What is the easiest to stream movies from PC to smartphone

What is the easiest to stream movies from PC to smartphone

The smartphones are the preferred choice for gaming, listening to music, surfing the game, but thanks to high-resolution displays are suitable for watching videos. What is the easiest to stream movies? We have a variety of services that allow you to stream video from the Internet on their mobile gadgets, the most popular of these is Netflix. Do not you wanted, however, is how to run a huge collection of movies and TV shows on your smartphone.

In that way, you will not have to download them again because already stored on your computer. If you are connected to your home Wi-Fi you can move freely in different rooms of your home and keep them watching. The good news is that there are several mobile applications for leading platforms that allow you to stream movies from your desktop to your smartphone. Here is what the best of them for this purpose, according to PhoneArena.

What is the easiest to stream movies?

What is the easiest to stream movies from PC to smartphone

1. VLC Streamer

The application uses the popular open source VLC Media Player but was developed by a different team of programmers. After pulling the smartphone need to download additional Helper application on your computer. Then you can start Stream smartphone or desktop, choose the resolution of the video, it is decoded in real time by the special codec. The paid version costs $ 1.99.

2. VLC for Mobile

The popular title offers the possibility to synchronize multimedia content from cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, iCloud Drive and iTunes. Thus, in practice, it does not matter what operating use of the devices. VLC Media Player supports direct download and streaming over Wi-Fi. VLC for Mobile can be pulled free.

3. KMPlayer

The player is used by millions of computer users but also has a mobile version. KMPlayer also allows you to retrieve files from cloud services, and the ability to stream in its own FTP server. The easy to use interface is one of the main advantages of this mobile application. There is also a paid version, which costs $ 2.25.

4. Plex

Plex e another suitable option to stream movies from PC to smartphone. After making the initial settings can easily use all your Android, iOS, to stream your favorite content. Premium version with additional features cost $ 5.