Synaptics created a sensor that detects fingerprints from the display of the smartphone

Sunaptics created a sensor that detects fingerprints by the display of phone

Synaptics is one of the most active companies in terms of the development of sensors for the fingerprint. The company today officially presented its new model, which is called Natural ID FS9100. Its unique features can bring an entirely different level concept of biometric technologies. This sensor is able to identify fingerprints of users display on smartphones, reported VentureBeat.

Synaptics argue that this is just the first product that uses this technology has yet to improve its capabilities. Tests of the company show that the sensor features an impressive precision despite the fact that doing it in the 2.5D lens of modern smartphones. The idea is for it to be placed just below the actual coverage that would allow producers to remove the Home button and leave more space for the display itself.

Synaptics created a sensor that detects fingerprints by the display of phone

Another advantage of the sensor is that the glass of the display protects it from external influences, which means that it is resistant to dust, water, and scratching. The module itself is manufactured using new optical technology Synaptics, which ensures that it consumes minimal energy and allows smartphones to him to be as thin. Mass production is expected to start in the second quarter of next year. The first smartphone with this sensor will appear on the market in the fall of 2017.