Battle of two devices – UMi London vs iPhone 6s

Battle of two devices - UMi London vs iPhone 6s

It would seem – well, what can be compared to the popular smartphone iPhone 6s with little-known device UMi London? So, how will be winner UMi London vs iPhone 6s?

But still we try to do it, not taking into account the cost and resounding name of the phone and its performance.

What is the main view of the battle UMi London vs iPhone 6s?

Battle of two devices - UMi London vs iPhone 6s

Thus, the potential of the battery has been tested using a special test, which is an important indicator of the apparatus. The main criteria of this study was to charge loss at the 1-hour music playback, 1 hour’s work in social networks, games, reading audio books, watching videos, a telephone conversation (all the action lasted for 30 minutes). Also on the quarter-hour video chatting and taking pictures. As a result, all user tasks period was 5 hours of continuous operation. residue battery was examined at the end of the experiment. Immediately it is worth noting that for the standard adopted such indicators: 40% charge – an excellent result, 20 to 40% – an average, well below the 20%, respectively, the lowest optimization device. And now the most important thing – who will win? Promoted smartphone or gadget budget series?

Battle of two devices - UMi London vs iPhone 6s

Thus, according to the results of the test, the first place was still not iPhone 6s from the remainder of the charge indicator of 32%, namely the budget UMi London with the index 42%! Although, frankly, the result can be called as expected. After all, the capacity of the iPhone 6s battery is 1715 mAh, and his opponent 2050 mAh – honest victory, needless to say.

In UMi London there are lots of other benefits that make a smartphone customers will enjoy. One of them – a stylish design, each detail which gives the device a touch of elegance. A different and very important – the cost of the phone, which is about $ 59.99, making it accessible in any price range. Who knows, maybe known manufacturers of expensive smartphones should start to worry.