Stylish Nexus 6P Review: Specs and Price

Stylish Nexus 6P Review: Specs and Price

Smartphones Nexus line enjoyed great attention from many different categories of people. Washer valued for excellent value and functionality, and, of course, with the priority in obtaining software from Google. The latest generation of “nexus” is represented by two models: the 5-inch Nexus 5X and 5.7-inch Nexus 6P. At our disposal was an older model – stylish Nexus 6P.

In contrast, to the devices of different manufacturers line of Nexus smartphones first gets all the updates of the Android operating system, and support is carried out as long as possible. It is responsible for this whole unit within Google. On these machines a test of the new software and firmware developers. The flagship of this year in the line – model stylish Nexus 6P, which the developer was the Chinese company Huawei. The manufacturer tried to give the unit the most advanced features, without changing the paradigm of classic “Google Phone”.

Still, the Nexus 6P device was special for several reasons. Firstly, the case “nexus” for the first time made of anodized aluminum. Previously used plastic! Secondly, most (74%) of the front panel covers news AMOLED-display with a diagonal of 5.7 inches, WQHD resolution (1440×2560, 518 ppi) and a protective glass Gorilla Glass 4. Third, there was a fingerprint scanner, built for the first time Nexus device in the series. It should look at the back of the smartphone.

In the box beside the device has a cable for synchronization and charging (USB 2.0 Type C), power adapter, the clip to open the tray SIM-card, adapter cable USB Type-C – USB Type-A, user guide, and warranty card.

As for the smartphone stylish Nexus 6P, it is a big, heavy, but relatively thin. Dimensions: 159x78x7.3 mm and weighs 178 grams. On the general perception affect large enough margins at the top and bottom of the screen. But there are placed stereo speakers and other hardware elements. More worth mentioning capacious battery is 3450 mAh, and of the huge screen of 5.7 inches.

Stylish Nexus 6P Review: Specs and Price

It turns out that for the stylish Nexus 6P is very large, and for PHABLET – a typical middling. By the way, iPhone 6s plus with similar dimensions to the 14 grams heavier, but the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus 25 grams lighter.

According to my personal feelings, PHABLET has a comfortable size. It can catch with one hand. But to reach the edges of the screen cannot be the same hand. We have to connect your other hand and catch. However, the device can be carried in a pocket of trousers, jeans or jacket. However, pockets should be deep, wide, and when you try to sit, you will have to put the device out of your pocket, or place it in a comfortable position.

Design and appearance: stylish Nexus 6P

The stylish Nexus 6P became the first “Google Phone”, which received the metal housing. The device has a quiet and respectable. Austerity and minimalism emphasize the essence of the flagship model. The back panel is made of a single piece of aluminum. Above and below, there are plastic plates, painted in the same color as the metal. Here are placed mobile radios, antenna Wi-Fi, navigator receiver, etc.

To hide the thickness of the speaker of the camera module on the back surface, the developers have gone to unusual step: they made convex, not only the area around the camera but the entire rectangular panel. All this makes the transition not so sharp it noticeable.

Stylish Nexus 6P Review: Specs and Price

“Nexus” is available white, light silver and dark graphite color. At CES 2016 Huawei officially unveiled the worldwide smartphone version also in a golden color.

On the front of the device is the screen of 5.7 inches, covered with a protective glass Gorilla Glass 4. Present oleophobic coating, fingerprints remain but erased quickly and easily.

Above and below the display you can see the two stereo speakers. They have an excellent margin of volume, but on the maximum value of the sound quality is still declining, the speakers start to wheeze.

In a stylish Nexus 6P conversation noticeable distortion sound, I recorded. The speaker phone and voice intonation familiar companion remained recognizable, noise reduction system copes with their responsibilities well.

In the upper left corner is the proximity sensors and lighting, front 5-megapixel camera. It also includes a single LED that lights up when you have missed calls, messages unanswered, when charging, etc. The indication can be disabled in the settings.

Under the screen are no buttons or other controls do not. Function keys are fully integrated into the soft shell Android 6.

At the lower end is placed in the middle connector for microUSB Type-C. It supports the connection of external devices to the USB OTG mode, supports high-speed USB 2.0 interface.

The top of the hole you can see the 3.5 mm wired headset. Included with the headphone apparatus is not. They have to buy more.

The right side houses the volume buttons, power button / screen lock. On the left – a compartment for an SIM card nanoSIM size.

On the back side, you can see the main camera lens. It uses a 12.3-megapixel matrix with autofocus, electronic stabilization, and dual LED flash. The chamber serves to 2 mm relative to the main plane of the rear side of the smartphone. This area is framed by an insert made of black plastic with a protective glass. Below – a fingerprint scanner, which has a circular shape with smooth beveled. To get your finger on the sensor is easy. This can be done by touch in the truest sense of the word.

Sam fingerprint sensor works quite quickly and, most importantly, accurate. To start working with the sensor, you want to store in the memory up to five prints and assign specific identification scripts.

In general, the stylish Nexus 6P showed himself well. By assembling the questions asked, it is high-quality and reliable.

Screen, Graphic Features: stylish Nexus 6P

The stylish Nexus 6P is equipped with 5.7-inch screen, made by technology AMOLED with anti-reflective coating. Resolution – 1440×2560, pixel density – 515 ppi. The picture on the display looks sharp. In direct sunlight the picture remains readable, the screen is not glaring.

The picture on the screen looks good; colors are very bright, sometimes even too much. In the settings there are two profiles “Standard” and “the sRGB”, and in the latter case, the colors are washed-out. Manual settings are missing.

Stylish Nexus 6P Review: Specs and Price

The viewing angles are pleased maximum values. There are no questions. The gadget is equipped with a light sensor, through which he is able to self-adjust and comfortable to work in these conditions, the level of brightness. Powered Sensor quite correct! In the sun, the information can be read, it is practically not distorted.

If we talk about the sensitivity of the screen, then touch it reacts quickly and recognize gestures without any problems. The total unit supports up to ten simultaneous touches. It is also easily understood gadget in loose touch gloves.

Outside, the display is covered with a protective glass. The thickness of the side frames to the screen edge to edge of the shell is about 5 mm.

In addition, there is a proximity sensor that locks the screen during the presentation to the smartphone to your ear.

Of note features a mode called “Ban hibernation.” If this feature is enabled in the settings, the device activates the display in a monochrome display as soon as you take it in hand. This shows all the notification date and the current time. It looks nice and impressive. But the screen activation features double-tapping on the glass or other gesture there.

Hardware platform: processor, memory, speed of the stylish Nexus 6P

The stylish Nexus 6P equipped with a chip Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon processor 810 with an eight 4 core Cortex-A53 (1.55 GHz) and 4 core Cortex-A57 (2 GHz). The graphics subsystem (GPU) is Adreno 430. RAM provides 3 GB. The built-in flash memory is 32/64/128 GB depending on the version. To expand the memory via the memory card will not work. No slot for cards.

If we talk about the interface, I did not note any glitches and brakes. The picture and the transitions are smooth and run applications – fast. Browser, video – everything worked steadily. Usually, Android-smartphone freezes begin sometime later when the device is clogged with data. But two weeks testing it did not happen. Probably, this is effect Android 6, wherein part of the processes has been optimized.

Separately say about the gaming component. Even the most productive game run perfectly on this smartphone and works smoothly. This shows the seriousness of the hardware filling Nexus 6P.

Communications: stylish Nexus 6P

Smartphone stylish Nexus 6P supports all modern communication networks: 2G / 3G and 4G cat. 6 American frequencies surely receive the signal and do not lose it for any apparent reason. The reception quality of the signal does not cause complaints; the unit liaises with confidence on the premises and does not lose the signal in areas of uncertain reception. Talk on the phone comfortably. In the dynamics of a good stock volume, and the sides of the test on the hard of hearing did not complain.

Stylish Nexus 6P Review: Specs and Price

The device stylish Nexus 6P can be operated with all modern wireless networks. Among them are dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n Wi-Fi Direct, you can create a wireless access point via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth channels. All modules work quickly and smoothly. Also, in the phone has NFC support.

USB 2.0 Type C connector supports the connection of external devices to the USB OTG mode, but will have to purchase a separate adapter OTG-new format, as used herein plug type C. The old type is not supported.

From the additional communication tools worth noting GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou (in the standard Google Maps cartography embedded smartphone). The radius of the navigation error at about 3 meters test, which is very little. The gadget comes with the role of navigator.

Running time: stylish Nexus 6P

The smartphone stylish Nexus 6P has a lithium-ion battery capacity of 3450 mAh. Under the conditions of the test with the number of calls to 35-40 minutes a day browsing the Internet about 2 hours through 4G, listening to mp3-player via headset about 2 hours per day phone worked 1.5 days. When viewing a video, Nexus 6P worked 8.5 hours, in the Navigator mode – about 4 hours.

Stylish Nexus 6P Review: Specs and Price

From the point of view of the autonomy of the device is no different from the vast majority of other Android smartphone. It is no worse and no better than the competition.

Charging the battery is about 2.5 hours. The device supports Qualcomm Quick Charge Fast Charge.

The user interface and the operating system: stylish Nexus 6P

The stylish Nexus 6P running the original operating system, Android 6.0 Marshmallow without add-ons. The software can be “updated over the air.”

As for the appearance of the shell, the interface is designed in the style of Material Design; the sixth version of Android has not undergone significant changes. Among the interesting note can leave text notes directly on the lock screen, the appearance of a separate section in the Settings menu, which is responsible for work with memory. Section: “Storage and USB-drives”, in spite of the location in the point system settings, transformed into a full-fledged file manager.

Camera and Features photos and videos: stylish Nexus 6P

The stylish Nexus 6P is equipped with two cameras. Summary – 12.3 megapixels, Sony IMX377 sensor with an aperture f / 2.0, laser autofocus and dual colored flash. I liked the camera; pictures come out great quality in all lighting conditions.

The settings menu is extremely simple and concise. Manual control, as such, no, but you can install third-party apps from Google Play. Hardware there is support for RAW. “Macro” mode works well.

Stylish Nexus 6P Review: Specs and Price

User access quick launch camera! To do this, click twice on the lock button.

The main smartphone camera can record video with sound at a maximum resolution of 3840 × 2160 (4K UHD), it is possible to record slow slo-mo at a rate of 240 frames per second. AF tracking no, but there is the option to select the focus point on which the camera will focus, even if you move the smartphone. More here has feature electronic image stabilization during the video.

Video quality can be estimated at “five-minus.” In good light commercials look bright, with no light changes. In poor lighting conditions, the video looks a bit blurred

I mention also a front camera for “selfie”. It is 8 megapixels with an aperture f / 2.4. AF NO. It is possible to write video in resolutions up to 1080p. His function camera performs with a bang.

Results: stylish Nexus 6P

The stylish Nexus 6P left highly positive impressions. The machine is fast, functional, has a stylish appearance, aluminum body, a bright and colorful screen. The battery life is average or slightly above average on the market. In many respects, the device, if it does not win the competition, it is fully consistent with them.

Stylish Nexus 6P Review: Specs and Price

Alternatives to stylish Nexus 6P are Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus, Apple iPhone 6s Plus. As for me, I would have saved and took a “nexus”. But we must understand that the market for premium devices lives by their own laws and here the principle of “the more, the better” is still running.

Well, to be honest, I’m not a fan of devices with a screen larger than 5 inches. Perhaps you’d better stop and a more compact model, the benefit that the “nexus” line has Nexus 5X.

Pros of the stylish Nexus 6P:

  • Metal housing
  • High-quality assembly
  • High productivity
  • Good screen
  • Loudspeaker for calls
  • Support LTE cat. 6

Cons of the stylish Nexus 6P:

  • You cannot increase the amount of internal memory
  • No headset included