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Kodak Ektra smartphone will be sold in Europe at a price of € 499

Kodak Ektra smartphone price will be sold in Europe for € 499

The popular camera maker has unveiled a new smartphone with Android, which, says Kodak Ektra. The design of the device is inspired by the legendary model of the company with the same name, which was launched back in 1941. The vision resembles vintage analog cameras Kodak’s and includes leather cover at the rear. The company […]

Kodak released a smartphone that looks like a retro camera

Kodak released a new smartphone like retro camera

Kodak unveiled a smartphone like retro camera, inspired by the classic cameras. The device named Kodak Ektra – on camera that the company has ruled in 1941, works with Android OS and costs 449 pounds. Site your phone Kodak describes as “photographic smartphone with professional qualities.” The device is made by the manufacturer of consumer […]

Kodak Ektra 5″ Full HD smartphone with a 10-core processor, 3GB RAM and 21MR camera

The new smartphone with 3GB RAM Kodak Ektra with a 10-core processor

For decades Kodak is a leading name in the field of photography. The company officially presented new smartphone with Android, which, says Ektra. His name is associated with the legendary 35-milimitrov camera that was created back in 1941. His vision resembles that of old cameras. Kodak has prepared a new series of accessories kozha that […]