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LG G6 Features spoil last year’s Snapdragon 821

LG G6 Features spoil last year's processor Snapdragon 821

Disturbing rumors were confirmed: the characteristics of LG G6 features really be marred last year’s mobile processor Snapdragon 821 from Qualcomm. It which the manufacturer is planning to install in place of the current and the most powerful Snapdragon 835. According to insiders, at the International CES 2017 in early January. LG held a closed […]

Leaked first official photo of LG G6

New first official photo and images of LG G6 leaked on Internet

LG officially confirmed their technological show MWC 2017. The company has scheduled its press conference on February 26, as of that date will see the new high-end smartphone LG G6 leaked the first official photos. The premiere of the exhibition is not accidental, as this company will start selling the device earlier than Samsung galaxy […]

Smartphones in 2017 – overview of the most anticipated phones of 2017, specifications, price and release date

Review anticipated phones 2017, specs, price, release date

For more than two weeks, prevails in the yard in 2017, and during that time had a lot of interesting things happen. In Las Vegas, from 5 to 8 January was an exhibition of electronic gadgets CES 2017, where manufacturers have shown their devices, and other interesting things, preparing to appear on the market soon. […]

LG G6 may occur before we had hoped

Smartphone LG G6 may appear before we had hoped

While rival Samsung’s top smartphone is expected in April 2017, it could happen to next year happens to a small plant – before he could appear LG G6. According to information coming from South Korea, LG hopes its flagship occur in late February or early March. It is possible that we will see him at […]

5 smartphone users look forward

TOP Five 5 smartphones users look forward next year 2017

It is time for gifts and celebrating several big celebrations. Perhaps you are wondering whether or not to give away a new Android smartphones users look forward or wait a few months and see what surprises will bring us in 2017. Buying a new smartphones users look forward is always a risk because there will […]

LG G6 will be the first smartphone with a new service for mobile payments company

The first smartphone LG G6 with a service for mobile payments company

LG is one of the few companies in the smartphone market, which still has not provided its own service for mobile payments. The situation, however, many could soon change because the Korean giant still interested in this idea. According to the latest data, AndroidAuthority the first smartphone LG G6 will be the first model that […]

LG has denied the modular design in smartphones

LG modular smartphones has denied the modular design in smartphones

LG G5 try to change the smartphone market with modular model that allows users to install additional accessories to the device. LG modular smartphones did not attract customers and will probably be discontinued from the program, reports The Verge. This automatically that LG G6 will be plain design. LG modular smartphones initially had big plans for […]