, have a short stroke and a fuzzy feedback, but the work is severely hampered.

Above the keyboard there are no extra buttons, however, you can see the slider turn it on or off, as well as to go to the “Touchpad off” switch when shifting to the right.

Additionally, two LEDs are arranged at the top (Caps Lock and keyboard state of charge), and the magnetic port, through which the coupling itself with the cover plate on the principle. Incidentally, this is the only option connection, so when you get to work, the keyboard unit will have to put apart from the Tablet PC.

The touchpad is no specific boundaries, but it will not mix with the ground for the wrists, because Unlike her, he has a rough  coating. Use the touch manipulator comfortable – good sensitivity, the fingers move without delay, there is support for multitouch gestures. Instead of two buttons under the touchpad, you can see a “rocker”, when clicked in the right and left, you get the same set of features as you would a mouse.

Sony VAIO Tap 11 Review: Specs and Features

Finally, the very best we can assume the presence of the stylus, and quite stylish and high quality. The digital pen is powered by batteries , easily copes with painting, performance notes, and so forth.

Unfortunately, in a housing provided some holes for it, so it is attached to the clamp located on the left side of the tablet. It is unlikely that such a fixation would give 100% guarantee that the stylus is not accidentally slipped out at the wrong time.


Tablet Sony VAIO Tap 11 SVT1122E2R does not work on Android, and on the pre-Windows 8.1 operating system. It is a dual-core processor Intel Pentium 3560Y entry-level 1.2 GHz and integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics (Haswell). For the Tablet PC is suitable characteristics that provide stable operation without breaking. In particular, the CPU is built on 22-nanometer process technology, it has 2 MB of cache and TDP 11.5 watts. It does not support Turbo Boost and Hyper-Threading Technology, and generally suitable for calculations that do not require high performance. With regard to the integrated graphics, it is easy to pull a video, simple toys generally simple graphic tasks.

Filling complemented by 4 GB of RAM standard DDR3L-1600 MHz as well as 128 GB solid state drive, the volume of which in other trim levels can be up to 256 GB and even 512 GB. But the capacity of the RAM is the maximum.

Ports and Communications

Considering interfaces, you should pay attention that they are only on the tablet body, but not on the wireless keyboard. So, on the right side of the gadget is the audio jack for connecting headphones with a microphone button to adjust the volume, as well as the tablet power button made of metal.

The bulk of the ports on the left is a stub. Here you can see Micro-HDMI to connect the tablet to an external display and a full-size USB 3.0 interface with the charging function. Separately, in the opposite end is a socket for the power adapter.

Sony VAIO Tap 11 Review: Specs and Features

The Sony VAIO Tap 11, the upper part there is a slot for the SIM-card and microSD card reader. They are hidden single plug. Also available Assist button that launches VAIO Care application that facilitates configuring the tablet in case of various problems. In addition to connectors, you can see the ventilation grille to bring warm air. For data, exchange provided a rich set. In the first place there is a, Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n and Bluetooth version 4.0 + HS. For better access to the Internet can use the 3G. Moreover, Sony VAIO Tap 11 has NFC-module, GPS and multiple sensors, including an accelerometer, gyroscope, a light sensor, a digital compass. Also, worth noting is the infrared port, through which you can use the tablet as a remote control.

Battery Sony VAIO Tap 11

In the device installed lithium polymer VGP-BPS39 battery capacity of 3800 mAh (28.5 Wh). It is unlikely that this will be enough because most of the charge of the battery will go on display. For example, viewing the video on this tablet will not last more than five hours, and if you lower the screen brightness and start surfing the Web, you may get to work on a single charge and up to 7 hours. Of course, much to be desired from the device, because it is still set to a low-voltage processor.

It is important that if the tablet is almost dead, and the keyboard is not, it may refer the gadget a part of the charge because it also provides the battery. The exchange process is possible in reverse order. the At the same time, wireless keyboard apart from the tablet can not be charged.

Conclusion Sony VAIO Tap 11

Apparently, the opinion of the Sony VAIO Tap 11 certainly will remain controversial. Yes, the tablet quality, but bulky for some display, attractive design, a great assembly, a wide range of wireless communications. Separately commendable leg-stand that allows you to operate the device at a different angle, in addition, there will be no noticeable transformation mechanism by which the keyboard for the tablet will be a kind of cover-artwork. At the same time work with the VAIO Tap 11 can be when Wireless Keyboard is disconnected from the tablet PC. If we talk about the stylus, it is undoubtedly convenient, but when attached to the body, simply closes the ports.

In general, the idea of the Sony is interesting, but the exceptional amenities this gadget is not intended. Of course, you can print, write, perform sketches, play, watch videos, display presentations – the similar list goes on and on, but to cope with such tasks not only VAIO Tap 11 but less expensive devices. By the way, the cost of this interesting tablet is no more nor less than $ 1600 and that is not in its most powerful configuration. It is clear that on such a purchase would have to think about.